Canine Scent Kit

Item Name Code (INC) 80720

Bulk Explosives
Federal Supply Class: FSC 1376
NATO Supply Classification Class: NSC 1376
Ammunition and Explosives
Federal Supply Group: FSG 13
NATO Supply Classification Group: NSG 13
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INC 80720 Canine Scent Kit
INC 80720 Canine Scent Kit

A group of various items that may or may not be explosive, designed to maintin/increase the proficiency of dogs and detecting teams, when searching out and detecting the desired object, which may be illicit or hazardous substances, human scents, narcotics, and the like. Replaced INC 40133 on 01/04/2019.

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A Canine Scent Kit, also known as a scent detection kit or scent training kit, is a collection of scents or odors that are used to train dogs for various purposes. These kits are designed to help dogs develop their sense of smell and enhance their ability to detect specific scents.

Canine scent kits are commonly used in various fields, including search and rescue operations, law enforcement, and detection work. They can be used to train dogs to detect drugs, explosives, missing persons, or even specific diseases like cancer.

The kits typically include a variety of scent samples, such as cotton swabs or vials containing the target odor. These scents are carefully collected and preserved to ensure their integrity and effectiveness during training sessions.

Trainers use the scent kit to introduce the target odor to the dog and teach them to recognize and indicate the presence of that particular scent. This training process involves positive reinforcement techniques, rewarding the dog when they successfully identify the target odor.

Canine scent kits are an essential tool in training dogs for scent detection tasks. They help dogs develop their olfactory abilities and provide a structured approach to teaching them to identify specific scents accurately.

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