Flame Thrower Ignition Cylinder

Item Name Code (INC) 20497

Demolition Materials
Federal Supply Class: FSC 1375
NATO Supply Classification Class: NSC 1375
Ammunition and Explosives
Federal Supply Group: FSG 13
NATO Supply Classification Group: NSG 13
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INC 20497 Flame Thrower Ignition Cylinder
INC 20497 Flame Thrower Ignition Cylinder

A hollow cylindrical item having more than one chamber in the body parallel to the axis of the bore. These chambers are filled with flammable material which ignites the flame thrower when the ignition grip is engaged.

Additional Information for Flame Thrower Ignition Cylinder Additional Information for Flame Thrower Ignition Cylinder

Flame Thrower Ignition Cylinders are a type of equipment used in demolition operations. They are classified under the supply class Demolition Materials, which falls under the supply group Ammunition and Explosives.

Flame Thrower Ignition Cylinders are specifically designed to ignite and sustain the flame in a flamethrower device. They contain a mixture of fuel and an ignition mechanism that allows for controlled and efficient combustion. When the flamethrower is activated, the ignition cylinder releases the fuel mixture, which is then ignited to produce a continuous stream of flames.

These cylinders are commonly used in military operations, particularly in situations where controlled fire is required for clearing vegetation, destroying enemy structures, or creating defensive barriers. They are also used in certain industrial applications, such as controlled burns for land management or firefighting purposes.

It is important to note that the use and handling of Flame Thrower Ignition Cylinders should only be done by trained professionals who are knowledgeable about the proper safety protocols and regulations surrounding the use of ammunition and explosives.

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