Office Devices and Accessories

Federal Supply Class (FSC: 7520

NATO Supply Classification Class (NSC): 7520

Group Description: Office Supplies and Devices

Federal Supply Group (FSG): 75

NATO Supply Classification Group (NSG): 75

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NSN Format for Office Devices and Accessories

Federal Supply Class
FSC 7520 Office Devices and Accessories
FSC 7520 Office Devices and Accessories

Includes Copyholders; Fountain Pens and Pen Desk Sets; Pencil Sharpeners; Paper Punches; Staplers, Office Type; Artists' Accessories, such as Easels, Airbrushes; Slide Rules.

Additional Information for Office Devices and Accessories Additional Information for Office Devices and Accessories

NATO Supply Class 7520 is a classification within NATO Supply Group 75, which is dedicated to office supplies and devices. Specifically, Class 7520 focuses on office devices and accessories.

This classification includes a wide range of items that are commonly used in office settings. Some examples of office devices and accessories in Class 7520 include:

1. Printers and copiers: This category includes various types of printers and copiers used for document printing, scanning, and copying.

2. Fax machines: Fax machines are used for sending and receiving documents over telephone lines.

3. Shredders: Shredders are used to destroy sensitive documents by cutting them into small pieces.

4. Calculators: Calculators are used for performing mathematical calculations.

5. Binding machines: Binding machines are used to bind documents together, such as reports or presentations.

6. Laminators: Laminators are used to apply a protective layer of plastic to documents, making them more durable.

7. Paper cutters and trimmers: These devices are used to cut or trim paper to the desired size.

8. Staplers and staples: Staplers are used to fasten sheets of paper together using staples.

9. Desk organizers: These are various types of organizers used to keep office supplies, such as pens, pencils, and paper clips, neatly arranged on a desk.

10. Desk lamps: Desk lamps provide additional lighting for workspaces.

These are just a few examples of the types of office devices and accessories that fall under NATO Supply Class 7520. The classification is designed to help standardize the procurement and supply of these items within NATO member countries.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ) for Federal Supply Class 7520 Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ) for Federal Supply Class 7520

What is Federal Supply Class 7520?
FSC 7520 is the Federal Supply Class(formally known as NATO Supply Classification Class NSC 7520) in the USA for supply items codified in the category of Office Devices and Accessories.
What is NATO Supply Classification Class 7520?
NSC 7520 is the NATO Supply Classification Class (also known as Federal Supply Class FSC 7520 in the USA) for supply items codified in the category of Office Devices and Accessories.
Which Federal Supply Group is FSC 7520 in?
FSC 7520 is in Federal Supply Group(FSG) 75 which contains .
Which NATO Supply Classification Group is NSC 7520 in?
NSC 7520 is in NATO Supply Classification Group(NSG) 75 which contains .

Supply Items Included in Federal Supply Class 7520 Supply Items Included in Federal Supply Class 7520

