Gasket Set

Item Name Code (INC) 20827

Packing and Gasket Materials
Federal Supply Class: FSC 5330
NATO Supply Classification Class: NSC 5330
Hardware and Abrasives
Federal Supply Group: FSG 53
NATO Supply Classification Group: NSG 53
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INC 20827 Gasket Set
INC 20827 Gasket Set

Two or more sizes and/or types of gaskets packaged or grouped for issue as a unit for complete replacement. See also GASKET ASSORTMENT.

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A gasket set is a collection of gaskets that are used to create a seal between two or more surfaces. Gaskets are typically made from materials such as rubber, cork, or metal and are used to prevent leaks or to provide insulation.

In the context of the supply class Packing And Gasket Materials in the supply group Hardware And Abrasives, a gasket set would refer to a package or assortment of different types and sizes of gaskets. This allows users to have a variety of gaskets on hand to meet different sealing requirements for various applications.

Gasket sets are commonly used in industries such as automotive, manufacturing, plumbing, and construction, where sealing is crucial to prevent leaks and ensure the proper functioning of machinery and equipment.

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RNCC: 5 | RNVC: 9 | DAC: 3
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RNCC: 3 | RNVC: 2 | DAC: 3