INC - Item Name Code

Approved Item Name Codes

INC are five-character codes that identify the Approved Item Name. When an item is codified by a NATO Bureau, its physical characteristics determine the Approved Item Name. Items with the same INC are therefore physically similar and therefore functionally similar. INC are related to the NATO Supply Group and NATO Supply Class of an item. Each NATO Supply Class has a list of Allowed INCs. When an item does not have an approved item name, it is codified with a INC of 77777.

NATO Item Name Code (INC)
NATO Item Name Code (INC)

H6 Item Name Directory H6 Item Name Directory

The NATO H6 is the Item Name Directory that are in use for NSN assignment. It defines the names and cross references the Item Name Codes (INC) and NSC (NATO Supply Classes). The H6 is used by both NATO's internal catalogers and outside customers and each INC provides an Item Identification Guide (IIG) on how NSNs can answer characteristic data about items categorized under that specific Item Name.

The NATO H6 Item Name Directory:

The H6 Item Name Directory contains multiple name references:

  • Basic Names
  • Colloquial Names
  • Approved Item Names
An INC Item Name Code is assigned to each of the Approved Item Names (AIN) and the Basic Names and Colloquial Names are cross-referenced to their corresponding AIN.
Basic Name
A noun or a phrase that primarily defines an item without detailing any specific feature application
Colloquial Name
Any name, by which the item is “commonly known” by its users. Usually it is a synonym used within a language for the item.
Approved Item Name
The formal name of an item determined by the IIG

Basic and Colloquial Names are not used to codify items of supply. Both Basic and Colloquial Names just provide help to determine the Approved Item Name that fits the item of supply concept more properly.

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