What is a Blotter Desk Pad? 42 Items
A Blotter Desk Pad (PAD,DESK,BLOTTER) is a device with corners or side panels for holding a desk blotter.
What is a Desk Tray? 395 Items
A Desk Tray (TRAY,DESK) is an item designed to be used on the top of a desk, table or the like primarily for legal or letter size matter. The item may be a single unit or tiered two or more units.
Basket,Wastepaper 231 Items
Stand,Calendar Pad 65 Items
Opener,Letter,Hand 29 Items
Support Set,Stacking,Desk Tray 45 Items
What is a Chart Holder? 55 Items
What is a Mechanical Pencil? 276 Items
A Mechanical Pencil (PENCIL,MECHANICAL) is an item for writing or other marking use in which the lead is replaceable.
What is an Arch Board File? 14 Items
An Arch Board File is an item of wood or composition board on the top of which is security mounted an arch type paper holder, with posts 2-3/4 inches (69.85 millimeters) apart.
What is a Clipboard File? 114 Items
A Clipboard File is an item of wood, metal, or composition board, on the upper end of which is securely mounted a metal spring clip for holding paper sheets. See also HOLDER, CLINICAL CHART.
What is a Marking Stencil? 1822 Items
A Marking Stencil (STENCIL,MARKING) is an item having a single character or characters, words, and/or sentences perforated in metal, stencil board or paper as a single unit, not separable. For separable characters, see STENCIL SET, MARKING.
Staple Remover,Office Type 71 Items
Rack,Rubber Stamp 39 Items
Card Holder,Fingerprint 10 Items
What is a Desk Paper Perforator? 239 Items
A Desk Paper Perforator (PERFORATOR,PAPER,DESK) is excludes paper perforating machines used in bindery work.
What is a Moistener? 21 Items
A Moistener is a fountain or well type item used for applying water or other solvents for moistening tape, envelopes, labels, and the like.
What is a Hand Impression Seal? 37 Items
A Hand Impression Seal (SEAL,HAND IMPRESSION) is a device furnished with or for the insertion of an engraved metal die to impress the engraving upon a waxed surface or to emboss the engraving on a paper surface.
What is a Pencil Sharpener? 95 Items
What is an Office Paper Fastening Stapler? 466 Items
An Office Paper Fastening Stapler (STAPLER,PAPER FASTENING,OFFICE) is a plier or desk (table) item for the manual stapling of papers and the like. Excludes STAPLING MACHINE, PAPER, OFFICE and STAPLER, BOOK AND PAMPHLET.
What is a Fixed Type Rubber Stamp? 516 Items
A Fixed Type Rubber Stamp (RUBBER STAMP,FIXED TYPE) is a rubber stamp with type fixed in a die or solid base. It does not include rubber stamps with banded or mortise type.
Metal Stamp,Band Type 48 Items
What is a Band Type Rubber Stamp? 73 Items
A Band Type Rubber Stamp (RUBBER STAMP,BAND TYPE) is an item which may have a die plate with a fixed legend.
What is a Drop Knife Paper Trimmer? 224 Items
A Drop Knife Paper Trimmer (TRIMMER,PAPER,DROP KNIFE) is a solid bed which may or may not have guide lines; having a lever type cutting knife hinged at the top edge of the bed. See also CUTTER, PAPER.
What is a Gummed Tape Dispenser? 60 Items
A Gummed Tape Dispenser (DISPENSER,GUMMED TAPE) is an item for dispensing tape having to be water or chemical activated. See also DISPENSER, PRESSURE SENSITIVE ADHESIVE TAPE.
Copyholder,Typist's 139 Items
What is a Recording Pen? 797 Items
A Recording Pen (PEN,RECORDING) is a small device usually made of glass, plastic, or metal having a self-contained ink reservoir, and when attached to the arm of various instruments is used to mark graphs, charts, and the like.
What is a Spatula? 29 Items
A Spatula is a knife-like item having a rounded end. It is used as a hand implement for spreading and/or mixing such items as ink, paint, frosting, and/or cleaning mixing bowls in a kitchen or a bakery and the like. Do not use if a more speciific name exists, such as SPATULA, BRAIN; SPATULA, EYE; and SPATULA,DENTAL.
What is a Slide Rule? 60 Items
A Slide Rule is a device having several standard scales for performing arithmetical, algebraical, and trigonometrical calculations by mechanical means.
Brush,Stencil 51 Items
List Finder,Automatic 15 Items
What is a Cash Box? 69 Items
