Guided Missile Launcher Mount Subassembly

Item Name Code (INC) 80698

Armament Training Devices
Federal Supply Class: FSC 6920
NATO Supply Classification Class: NSC 6920
Training Aids and Devices
Federal Supply Group: FSG 69
NATO Supply Classification Group: NSG 69
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INC 80698 Guided Missile Launcher Mount Subassembly
INC 80698 Guided Missile Launcher Mount Subassembly

An item which is a part of a MOUNT,GUIDED MISSILE LAUNCHER. Do not use if a more specific name applies.

Additional Information for Guided Missile Launcher Mount Subassembly Additional Information for Guided Missile Launcher Mount Subassembly

A Guided Missile Launcher Mount Subassembly is a component of a guided missile launcher system. It is responsible for securely holding and launching guided missiles. The subassembly typically includes a mounting structure, mechanical components for missile alignment and release, and electrical connections for communication and control.

The guided missile launcher mount subassembly is designed to provide stability and support for the missile during launch, ensuring accurate targeting and trajectory. It is often equipped with mechanisms for missile guidance and control, such as servo motors or hydraulic systems, to enable precise aiming and tracking of the target.

The subassembly is usually integrated into a larger missile launcher system, which may include additional components such as a launcher platform, control panel, and guidance system. It is commonly used in military applications, where guided missiles are employed for air defense, anti-ship operations, or ground-to-ground attacks.

Overall, the guided missile launcher mount subassembly plays a crucial role in the successful deployment and operation of guided missile systems, providing the necessary infrastructure and mechanisms for launching and controlling missiles with precision and accuracy.

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