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Search the USA (MCRL) and Global NATO (NMCRL) NSN databases of National Stock Number Catalog (NSN), NATO Stock Number (NSN) and obsolete Federal Stock Number (FSN). Includes data from the Free NSN Search WEBFLIS, FEDLOG NSN Search. The most complete public WEBFLIS and FED LOG search.

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Jacket Black

HMMWV Bolt 3/8"

Green Notebook

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24V 300A

Brass Screw UNF

STEEL Anodized

CARC 383 Paint

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NSN Search

The NSN Lookup search function is an advanced autocorrecting system. The FLIS database is primarily keyed by the National Codification Body (NCB) code and the Item Identification Number (IIN). Together these two fields form nine characters referred to as the National Item Identification Number (NIIN). Every item in the WEBFLIS database has a unique NIIN. Over time a NIIN may be re-classified changing its Federal Supply Class (FSC) [NATO Supply Class (NSC)]. This changes the first four characters of the National Stock Number [NATO Stock Number]. Any Item of Supply in the WEBFLIS or FEDLOG catalog can therefore have multiple NSN relating to it. In theory any Item of Supply (NIIN) could have up to 1,679,616 NSN relating to it. In practice it is found that documents and databases are left outdated when a NIIN is moved to a new Supply Class. NSN Lookup's NSN Search function automatically corrects outdated or incorrect NSN while searching, the "Autocorrect" function. The search results will contain items related to both the outdated NSNs and the latest NSN. NSN Lookup's NSN Search function will also recognize when dashes have been inserted in the correct format XXXX-XX-XXX-XXXX or XX-XXX-XXXX and adapt the results. Lastly, the NSN Database and the WEBFLIS Search recognize and contain extended NSN Formats such as local stock numbers, temporary stock numbers and augmented range stock numbers containing Alphabetic Characters as well as Numeric Characters. The Alphabetic Character filters allow for the latest NATO Codification standards emerging with non-Latin character inclusion. NSNs may now be coded and searched with Arabic, Cyrillic, Hindi and Urdu.

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Parametric Search of NSN

National Stock Numbers [NATO Stock Numbers] when assigned to an Item of Supply require a process of codification to be performed on the Item of Supply. This codification process determines among other things:

  • The Standardized Name of the item from a preset table of name codes
  • The Supply Class of the item
  • The physical size and weight of the item
  • The Freight Characteristics of the item when transported by air, ocean and truck
  • The Technical Characteristics of the item, such as:
    • Color
    • Material
    • Voltage
    • Dimensions
The Paramteric Search function allows you to "drill-down" through the Federal Logistics Information System Database [NATO AC/135] by the various codified properties of an item. While the NSN Search provides rapid searching by keyword and part number, parametric search provides accurate identification of a stock item by its physical properties. For example, a BOLT may be described by these properties:

  • UNF Thread
  • 0.500" Nominal Thread Diameter
  • Cadmium Plated
  • 2.75" Overall Length
  • Hex Head
  • Lubricated
These properties when selected in the Parametric Search would narrow the search to less than 100 possible NSN to choose from. The search results may then be further refined using filters such as CAGE Code, Country and Supply Status.

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