A Cash Box (BOX,CASH) is a metal box with a lock. It may have specifically designed scooped compartments for keeping coins, stamps, and the like and may contain additional compartment(s) for the safekeeping of currency, bonds, and similar valuables.
What is a Hand Inking Roller? 29 Items
A Hand Inking Roller (INKING ROLLER,HAND) is an item consisting of a roller and a handle. It is used to apply ink evenly over surfaces. For replacement of the roller portion, see ROLLER, HAND INKING ROLLER.
Dispenser,Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Tape 203 Items
Paint Design Kit 10 Items
What is a Duplicating Stencil Stylus? 41 Items
A Duplicating Stencil Stylus (STYLUS,DUPLICATING STENCIL) is a small hand instrument, with marking device on one or both ends, specifically designed for tracing, writing, or making other impressions on duplicating stencils. Excludes STYLUS, SOUND RECORDING; and STYLUS, SOUND REPRODUCING.
What is an Artist's Airbrush? 26 Items
An Artist's Airbrush (AIRBRUSH,ARTIST'S) is a pen or pencil shaped device, equipped with a small cup or bottle type reservoir, and used for applying paint by air pressure. Excludes SPRAY GUN, PAINT.
What is a Plotting Marker? 53 Items
A Plotting Marker (MARKER,PLOTTING) is a device of various sizes, materials, and shapes such as a number, letter, sign, character or a combination of these, used to indicate certain conditions at various locations on maps, plotting boards, charts, diagrams, and the like.
Tip,Fountain-Type Marker,Felt 96 Items
Holder,Desk Memorandum Paper 81 Items
What is a Hand Paper Punch? 70 Items
A Hand Paper Punch (PUNCH,PAPER,HAND) is a plier type device for punching single holes in paper, motion picture film, and the like. Excludes PERFORATOR, PAPER, DESK. See also PUNCH, EYELET, PLIER TYPE; PUNCH, CUTTING, REVOLVING HEAD; and PUNCH, EMBOSSING, MOTION PICTURE FILM.
What is a Technical Order File Case? 11 Items
A Technical Order File Case (CASE,TECHNICAL ORDER FILE) is a device designed for holding and shipping technical orders, manuals, and the like.
What is a Fingerprint Identification Kit? 43 Items
A Fingerprint Identification Kit is an item consisting of a fingerprint pad and tube(s) and/or bottle(s) of INK, FINGERPRINT; it may or may not contain instructions, and is packed in a fitted case. It may also contain other items, such as an ink roller, ink slab, analytical gray latent powder, fixing brown latent powder, brushes, scissors, magnifying glass, and other items necessary for use in fingerprint identification.
What is a Marking Stencil Set? 378 Items
A Marking Stencil Set (STENCIL SET,MARKING) is a series of single letters, numerals, and/or symbols, perforated in metal, stencil board or paper. They may or may not have means for attaching together to form words or sentences. See also STENCIL, MARKING.
What is a Notarial Seal? 10 Items
A Notarial Seal (SEAL,NOTARIAL) is an item of paper, cloth, or similar material, round in shape with serrated or scalloped edge, gummed on one side, solid in color, used by lawyers and notaries as a means of authenticating legal documents, papers, etc.
What is a Straight Trimmers Shears? 81 Items
A Straight Trimmers Shears (SHEARS,STRAIGHT TRIMMERS) is shears with two sharp pointed blades or with one sharp pointed blade and one round pointed blade. The item has one ring shaped grip, designed for a single finger, and one loop shaped grip, designed for two or more fingers. The point of contact of the finger grips is on the longitudinal axis. Excludes SHEARS, TAILOR'S.
What is a Carbon Copy Writing Plate? 10 Items
A Carbon Copy Writing Plate (PLATE,CARBON COPY WRITING) is an item used as a backing to provide a hard surface for writing on thin or tissue type paper, such as train orders and the like.
What is a Fixed And Removable Type Rubber Stamp? 21 Items
A Fixed And Removable Type Rubber Stamp (RUBBER STAMP,FIXED AND REMOVABLE TYPE) is an item having a die plate fixed rubber type legend or design and mortise(s) for insertion of removable rubber type such as dates or numerals. See also RUBBER STAMP, FIXED TYPE. Excludes stamps with bands.
Inking Pad,Office Type Numbering Machine 21 Items
What is a Desk Distributor Rack? 206 Items
