Protective Helmet Neck Curtain

Item Name Code (INC) 67719

Clothing, Special Purpose
Federal Supply Class: FSC 8415
NATO Supply Classification Class: NSC 8415
Clothing, Individual Equipment, Insignia, and Jewelry
Federal Supply Group: FSG 84
NATO Supply Classification Group: NSG 84
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INC 67719 Protective Helmet Neck Curtain
INC 67719 Protective Helmet Neck Curtain

An item designed to be fixed on the back of a protective helmet of policemen, firemen and other services as to protect the back of the wearer's neck from shocks, ballistic threats or flying sparks, water, and falling objects during serving in extreme conditions.

Additional Information for Protective Helmet Neck Curtain Additional Information for Protective Helmet Neck Curtain

A protective helmet neck curtain is an additional accessory that can be attached to a helmet to provide extra protection for the neck area. It is typically made of a durable and flexible material, such as nylon or neoprene, and is designed to cover the exposed part of the neck that is not protected by the helmet itself.

The purpose of a protective helmet neck curtain is to prevent debris, dust, wind, and other elements from entering the helmet and irritating or injuring the neck area. It can also provide some insulation and warmth in colder weather conditions.

The neck curtain is usually adjustable and can be secured tightly around the neck using straps or Velcro closures. It is commonly used by individuals who work in industries or engage in activities where there is a risk of flying debris or environmental hazards, such as construction workers, motorcyclists, or off-road enthusiasts.

Overall, a protective helmet neck curtain is an additional safety feature that can enhance the protection provided by a helmet, particularly for the vulnerable neck area.

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