Explosive Actuated Valve Igniter

Item Name Code (INC) 35640

Cartridge and Propellant Actuated Devices and Components
Federal Supply Class: FSC 1377
NATO Supply Classification Class: NSC 1377
Ammunition and Explosives
Federal Supply Group: FSG 13
NATO Supply Classification Group: NSG 13
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INC 35640 Explosive Actuated Valve Igniter
INC 35640 Explosive Actuated Valve Igniter

An explosive item designed to initiate valve action in the control system of a guided missile. It may be molded into the body of an electrical connector.

Additional Information for Explosive Actuated Valve Igniter Additional Information for Explosive Actuated Valve Igniter

Explosive Actuated Valve Igniters are devices used in various applications, particularly in the field of ammunition and explosives. They are classified under the supply class Cartridge And Propellant Actuated Devices And Components, which falls under the supply group Ammunition And Explosives.

These igniters are designed to initiate the ignition process in explosive devices, such as ammunition, rockets, or other explosive systems. They are typically used to activate valves or other mechanisms that control the flow of gases or fluids within these devices.

The explosive actuated valve igniters consist of a small explosive charge, which is triggered by an electrical or mechanical signal. When the igniter is activated, the explosive charge rapidly generates a high-pressure gas or shockwave, which in turn initiates the desired action, such as opening or closing a valve.

These igniters play a crucial role in ensuring the proper functioning and control of explosive devices, as they provide a reliable and efficient means of initiating the necessary actions. They are commonly used in military applications, as well as in industries that deal with explosives, such as mining or demolition.

It is important to note that the use and handling of explosive actuated valve igniters should be done with utmost care and in compliance with relevant safety regulations and guidelines.

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MBA 200150
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