A Desk Distributor Rack (RACK,DISTRIBUTOR,DESK) is an open top item having a base which may be formed of separate sections, or of one piece as required by the style of construction, having in general, vertical partitions and end pieces forming compartments. The compartment(s) may or may not have closed back(s). It does not cover items having hinged partitions. It is used as a filing and/or sorting medium for checks, letters, books, documents, and the like. See also CASE, MAIL DISTRIBUTION.
What is a Pencil Lead Repointer? 20 Items
A Pencil Lead Repointer (LEAD REPOINTER,PENCIL) is a device consisting of a replaceable knifelike blade or an abrasive liner inserted in a holder. It is used for pointing up the lead in a draftsman's pencil. Excludes PENCIL POINTER.
What is an Office Paper Stapling Machine? 68 Items
An Office Paper Stapling Machine (STAPLING MACHINE,PAPER,OFFICE) is a desk or table item for the automatic stapling of papers and the like. Excludes STAPLER, PAPER FASTENING, OFFICE and STAPLER, BOOK AND PAMPHLET.
What is a Rubber Type Printing Set? 26 Items
A Rubber Type Printing Set (PRINTING SET,RUBBER TYPE) is a set of rubber type letters, numerals, and/or other characters for mounting in a holder in various combinations to make a rubber stamp. Set may include holder(s), handle, tweezer, stamp pad or other accessories. Excludes LETTER AND NUMERAL SET, SIGN and RUBBERTYPE SET, PENCIL DATER.
What is a Book Ends? 48 Items
A Book Ends is a pair of items having a base and an upright support. Used to hold books and/or folios in an upright position on a desk, shelves or the like.
Holder,Name Plate,Desk 23 Items
Pad,Fingerprint Lifting 18 Items
What is a Desk Pen Set? 32 Items
A Desk Pen Set (PEN SET,DESK) is an item consisting of a PEN(s), FOUNTAIN or PEN(s), BALL-POINT and a base with socket(s) or a dip type pen(s) and ink reservoir(s). The base socket(s) and ink reservoir opening(s) are designed to hold the pen(s) for ready use.
What is a Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Tape Edger-Dispenser? 10 Items
A Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Tape Edger-Dispenser (EDGER-DISPENSER,PRESSURE SENSITIVE ADHESIVE TAPE) is an item manually or electrically operated, designed to dispense and place tape on both the top and bottom edge of a flat object, such as a sheet(s) of drawing paper, a book cover, or the like, in a single operation.
What is a Filing Shelf? 11 Items
A Filing Shelf (SHELF,FILING) is a board with a hooklike device for hanging from a file drawer pull. It may have a clip to hold papers.
What is a Pen And Pencil Tray? 56 Items
A Pen And Pencil Tray (TRAY,PEN AND PENCIL) is a shallow container usually made of glass and rectangular in shape, to be used for holding pens and pencils.
What is a Fixed Type Rubber Stamp Set? 22 Items
A Fixed Type Rubber Stamp Set (RUBBER STAMP SET,FIXED TYPE) is a group of rubber stamps with type fixed in a solid base. It may include a stamp pad or ink.
What is a Maintenance And Operational Manuals Case? 30 Items
A Maintenance And Operational Manuals Case (CASE,MAINTENANCE AND OPERATIONAL MANUALS) is a case specifically designed to hold, in fixed positions, technical maintenance literature, charts, books, or pamphlets pertaining to the operation of equipment. It is usually of fabric construction and is furnished with applicable equipment.
Easel,Display And Training 95 Items
What is a Transfer Filing Case? 44 Items
A Transfer Filing Case (CASE,FILING,TRANSFER) is an item generally used for the transfer and/or storage of inactive records, documents, letters, file cards, and the like. Excludes BOX, FILING.
What is a Work Organizer File? 106 Items
A Work Organizer File (FILE,WORK ORGANIZER) is an expanding item having ten or more indexed separator pages or bellows-type compartments. The pages or compartments may have printed alphabetical and/or numerical index tabs, or blank metal tabs. It is used for sorting, follow-up, tickler, and the like.
What is a Desk Horizontal File? 52 Items
A Desk Horizontal File (FILE,HORIZONTAL,DESK) is an item with a closed back and base having multiple stacked horizontal legal or letter size trays. It may have holes for wall mounting. It is used as a flat filing and/or sorting medium for correspondence, pamphlets, forms, papers, and the like. See also RACK, DISTRIBUTOR, DESK.
