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A NCAGE Code is assigned by NATO.

The NATO Commercial and Government Entity (NCAGE) Code is a 5-character unique identifier assigned to suppliers and consumers of a NATO Country of products or services; and recipients of financial assistance.

NCAGE was formerly known as a NATO Supply Code for Manufacturers (NSCM) or Federal Supply Code for Manufacturers (FSCM) in the USA.

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What is a NCAGE Code?

NATO Commercial and Government Entity Code; a 5-character unique identifier assigned to suppliers and consumers of a NATO Country of products or services.

NATO maintains a central database of NCAGEs with each participating company contributing to the database as they do for NSNs. We use CAGE and NCAGE interchangeably in conversation on Government Procurement and this article will as well (for the edification of Google).

The definition of an Entity by NATO is two-fold; at organizational level for Government Agencies but for Commercial Organizations, an NCAGE Code is assigned to each "Place of Performance". A place of performance is a physical location from which supplies or services are supplied to a NATO Agency. Companies with multiple NCAGE Codes indicate in the database the hierarchy of the NCAGE Codes leading to one parent Entity.

NCAGE Codes are the primary key to an entity's business profile which includes location, Dun and Bradstreet (DUNS) file, business size, business capabilities, business financial data, contract payment methods, past performance and ownership among other facets.

As of 2022, the USA as well as some other NATO Nations have begun to phase out the reliance on Dun and Bradstreet's Business Database and are phasing in the Unique Entity Identifier (UEI). On April 4th, 2022, the USA's System for Award Management (SAM.gov) changed from the DUNS Number to the Unique Entity ID as the primary identifier for contract tender parties and contract award recipients. This change was reflected in the NATO NCAGE Database structure and most member nations are in the process of updating their business practices to use the UEI.

What are NATO and Stock Numbers (NSN)?

NATO is a transatlantic security alliance composed of thirty member countries, including the United States. An expanding bloc of NATO allies has taken on a broad range of missions since the close of the Cold War, many well beyond the Euro-Atlantic region, in countries such as Afghanistan and Libya. NATO members organize their physical supplies with NATO Stock Numbers. NATO Stock Numbers identify the physical characteristics of an item of supply to minimize duplicate stock items. A NATO Stock Number may be supplied by multiple sources with guaranteed compatiblity and quality between the sources. Each source of a NATO Stock Number (National Stock Number in the USA) is first registered with a NATO CAGE Code to uniquely identify it.

What is the Unique Entity Identifier (UEI)?

The Unique Entity ID is a 12-character alphanumeric ID assigned to all entities (public and private companies, individuals, institutions, or organizations) by a National Codification Bureau (NCB); in the USA it is obtained through the System for Award Management at SAM.gov.

The letters “O” and “I” are not used in UEIs to avoid confusion with zero and one.

How Do I Get a NCAGE Code?

Organizations Registered in the USA

Any commercial organization (company) registered in the USA can request a NCAGE Code by registering to do business or receive financial assistance at SAM.gov. During the registration process, you can search to find if you have an existing NCAGE Code or request a NCAGE Code be assigned. A NCAGE Code is free and assignment is usually completed within 10 days.

Click Here to Register with SAM.gov

NCAGE Code Format

NCAGE Codes are formatted as five alphanumeric characters with an uppercase convention. This allows a maximum of 60 Million NCAGE Codes to be generated, but certain characters are skipped to minimize reading errors such 'O' so that is not confused with zero and 'I' so it is not confused with one allowing a practical maximum of around 20 Million NCAGE Codes. As of January 2023, more than 3,720,000 NCAGE Codes have been assigned.

NCAGE Codes have a logic to the format. The NCB (National Codification Bureau) assigning the NCAGE Code can be identified by the first and fifth (last) characters of the NCAGE. The following table shows these variations together with the email contact for each responsible agency's NCAGE helpdesk should you need assistance.

NATO Codification Bureau Contacts

NSPA is in charge of the NCAGE codes of all the countries not listed in this table. Contact person: Mr Patrice VERLAINE, email: ncage@nspa.nato.int

