Coder-Transmitter Subassembly

Item Name Code (INC) 60232

Miscellaneous Communication Equipment
Federal Supply Class: FSC 5895
NATO Supply Classification Class: NSC 5895
Communication, Detection, and Coherent Radiation Equipment
Federal Supply Group: FSG 58
NATO Supply Classification Group: NSG 58
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INC 60232 Coder-Transmitter Subassembly
INC 60232 Coder-Transmitter Subassembly

Two or more different types of items, having a common mounting or mounted on each other, which together form a portion of a coder-transmitter, but which in itself is not a complete functioning item and cannot be assigned a more definitive item name.

Additional Information for Coder-Transmitter Subassembly Additional Information for Coder-Transmitter Subassembly

A Coder-Transmitter Subassembly (CTSA) is a component used in electronic communication systems. It is responsible for encoding and transmitting data signals. The CTSA takes input data and converts it into a format suitable for transmission over a communication channel.

The encoding process in a CTSA typically involves converting the input data into a digital format, such as binary or hexadecimal. This digital representation allows for efficient transmission and reliable decoding at the receiving end.

Once the data is encoded, the CTSA transmits it over the communication channel. This can be done using various methods, such as modulation techniques for wireless communication or line coding for wired communication.

The CTSA is commonly used in various communication systems, including telecommunication networks, data transmission systems, and wireless communication devices. It plays a crucial role in ensuring accurate and reliable transmission of data signals.

Overall, the Coder-Transmitter Subassembly is an essential component in electronic communication systems, responsible for encoding and transmitting data signals efficiently and reliably.

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Communications Data Link System High Frequency Data System Airspace Operation Workstation Tactical Terminal Control Subsystem Tactical Air Operations Module Communications-Air Support Control System Airborne System Direct Air Support Central Landing Control Subsystem Reconnaissance Management System Environmental Control System Controller Digital Data Storage System Turret Processor Hull Processor Data Storage System Interface Unit Enhanced Position Reporting And Data Radio System Data Storage Cartridge Unit Airborne Command And Control System Mission Equipment Package Network Management System User Interface Group Ground Command And Control System Mission Equipment Package Mobile Battle Command Data Link Stimulator Coherent Radiation Equipment Interface Unit Radio Frequency Identification Reader Identification Radio Frequency-Optical Reader Identification Optical Reader Optical Reconnaissance System Pod Recorder-Reproducer Portable Support Radio Frequency Identification Deployment Kit Automated Network Control Center Communication Equipment Cable Assembly Kit Distributed Common Ground System Wideband Satellite Communications System Aircraft Reconnaissance Pod Center Section Elevated Sensor Surveillance System Optical Reconnaissance Subsystem Hydro-Acoustic Information Link Cooperative Engagement Transmission Processing Set Unmanned Aircraft Ground Control Station Unmanned Aircraft Ground Communication Station Expeditionary Warfare Decision System Infrared Electro-Optical Sensor System Interface Computer Electronics Assembly Control Power Electronics Assembly Translator Mechanism Aircraft Pod Electronic End Cap Assembly Satellite Signals Landing System Integrated Voice Communication Network Integrated Voice Network Electro-Optical Tracking System Audio Converter-Interface Unit Instrument-Equipment Remote Control Special Purpose Computer System Aircraft Reconnaissance Pod Dome Operational Intelligence Ground Station Portable Multifunction Workstation Expeditionary 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