Rod End Clevis

Item Name Code (INC) 03796

Guns, through 30mm
Federal Supply Class: FSC 1005
NATO Supply Classification Class: NSC 1005
Federal Supply Group: FSG 10
NATO Supply Classification Group: NSG 10
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INC 03796 Rod End Clevis
INC 03796 Rod End Clevis

A forked part, having transverse hole(s) or slot(s) in each arm (prong) to accommodate a bolt, pin, or the like, and having a connection facility opposite the fork. It is designed to be attached to a shaft, rod, turnbuckle or the like by welding, threading, and/or pinning. May include provisions for locking. See also YOKE, UNIVERSAL JOINT and CONNECTOR, ROD END. For items specifically designed for aviation, see CLEVIS, ROD END, AVIATION.

Additional Information for Rod End Clevis Additional Information for Rod End Clevis

A rod end clevis, also known as a clevis end or clevis joint, is a type of mechanical joint used to connect a rod or shaft to another component. It consists of a clevis, which is a U-shaped metal bracket with holes on each end, and a rod end, which is a threaded or spherical component that fits into the clevis.

The rod end clevis allows for angular movement and rotation, making it ideal for applications where there is a need for flexibility and articulation. It is commonly used in various industries, including automotive, aerospace, construction, and manufacturing.

Rod end clevises are often used in conjunction with hydraulic cylinders, pneumatic cylinders, or other types of actuators to create a linkage system. They provide a secure and adjustable connection, allowing for precise positioning and control of the connected components.

Overall, rod end clevises are essential components in many mechanical systems, providing a reliable and versatile connection between rods or shafts and other components.

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Mounting Plate Gun Silencer Bipod Yoke Aircraft Armament Pod Adapter 7.62 Millimeter Machine Gun Aircraft Armament Pod 20 Millimeter Automatic Gun Aircraft Armament Pod Caliber .50 Machine Gun Aircraft Armament Pod 30 Millimeter Automatic Gun Aircraft Armament Pod Hydraulic Drive Unit Flat Spring Helicopter Armament Subsystem Turret Gun Firing Mechanism Link-Cartridge Case Deflector Ammunition Feed Electrohydraulic Drive Assembly Ammunition Chute Adapter Machine Gun Accelerator Electrohydraulic Drive Unit Breechblock Handle Machine Gun Cradle Barrel Locking Lever Small Arms Cartridge Follower Small Arms Cartridge Guide Pintle Lock Handle Machine Gun Cartridge Rammer Machine Gun Breech Lock Cam Machine Gun Breech Lock Cannon Traveling Lock Machine Gun-Automatic Gun Ammunition Feeder Breechblock Hinge Block Cam Breechblock Plate Breechblock Handle Arm 6.5 Millimeter Rifle Rifle-Launcher Grenade Weapon System Rear Sight Slide Assembly Sniper Rifle Grenade Launcher Sight Gun Mount Arm 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