CountryNCAGE FormatNCAGE ContactNCAGE Email
ALBANIAA***HCpt. Ermira HOXHAncbal@aaf.mil.al; alket.papa@aaf.mil.al
ARGENTINAW***#Ms. Marisa GRISAKsecade@mindef.gov.ar
AUSTRALIAZ***#Mr. Sattendra SharmaNCB.VendorCellOps@defence.gov.au
AUSTRIA#***NMjr. Harald ERKINGERncbatncage@bmlvs.gv.at
BELGIUMB***#Mr. Philippe BARBIEUXncbzbncage@mil.be
BRAZIL#***KMs Clarice Cristina dos Santosncbbrncage@defesa.gov.br; clarice.santos@defesa.gov.br
BULGARIA#***UMr. Peter IVANOVncbbgncage@mod.bg
CANADAL***#Mr. Ross PATTERSONncbcancage@forces.gc.ca
COLOMBIAA***ZMs. Maria Cristina PALACIOS CASTIBLANCOgrupodecatalogacion@mindefensa.gov.co
CROATIAA***BMr. Mladen KLINCOVncbcr@morh.hr
CZECH REPUBLIC#***GMrs. Helena PRINCOVAncbczncage@army.cz
DENMARKR***#Mr. Thorsten E. JENSENtej@mil.dk; fmi-sc-chsmk@mil.dk
EGYPT#***DDr. Tamer HANAFFItamer.hanaffi@orionjlog.com
ESTONIA#***JMrs. Tiia Laurendcodif@ecdi.ee
FINLANDA***GMrs. Kaisa VALTAKOSKIncbfin@mil.fi
FRANCEF***#Mr. Christian HEMONcimd-ncage.mgr.fct@intradef.gouv.fr
GEORGIAA***RMr. Nino Memanishvilinmemanishvili@mod.gov.ge
GERMANYC***#Mr. Hannes SPUDICHNCBGE-NCAGE@bundeswehr.org
GREECEG***#Mrs. Elisavet ANAGNOSTOPOULOUgrncb@otenet.gr
HUNGARY#***VCpt. Tamás ROBOTKAncbhuncage@hm.gov.hu
INDIA#***YCapt (IN) P Kishoreoicncbindia.defstand@gov.in
INDONESIA#***ZMaj. M. Dede SolikinNCB45cage@kemhan.go.id; puskod@kemhan.go.id
ISRAEL#***AMs. Zehava KaganNCBISR.CAGE@idf.il
ITALYA***#ITA NCB NCAGEncbit.ncage@sgd.difesa.it
JAPANJ***#Mrs. Yuri KASHIWAGIjapan-ncage@atla.mod.go.jp
JORDANA***XLtCol Fuad Quamarjoncb@jaf.mil.jo
KOREA, REPUBLIC OF#***FMs. Jeomhee Mooncagerkr@korea.kr
LATVIAA***DMr. Vija KELPEVija.Kelpe@valic.gov.lv
LITHUANIA#***RCpt. Vytautas GYLYSncblt@mil.lt
MALAYSIAY***#Maj. Mohd Shahidzuan bin Abdul Aziz RMAFncb34bt@mod.gov.my
MONTENEGROA***WMr. Dejan STANICncbmencage@mod.gov.me
MOROCCOA***MCne Anas EL ESFARccm_yp@far.ma; ecafar01@menara.ma
NETHERLANDSH***#Mr. Kees PRONKncbnlncage@mindef.nl
NEW ZEALANDE***#Mrs Cherry ZHONGncbnzncage@nzdf.mil.nz
NORTH MACEDONIAA***CMr. Marin DIMOVSKImarin.dimovski@mod.gov.mk
NORWAYN***#Mr. Egil ILSENGncbnoncage@mil.no
OMANA***EISSAM Al Ryamicagteam@mod.gov.om; fahrasa@mod.gov.om
POLAND#***HLt-Col. Stanislas HABUDAncbpl@ron.mil.pl
PORTUGALP***#SSgt. Ana Sofia ROMAO TEIXEIRAncbptncage@defesa.pt
ROMANIA#***LMrs. Claudia DUMINICAncbroncage@roncb.ro
SAUDI ARABIA#***EMr. Syed Abdul Razzaqsabdalrazzaq.c@mim.gov.sa
SERBIAA***SMs. Marijana FILIĆncbsrncage@mod.gov.rs
SINGAPOREQ***#Mr. Paul LIM Y. S.ncbsn@dsta.gov.sg
SLOVAKIA#***MMr. Stanislav JALOVIČIARncbskncage@mil.sk
SLOVENIA#***QMrs. Uršula ČETINAursula.cetina@mors.si; sskk@mors.si
SPAIN#***BMr. Rogerio SANCHEZncbspncage@oc.mde.es
SWEDENA***NMr Peter BOSTRÖMncbswencage@fmv.se
TURKEYT***#Ms. Medine AYGUNtmkb@msb.gov.tr
UKRAINEA***JCol. Roman BABENCHUKncbyrncage@mil.ua
UNITED ARAB EMIRATES#***WUAE NCBuaencb.ncage@mod.gov.ae
UNITED STATES#***#SAM.govFederal Service Desk

Where * is an alphanumeric character and # is a numeric character.