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Two or more sheets, written or printed,or stored on electonic media, containing no programs or software, outlining maintenance, installation and/or operating information applicable to one or more related pieces of equipment. It may have a cover. The sheets may be fastened by staple(s), loosely folded, and/or punched for loose-leaf binding. See also BOOK. For single sheet items, see CHART (as modified) and SHEET, TECHNICAL. View more Technical Manual

7610-15-194-4448 MANUAL,TECHNICAL 7610151944448 151944448

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January 2023
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26 Jul 2011 1240-16-006-7730 Telescope Subassembly 10636RNCC: 3 | RNVC: 2 | DAC: 3 9 Mar 2012 7610-15-194-4448
CAGE L0QJ5 Metricwire Inc in Kitchener, On Canada
5340-00-122-6389 5340001226389 001226389 is an item so designed that when attached to an object, protects that objec from damage by reducing the force of impact with another object. for external vehicular bumpers see bumper, vehicular. excludes grommet (as modified)&#59; bushing, nonmetallic&#59; pad, cushioning and washer (as modified).
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7610-15-194-4448 is a Technical Manual

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