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Toner Cartridge

7510016277622 016277622 HP101

A replaceable cartridge that contains dry toner, used for the copying of documents in a PRINTER (as modified) or copying machine (as modified). The item may contain and house the photosensitive drum, corona wire, and the like. For toner used to refill toner reservoirs, see TONER, INDIRECT, ELECTROSTATIC PROCESSING or TONER, DIRECT, ELECTROSTATIC PROCESSING. View more Toner Cartridge

7510-01-627-7622 CARTRIDGE,TONER 7510016277622 016277622

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NSN Created on 25 Apr 2014
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January 2023
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7510-01-627-7622 CARTRIDGE,TONER 7510016277622 016277622 1/1
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7510-01-627-7622 Demil Restrictions 7510-01-627-7622


7510-01-627-7622 is a Toner Cartridge Demilitarization of this item has been confirmed and is not currently subject to changes. This item is considered a low risk when released from the control of the Department of Defense. The item may still be subject to the requirements of the Export Administration Regulations (EAR) and the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR). This item may be hazardous as it is in a Federal Supply Class for potentially hazardous items. A MSDS should be available from the supplier for the end user to evaluate any hazards. This item does not contain a precious metal.

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Italy (ZR01)
Effective Date:
1 Apr 2014

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7510-01-627-7622 Freight Data Freight Information 7510-01-627-7622

7510-01-627-7622 has freight characteristics.. 7510-01-627-7622 has a variance between NMFC and UFC when transported by rail and the description should be consulted.