Darkness Adaptation Goggles

Item Name Code (INC) 20904

Individual Equipment
Federal Supply Class: FSC 8465
NATO Supply Classification Class: NSC 8465
Clothing, Individual Equipment, Insignia, and Jewelry
Federal Supply Group: FSG 84
NATO Supply Classification Group: NSG 84
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INC 20904 Darkness Adaptation Goggles
INC 20904 Darkness Adaptation Goggles

A device, completely inclosing the eyes, having a plastic filter lens with spectral transmission characteristics to condition the eyes from daylight viewing to darkness viewing, prior to such operations as fluoroscopy, night flying, etc. The item is not designed for protection against industrial hazards.

Additional Information for Darkness Adaptation Goggles Additional Information for Darkness Adaptation Goggles

Darkness Adaptation Goggles, also known as night vision goggles, are a type of eyewear that allows individuals to see in low-light or dark environments. These goggles use advanced technology to enhance the available light and amplify it, making it easier for the wearer to see in the dark.

The goggles typically consist of a lightweight frame that holds the lenses and the necessary electronic components. They are designed to be worn over the eyes and can be adjusted to fit comfortably. The lenses of the goggles are specially designed to capture and amplify the available light, allowing the wearer to see clearly in dark conditions.

Darkness Adaptation Goggles are commonly used by military personnel, law enforcement officers, and outdoor enthusiasts who need to navigate and operate in low-light or nighttime situations. They can be particularly useful in activities such as night patrols, surveillance, hunting, and camping.

It's important to note that while Darkness Adaptation Goggles can greatly enhance visibility in the dark, they do have limitations. They may not work effectively in complete darkness or in situations where there is no available light source. Additionally, the quality and effectiveness of the goggles can vary depending on the specific model and brand.

When using Darkness Adaptation Goggles, it's essential to follow the manufacturer's instructions for proper usage and maintenance. This may include adjusting the focus, cleaning the lenses, and ensuring the goggles are powered and functioning correctly.

Overall, Darkness Adaptation Goggles are a valuable tool for individuals who need to see in low-light or dark environments, providing enhanced visibility and improving safety and performance in various situations.

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