Federal Supply Class (FSC: 8457

NATO Supply Classification Class (NSC): 8457

Group Description: Clothing, Individual Equipment, Insignia, and Jewelry

Federal Supply Group (FSG): 84

NATO Supply Classification Group (NSG): 84

NSN Format for Jewelry

Federal Supply Class
FSC 8457 Jewelry
FSC 8457 Jewelry

Includes Jewelers' Findings; Precious Stones, Cut; Costume Jewelry; Natural Gems and Ornamental Stones, Cut.

Excludes Watches; Clocks; Tableware; Scientific Instruments; Toilet Articles; Smokers' Articles; Industrial Diamonds.

Note-Where applicable, clothing items which are intended for use by both men and women are classified in the appropriate "men's" class.

Additional Information for Jewelry Additional Information for Jewelry

NATO Supply Class 8457 is a classification within NATO Supply Group 84, which is dedicated to Clothing, Individual Equipment, Insignia, and Jewelry.

NATO Supply Class 8457 specifically focuses on Jewelry. This class includes various types of jewelry items that are used by military personnel, such as rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and other decorative accessories.

The purpose of this classification is to ensure that NATO member countries have a standardized system for categorizing and procuring jewelry items for military use. By having a specific supply class for jewelry, it becomes easier for military organizations to identify and acquire the necessary items for their personnel.

It is important to note that NATO Supply Class 8457 is part of a larger system of classification used by NATO member countries to facilitate logistics and supply chain management. This system helps ensure interoperability and efficiency in the procurement and distribution of goods and services among NATO allies.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ) for Federal Supply Class 8457 Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ) for Federal Supply Class 8457

What is Federal Supply Class 8457?
FSC 8457 is the Federal Supply Class(formally known as NATO Supply Classification Class NSC 8457) in the USA for supply items codified in the category of Jewelry.
What is NATO Supply Classification Class 8457?
NSC 8457 is the NATO Supply Classification Class (also known as Federal Supply Class FSC 8457 in the USA) for supply items codified in the category of Jewelry.
Which Federal Supply Group is FSC 8457 in?
FSC 8457 is in Federal Supply Group(FSG) 84 which contains .
Which NATO Supply Classification Group is NSC 8457 in?
NSC 8457 is in NATO Supply Classification Group(NSG) 84 which contains .