Item Name Code (INC) 21265

Brooms, Brushes, Mops, and Sponges
Federal Supply Class: FSC 7920
NATO Supply Classification Class: NSC 7920
Cleaning Equipment and Supplies
Federal Supply Group: FSG 79
NATO Supply Classification Group: NSG 79
Item Hits: 15
INC 21265 Brush-Scraper-Squeegee
INC 21265 Brush-Scraper-Squeegee

An item consisting of a brush together with a scraper and squeegee attachment.

Additional Information for Brush-Scraper-Squeegee Additional Information for Brush-Scraper-Squeegee

Brush-Scraper-Squeegee is a versatile cleaning tool that combines the functions of a brush, scraper, and squeegee. It is commonly used for cleaning surfaces such as windows, glass, tiles, and countertops.

The brush component of the tool is designed to remove loose dirt, dust, and debris from the surface being cleaned. It has bristles that effectively sweep away particles, ensuring a thorough cleaning.

The scraper feature is useful for removing stubborn stains, dried-on food, or adhesive residue from surfaces. It can be used to gently scrape away these tough substances without causing damage.

The squeegee part of the tool is used for drying and removing excess water or cleaning solutions from surfaces. It is particularly effective for cleaning windows and glass, leaving them streak-free and shiny.

Overall, the Brush-Scraper-Squeegee is a multi-purpose cleaning tool that offers convenience and efficiency in various cleaning tasks.

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RNCC: 5 | RNVC: 2 | DAC: 5
RNCC: 3 | RNVC: 2 | DAC: 5
RNCC: 6 | RNVC: 9 | DAC: 9
RNCC: 5 | RNVC: 2 | DAC: 3
RNCC: 3 | RNVC: 2 | DAC: 4
RNCC: 3 | RNVC: 2 | DAC: 4
RNCC: 3 | RNVC: 2 | DAC: 4
RNCC: 3 | RNVC: 1 | DAC: 6
RNCC: 3 | RNVC: 2 | DAC: 4
RNCC: 3 | RNVC: 2 | DAC: 4
RNCC: 5 | RNVC: 2 | DAC: 3
RNCC: 5 | RNVC: 2 | DAC: 3
RNCC: 3 | RNVC: 2 | DAC: 4
RNCC: 5 | RNVC: 2 | DAC: 3