NSN Keyword Search

Searching for NSNs by Keywords in the MCRL (Master Cross-Reference List) provided by the FLIS (Federal Logistics Information Service) through the DLA (Defense Logistics Agency) of the DOD (Department of Defense). FLIS provides this data through their WebFLIS and FEDLOG products, but these are not available for public use. This free NSN Keyword Search Tool provides NSN Search of the Military NSN Database.

The NSN Lookup search engine allows you to easily lookup NIINs over all of the catalogs and databases available within NATO for public use:

NSN Keyword Search
NSN Keyword Search for NATO Stock Numbers
NSN Search
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Part Number
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Jacket Black

HMMWV Bolt 3/8"

Green Notebook

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24V 300A

Brass Screw UNF

STEEL Anodized

CARC 383 Paint

NSN Search
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NSN Keyword Search FAQ NSN Keyword Search FAQ

What Is NSN Keyword Search?
NSN Keyword Search is the process of searching the National Stock Number database for stock items by keywords such as searching for "bolt brass hex-head".
How Do I Search for a NSN by Keywords?
You can search the NSN Database by choosing the most relevant keywords found in the part number, name or characteristics. Search Phrases such as "screw steel 10-24 UNF" or "seat commander HMMWV". Select the appropriate scope on the search box.
What If I Do Not Find Anything?
Not all items are codified by the DLA or NATO. Only often recurring and inventoried stock items are codified into the NATO Database and many items do not have all of their characteristics or weapon platforms codified.