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Federal Supply Group (FSG): 79

NATO Supply Classification Group (NSG): 79

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NSN Format for Cleaning Equipment and Supplies

Federal Supply Class
FSG 79 Cleaning Equipment and Supplies
FSG 79 Cleaning Equipment and Supplies
Additional Information for Cleaning Equipment and Supplies Additional Information for Cleaning Equipment and Supplies

NATO Supply Group 79: Keeping Things Clean

NATO Supply Group (NSG) 79, also known as Federal Supply Group (FSG) 79 in the United States, serves as a standardized classification system for a wide range of cleaning equipment and supplies. It categorizes various essential items used for maintaining cleanliness and hygiene in various settings, including:

  • Military facilities
  • Civilian institutions
  • Industrial environments
  • Homes

Breakdown of NSG 79:

NSG 79 is further divided into three main categories, each encompassing specific cleaning equipment and supplies:

  • FSC 7910: Floor Polishers and Vacuum Cleaning Equipment:
    • Floor polishers: machines used to maintain and polish various floor surfaces like hardwood, tile, and concrete.
    • Vacuum cleaners: equipment that utilizes suction power to remove dust, dirt, and debris from floors and other surfaces.
  • FSC 7920: Brooms, Brushes, Mops, and Sponges:
    • Brooms: used for sweeping away dirt and debris from large areas.
    • Brushes: employed for cleaning a variety of surfaces, depending on the bristle type and stiffness.
    • Mops: cleaning tools with absorbent materials, used for cleaning floors and walls.
    • Sponges: versatile cleaning tools for absorbing liquids and applying cleaning solutions.
  • FSC 7930: Cleaning and Polishing Compounds and Preparations:
    • Cleaning compounds: formulated solutions designed to remove dirt, grime, and stains from various surfaces.
    • Polishing compounds: used to restore shine and protect different surfaces like furniture and floors.

Benefits of using NSG 79:

  • Standardization: Creates a common language for the global supply chain, facilitating seamless communication and collaboration between manufacturers, distributors, and end users.
  • Efficient procurement: Enables clear identification and sourcing of specific cleaning equipment and supplies based on their NSG classification.
  • Improved data sharing: Standardizes data exchange, making it easier to share information about cleaning products and equipment across different organizations.

Additional considerations:

It's important to note that NSG 79 primarily focuses on general cleaning equipment and supplies. More specialized cleaning solutions and equipment used in specific industries or for hazardous materials might fall under different NSG categories.

In conclusion, NSG 79 plays a crucial role in the global supply chain for cleaning equipment and supplies. By establishing a standardized classification system, it facilitates communication, simplifies procurement, and enhances data sharing within the cleaning industry.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Federal Supply Group 79 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Federal Supply Group 79

What is Federal Supply Group 79?
FSG 79 is the Federal Supply Group (formally known as NATO Supply Classification Group NSG 79) in the USA for supply items codified in the category of Cleaning Equipment and Supplies.
What is NATO Supply Classification Group 79?
NSG 79 is the NATO Supply Classification Group (also known as Federal Supply Group FSG 79 in the USA) for supply items codified in the category of Cleaning Equipment and Supplies.
Which Federal Supply Classes are in FSG 79?
FSG 79 contains the following Federal Supply Classes (FSC) (formally known as NATO Supply Classification Class [NSC]): 7910, 7930, 7920
Which NATO Supply Classification Classes are in NSG 79?
NSG 79 contains the following NATO Supply Classification Classes (NSC) (also known as Federal Supply Class [FSC] in the USA): 7910, 7930, 7920
When did the transition from Federal Supply Groups (FSG) to NATO Supply Groups (NSG) occur?
The transition from Federal Supply Groups (FSG) to NATO Supply Groups (NSG) occurred on January 1, 1997. This change was implemented to align the classification and coding systems used by NATO member countries for military supplies and equipment. Federal Supply Groups (FSG) are now obsolete.

Top 20 Supply Items Included in Federal Supply Group 79 Top 20 Supply Items Included in Federal Supply Group 79

