Gun Regenerative Energy Component

Item Name Code (INC) 68931

Electrical Control Equipment
Federal Supply Class: FSC 6110
NATO Supply Classification Class: NSC 6110
Electric Wire, and Power and Distribution Equipment
Federal Supply Group: FSG 61
NATO Supply Classification Group: NSG 61
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INC 68931 Gun Regenerative Energy Component
INC 68931 Gun Regenerative Energy Component

This item absorbs regenerative energy from a gun weapon system's bus. As motor brakes are applied, current is supplied by the gun weapon system and absorbed by this unit. This item performs its intended function by detecting the "positive" load current and controlling the bus voltage.

Additional Information for Gun Regenerative Energy Component Additional Information for Gun Regenerative Energy Component

Gun Regenerative Energy Components are a type of electrical control equipment that falls under the supply class of Electrical Control Equipment. They are specifically designed to capture and store the energy generated during the firing or operation of a gun or firearm.

These components are responsible for converting the kinetic energy produced by the gun's recoil or other mechanical actions into electrical energy. This electrical energy is then stored in batteries or capacitors for later use.

Gun Regenerative Energy Components are commonly used in various applications, including military and law enforcement firearms, as well as in recreational shooting sports. They help to improve the overall efficiency and performance of the gun by harnessing and utilizing the energy that would otherwise be wasted.

In terms of the supply group, Gun Regenerative Energy Components can be categorized under Electric Wire, Power, and Distribution Equipment. This is because they involve the use of electrical wiring and power distribution systems to capture, store, and distribute the regenerated energy.

Overall, Gun Regenerative Energy Components play a crucial role in maximizing the energy efficiency of guns and firearms, making them a valuable addition to the field of electrical control equipment.

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