Transportable Guided Missile Erector-Launcher

Item Name Code (INC) 60449

Launchers, Guided Missile
Federal Supply Class: FSC 1440
NATO Supply Classification Class: NSC 1440
Guided Missiles
Federal Supply Group: FSG 14
NATO Supply Classification Group: NSG 14
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INC 60449 Transportable Guided Missile Erector-Launcher
INC 60449 Transportable Guided Missile Erector-Launcher

An item specifically designed to perform the dual function of erecting and launching a guided missile. The item is designed in such a manner as to facilitate conveyance from one location to another but which is not designed to be operated during transit. Do not use for items which are vehicle mounted or designed for "fixed installation."

Additional Information for Transportable Guided Missile Erector-Launcher Additional Information for Transportable Guided Missile Erector-Launcher

Transportable Guided Missile Erector-Launchers (TGMEL) are a type of equipment used in the military for launching guided missiles. They are classified under the supply class "Launchers, Guided Missile" and belong to the supply group "Guided Missiles."

TGMELs are designed to be easily transportable, allowing for quick deployment and mobility in various operational environments. They are typically mounted on vehicles or trailers, which provide the necessary support and stability for launching guided missiles.

These erector-launchers are equipped with mechanisms that allow for the vertical or inclined positioning of the missile before launch. They also have the capability to load, secure, and launch guided missiles safely and efficiently.

TGMELs play a crucial role in modern warfare, providing the military with the ability to launch guided missiles accurately and effectively. They are used in various defense systems, including air defense, anti-ship, and ground-to-ground missile systems.

Overall, Transportable Guided Missile Erector-Launchers are essential assets in the arsenal of any military force, enabling them to project power and defend against potential threats with guided missile capabilities.

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