Aircraft Control Stick Elbow

Item Name Code (INC) 45566

Miscellaneous Aircraft Accessories and Components
Federal Supply Class: FSC 1680
NATO Supply Classification Class: NSC 1680
Aerospace Craft Components and Accessories
Federal Supply Group: FSG 16
NATO Supply Classification Group: NSG 16
Item Hits: 19
INC 45566 Aircraft Control Stick Elbow
INC 45566 Aircraft Control Stick Elbow

A metallic fitting fabricated in the form of an elbow and having threaded or other connecting facilities at each end. The item is an integral component of a CONTROL STICK, AIRCRAFT.

Additional Information for Aircraft Control Stick Elbow Additional Information for Aircraft Control Stick Elbow

Aircraft Control Stick Elbow is a component that falls under the supply class Miscellaneous Aircraft Accessories And Components in the supply group Aerospace Craft Components And Accessories.

The control stick elbow is a mechanical joint that connects the control stick to the control system of an aircraft. It allows for the movement and control of the aircraft's flight surfaces, such as the ailerons, elevators, and rudder. The control stick elbow is designed to provide a smooth and precise movement of the control stick, allowing the pilot to maneuver the aircraft effectively.

This component is crucial for the safe and efficient operation of an aircraft. It is typically made of high-quality materials, such as aluminum or steel, to ensure durability and reliability. The control stick elbow is designed to withstand the forces and vibrations experienced during flight, ensuring that the pilot can maintain control of the aircraft at all times.

In summary, the Aircraft Control Stick Elbow is an essential component in the control system of an aircraft. It enables the pilot to maneuver the aircraft effectively and safely.

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RNCC: 3 | RNVC: 2 | DAC: 5
RNCC: 3 | RNVC: 2 | DAC: B
RNCC: 3 | RNVC: 2 | DAC: 1
RNCC: 3 | RNVC: 2 | DAC: 2
RNCC: 3 | RNVC: 2 | DAC: B
RNCC: 5 | RNVC: 2 | DAC: 6
RNCC: 3 | RNVC: 2 | DAC: D
RNCC: 3 | RNVC: 1 | DAC: D
RNCC: 3 | RNVC: 2 | MEDALS: Y | DAC: B
RNCC: 3 | RNVC: 2 | DAC: 4
RNCC: 3 | RNVC: 9 | DAC: 4
RNCC: 5 | RNVC: 2 | DAC: 4
RNCC: 3 | RNVC: 2 | DAC: 1
RNCC: 3 | RNVC: 2 | DAC: 2
RNCC: 3 | RNVC: 2 | DAC: 4
RNCC: 3 | RNVC: 2 | DAC: 3
RNCC: 3 | RNVC: 2 | DAC: 4
RNCC: 3 | RNVC: 2 | DAC: 2
RNCC: 3 | RNVC: 2 | DAC: 1