X-Ray Technique Caliper

Item Name Code (INC) 01113

Imaging Equipment and Supplies: Medical, Dental, Veterinary
Federal Supply Class: FSC 6525
NATO Supply Classification Class: NSC 6525
Medical, Dental, and Veterinary Equipment and Supplies
Federal Supply Group: FSG 65
NATO Supply Classification Group: NSG 65
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INC 01113 X-Ray Technique Caliper
INC 01113 X-Ray Technique Caliper
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X-Ray Technique Calipers are specialized measuring instruments used in medical, dental, and veterinary imaging equipment. They are part of the supply class called Imaging Equipment And Supplies, which falls under the supply group Medical, Dental, And Veterinary Equipment And Supplies.

X-Ray Technique Calipers are designed to accurately measure various anatomical structures on X-ray images. They are typically made of stainless steel and have a hinged design that allows for precise measurements. These calipers have adjustable arms that can be locked in place to ensure accurate and consistent measurements.

X-Ray Technique Calipers are commonly used in radiology departments, dental clinics, and veterinary practices. They are essential tools for healthcare professionals to assess and analyze X-ray images, enabling them to make accurate diagnoses and treatment plans.

Some common applications of X-Ray Technique Calipers include measuring bone lengths, joint spaces, tumor sizes, and other anatomical structures. They are also used to determine the size and position of dental implants and prosthetics.

Overall, X-Ray Technique Calipers play a crucial role in the field of medical, dental, and veterinary imaging by providing accurate measurements for diagnostic and treatment purposes.

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