Terminal Board

Item Name Code (INC) 00404

Lugs, Terminals, and Terminal Strips
Federal Supply Class: FSC 5940
NATO Supply Classification Class: NSC 5940
Electrical and Electronic Equipment Components
Federal Supply Group: FSG 59
NATO Supply Classification Group: NSG 59
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INC 00404 Terminal Board
INC 00404 Terminal Board

An item consisting of insulating material, which is specifically designed to have fastened thereon, or on which are fastened terminal(s), such as screws, solder lugs, solder studs, solderless connectors, clips, and the like. It is usually used for junctions or terminations of wire or cable assemblies. It does not include items as defined above with parts, such as resistors and capacitors mounted thereon. Do not use if a more specific name exists, such as FUSEHOLDER; HOLDER, RESISTOR; FANNING STRIP; CONTACT ASSEMBLY, ELECTRICAL; JACK ASSEMBLY, TIP; CHAMBER, CABLE TERMINAL; PANEL (2) (as modified); CONNECTOR (as modified). Excludes TERMINAL, STUD; TERMINAL, FEEDTHRU, INSULATED; POST, BINDING, ELECTRICAL; and CHASSIS, ELECTRICAL-ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT. For items having printed electrical conductor paths, see PRINTED WIRING BOARD.

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Terminal boards are components used in electrical and electronic equipment to provide a convenient and organized way to connect and terminate wires and cables. They are typically made of insulating material, such as plastic or ceramic, and feature multiple terminals or lugs where wires can be securely attached.

Terminal boards are commonly used in various applications, including industrial control systems, power distribution panels, and electronic circuit boards. They provide a reliable and efficient means of connecting and disconnecting wires, allowing for easy maintenance and troubleshooting.

Lugs, terminals, and terminal strips are specific types of terminal boards:

1. Lugs: Lugs are individual metal connectors that are attached to the terminal board. They usually have a hole or a screw terminal where wires can be connected. Lugs are commonly used for heavy-duty applications that require high current carrying capacity.

2. Terminals: Terminals are similar to lugs but are typically smaller in size. They are designed to accommodate smaller gauge wires and are commonly used in applications where space is limited.

3. Terminal Strips: Terminal strips are long, narrow boards that feature multiple terminals or lugs arranged in a row. They provide a convenient way to connect multiple wires or cables to a single point. Terminal strips are often used in control panels and electrical cabinets to organize and manage wiring connections.

Overall, terminal boards, lugs, terminals, and terminal strips play a crucial role in electrical and electronic systems by providing a secure and organized method for connecting and terminating wires.

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