What is a Floor Polishing Machine Pad? 641 Items
A Floor Polishing Machine Pad (PAD,FLOOR POLISHING MACHINE) is a flat, circular disk or ring shaped mass of tangled, woven or matted steel wool, nylon web material, or the like, designed for use under the brushes of electric floor polishing and scrubbing machines of the disk type. The flat surface is the buffing surface. Excludes PAD, POLISHING AND RUBBING.
What is an Electric Floor Scrubbing Machine? 269 Items
An Electric Floor Scrubbing Machine (SCRUBBING MACHINE,FLOOR,ELECTRIC) is a machine mounted on wheels with a handle for manual guiding. It is designed for wetting and scrubbing or wetting, scrubbing, and vacuum-drying floors. It consists essentially of an electric motor powered brush(es) with a clean water and detergent tank. It may also include a vacuum pick-up and drying system with a used water tank. The machine may be self-propelled or hand propelled. Excludes items designed for polishing or a combination of polishing and scrubbing. See also SCRUBBING MACHINE, PAVEMENT (as modified).
What is an Electric Vacuum Cleaner? 1510 Items
An Electric Vacuum Cleaner (CLEANER,VACUUM,ELECTRIC) is a mechanical cleaning device equipped with an electric motor which actuates impeller(s) or fan(s) and/or a revolving brush. The impeller(s) or fan(s) creates a vacuum within the housing, and with the aid of the revolving brush, when present, picks up dust and particles of dirt by suction and deposits them in a bag or tank type receptacle. Excludes BLOWER, ELECTRIC, PORTABLE without attachments for the purpose of picking up dust and particles of dirt by suction, and CLEANER, VACUUM, SELF-PROPELLED. See also CLEANER, VACUUM, PNEUMATIC.
Bag,Vacuum Cleaner 284 Items
What is a Vacuum Cleaner Cleaning Tool Attachment? 294 Items
A Vacuum Cleaner Cleaning Tool Attachment (CLEANING TOOL ATTACHMENT,VACUUM CLEANER) is an item specifically designed for attaching to the end of a hose or wand of household and/or commercial vacuum cleaners. It may have integral brushes or spray jets. May be designed for particular cleaning functions on carpet, floor, wall and the like.
What is a Glass Cleaner? 340 Items
A Glass Cleaner is excludes CLEANING COMPOUND, OPTICAL LENS.
What is a Metal Polish? 253 Items
A Metal Polish (POLISH,METAL) is a preparation with or without finely divided abrasive suitable for removing tarnish from brass, nickel, copper, and other bright metalwork and capable of producing a lustre thereon. Excludes METAL CLEANER AND RUST REMOVER and METAL CLEANER, SILICATE-SOAP.
What is a Solvent-Detergent Cleaning Compound? 1254 Items
A Solvent-Detergent Cleaning Compound (CLEANING COMPOUND,SOLVENT-DETERGENT) is a compound formulated with ingredients that clean by solvent and detergent action. It may contain a deodorant, disinfectant and/or an insecticide. It is used for removing oily dirt, tar, waxes and greases from finished surfaces, metal, linoleum, ceramics, plastics, and the like. Excludes CLEANING COMPOUND, SOLVENT and those items which clean solely by detergent action.
What is an Utility Detergent? 829 Items
An Utility Detergent (DETERGENT,UTILITY) is a cleaner of nonspecific chemicals compounded for the general removal of grime, dirt, and/or grease, oil, rust preventive compounds, and the like. It contains no wax to impart a polished finish and no abrasive materials. Do not use if a more specific name can be found in Cataloging Handbook H6, Section A. Excludes SOAP (as modified). See also CLEANING COMPOUND (as modified); and WETTING AGENT.
What is a Multi Purpose Industrial Cleaner? 322 Items
A Multi Purpose Industrial Cleaner (CLEANER,INDUSTRIAL,MULTI PURPOSE) is a liquid degreasing basic product without any solvents containing more than 70% of water and detergents. It is biodegradable and does not contain toxic or harmful materials. The scope of its applications includes vehicles, buildings, work-shops and aircrafts. For solvent containing items see: CLEANING COMPOUND, SOLVENT-DETERGENT (18241).
What is a Push Broom? 303 Items
A Push Broom (BROOM,PUSH) is an item designed for push-type sweeping, with coarse bristles, such as rattan, bamboo, thick vegetable, or bristles of hair, hairlike synthetic fibers, wire or combinations thereof. It is usually designed to accommodate a detachable handle and may or may not be furnished with a handle.
What is a Scratch Wire Brush? 392 Items
A Scratch Wire Brush (BRUSH,WIRE,SCRATCH) is an item having a wire fill section made with round wire inset in a wooden block which may have a handle. It is designed for removing loose paint, rust, and the like.
What is a Tool And Parts Cleaning Brush? 254 Items
A Tool And Parts Cleaning Brush (BRUSH,CLEANING,TOOL AND PARTS) is an item designed for cleaning and scrubbing tools and machine parts. It may have a chisel or rounded end handle.
What is a Scrub Brush? 365 Items
A Scrub Brush (BRUSH,SCRUB) is a household cleaning device composed of hard bristles set into a normally rectangular block backing designed to be grasped by the hand. It is normally used with a cleansing agent (soap, detergent, etc.) and water for heavy cleaning that requires an abrasive action. Excludes power driven cleaning brushes and BRUSH, SURGICAL SCRUB.
What is a Tube Wire Brush? 348 Items
A Tube Wire Brush (BRUSH,WIRE,TUBE) is an item having a single stem, single spiral or a double stem, double spiral wire fill section. The wire fill is securely twisted in a stem wire which is extended to form a short handle. Excludes BRUSH, WIRE, BOILER TUBE.
What is a Cleaning Cloth? 583 Items
A Cleaning Cloth (CLOTH,CLEANING) is cLOTH, NONWOVEN cut to a specific size or provided in rolls that the user can cut to the desired size. It is generally used to perform dusting, wiping, washing and/or polishing operations and may be laundered for reuse. For woven fibers and yarns not held together by a binder, see WASTE MATTED YARNS. Exculdes TOWEL, MACHINERY WIPING, and CLOTH POLISHING.
What is a Sponge? 499 Items
A Sponge is an item with high absorbent qualities which is especially used for washing and cleaning. The item may be either naturally grown or consist of other materials.

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