What is a Telephone Receiver Holder? 24 Items
A Telephone Receiver Holder (HOLDER,TELEPHONE RECEIVER) is an item designed to be attached to a telephone receiver. It permits the receiver to be balanced on the shoulder, leaving hands free for writing.
What is a File Drawer Frame? 25 Items
A File Drawer Frame (FRAME,FILE DRAWER) is a metal frame designed to support hanging type file folders in filing cabinet and desk file drawers.
What is a Tube Type Marker? 1874 Items
A Tube Type Marker (MARKER,TUBE TYPE) is an item which is used for writing, drawing, and freehand marking on various types of material. It may be initially filled with ink and may be designed to be refilled. The marking tips are of varying shapes and materials and the inks are of varying colors and types. Excludes BALL POINT PEN; MARKER ASSORTMENT, TUBE TYPE; and PEN, PLASTIC TIP.
What is a Filing Box? 428 Items
A Filing Box (BOX,FILING) is a rigid box usually rectangular in shape. It may have a compression device and/or indexing separators. It is designed to maintain cards, letters, papers and the like in an orderly arrangement.
What is a Document Box? 115 Items
A Document Box (BOX,DOCUMENT) is a metal box having a lid. It may have lock(s), carrying handle(s), and either single or multiple compartment(s). Excludes BOX (3), CASH.
What is a Pen And Pencil Cup? 61 Items
A Pen And Pencil Cup (CUP,PEN AND PENCIL) is a container usually round and used for holding pens and/or pencils.
What is a Desk Accessory Set? 193 Items
What is a Tube Type Marker Assortment? 263 Items
A Tube Type Marker Assortment (MARKER ASSORTMENT,TUBE TYPE) is an assortment of differently colored tube type markers grouped together in a case. These items are used for writing, drawing, and freehand marking on various types of material, and may be designed to be refilled Excludes MARKER, TUBE TYPE.
Numbering Machine,Office Type 45 Items
What is a Plastic Tip Pen? 179 Items
A Plastic Tip Pen (PEN,PLASTIC TIP) is a writing instrument having a hard point. It may be disposable. Excludes PEN, BALL-POINT and MARKER, TUBE TYPE.
What is a Ball-Point Pen? 1413 Items
A Ball-Point Pen (PEN,BALL-POINT) is an item having a rotating ball writing media integral with a factory filled semiliquid ink cartridge.
What is a Fountain Pen? 51 Items
A Fountain Pen (PEN,FOUNTAIN) is a unit consisting of a pen point and pen holder with a self-contained reservoir in the barrel for holding and furnishing a supply of ink. It is used for handwriting, drawing, and the like. See also PEN, BALL-POINT and MARKER, TUBE TYPE.
Dating-Numbering Machine,Office Type 53 Items
What is a Calendar Planning Chart? 58 Items
A Calendar Planning Chart (CHART,CALENDAR PLANNING) is an item which may have a magnetic or erasable surface. It usually has a calendar or lines for displaying a schedule or status of personnel. See also CONTROL BOARD, VISIBLE INDEX TYPE; and BULLETIN BOARD. Excludes CALENDAR, WALL.
What is a Recorder Pen Assortment? 63 Items
A Recorder Pen Assortment (PEN ASSORTMENT,RECORDER) is a collection of several PEN, RECORDER packed in a single unit package and producing different line widths. They may have different colors.
What is a Desk Top File And Document Holder? 29 Items
A Desk Top File And Document Holder (HOLDER,FILE AND DOCUMENT,DESK TOP) is a freestanding multi-purpose item designed to hold letter and legal size files or documents in a vertical position, which may have compartments.
What is a Bookrest? 27 Items
A Bookrest is an item designed to support books, magazines, documents and the like, to facilitate viewing and reading. It may have devices for varying the angle of support and to hold the document open at a selected place.
What is an Instructional Pointer? 72 Items
An Instructional Pointer (POINTER,INSTRUCTIONAL) is a device designed to direct attention to a specific item during instruction, lectures, classes, demonstrations and the like. Can be a pen shaped item through which light is projected in the shape of a spot, beam, circle, arrow or the like. Can also be a plain rod or wand without the light source.

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