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Office Supplies and Devices

Federal Supply Group (FSG): 75

NATO Supply Classification Group (NSG): 75

FSG 75 Office Supplies and Devices
FSG 75 Office Supplies and Devices

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Federal Supply Group 75

What is Federal Supply Group 75?
FSG 75 is the Federal Supply Group (formally known as NATO Supply Classification Group NSG 75) in the USA for supply items codified in the category of Office Supplies and Devices.
What is NATO Supply Classification Group 75?
NSG 75 is the NATO Supply Classification Group (also known as Federal Supply Group FSG 75 in the USA) for supply items codified in the category of Office Supplies and Devices.
Which Federal Supply Classes are in FSG 75?
FSG 75 contains the following Federal Supply Classes (FSC) (formally known as NATO Supply Classification Class [NSC]): 7540, 7510, 7520, 7530
Which NATO Supply Classification Classes are in NSG 75?
NSG 75 contains the following NATO Supply Classification Classes (NSC) (also known as Federal Supply Class [FSC] in the USA): 7540, 7510, 7520, 7530

Supply Items Included in Federal Supply Group 75

What is a File Folder? 1198 Items
A File Folder (FOLDER,FILE) is a filing device having two or three sides open. It may be made of paper, plastic, or other suitable material.
What is a Messenger Service Envelope? 57 Items
A Messenger Service Envelope (ENVELOPE,MESSENGER SERVICE) is a reusable envelope normally used for transporting papers by messenger.
What is a Printed Form? 24432 Items
A Printed Form (FORM,PRINTED) is a printed or typed sheet form document with blank space or spaces for insertion of specific information. Excludes CARD, TABULATING, ELECTRIC ACCOUNTING MACHINE; PAPER, TABULATING MACHINE, CONTINUOUS FLAT FOLD; PAPER, GRAPH; INDICATING SLIP, DICTATING MACHINE; ENVELOPE (as modified); LABEL; CHART (as modified) and TAG (as modified).
What is a Patient Health Instruction Card? 49 Items
A Patient Health Instruction Card (CARD,INSTRUCTION,PATIENT HEALTH) is a pre-printed item designed for use in providing information about recommended health screenings, nutrition, preventive medicine, and the like.
What is a Printing Ink? 388 Items
What is a Steel Eraser? 13 Items
A Steel Eraser (ERASER,STEEL) is an item with a handle having a fixed arrowhead shaped blade or a fixed knifelike blade having a half arrowhead, designed for scraping out ink lines on tracing cloth or paper.
What is a Penholder? 21 Items
A Penholder is a device designed to hold a PEN POINT for writing by hand.
What is a Marking Crayon? 102 Items
A Marking Crayon (CRAYON,MARKING) is a marking device in stick form composed of one material or various materials, such as soapstone, wax, graphite, clay and binder. It may contain pigments for color. It may have a paper sleeve. It is never encased in wood or other rigid inclosure. For similar items encased in wood or other rigid inclosure see PENCIL (as modified). It is designed for use on such materials as paper, hot or cold metals, ice, skin, ceramics, lumber, and the like. Excludes CHALK,MARKING. See also CRAYON ASSORTMENT,MARKING,COLORED and PAINT STICK,MARKING.
What is a Pencil? 807 Items
What is a Pen Point? 206 Items
A Pen Point is a device of steel, gold or other material(s), usually formed with a split point. When inserted in a holder, it is used for writing, drawing, shading, and the like with ink or a similar fluid.
What is a Pencil Pointer? 42 Items
A Pencil Pointer is a paddle, usually of wood, covered with an abrasive agent, used to point pencil lead.
What is a Paper Clip? 274 Items
A Paper Clip (CLIP,PAPER) is excludes FASTENER, PAPER.
What is a Paper Fastener? 170 Items
A Paper Fastener (FASTENER,PAPER) is excludes CLIP, PAPER and paper clamps.
What is a Straight Pin? 63 Items
A Straight Pin (PIN,STRAIGHT) is a small, thin, pointed, and headed piece of brass or other wire, used for fastening clothes and attaching papers. The head may be bead shaped, oval or common shaped, T-shaped, and the like. Excludes PIN, STRAIGHT, HEADED.
What is a Rubber Eraser? 220 Items
A Rubber Eraser (ERASER,RUBBER) is includes composition rubber and abrasive erasers. Excludes ERASER, MECHANICAL PENCIL and ERASER, MECHANICAL.
What is a Mechanical Eraser? 22 Items
A Mechanical Eraser (ERASER,MECHANICAL) is a slender, tubelike holder containing a filler of rubber or fiberglass which is actuated by a propel-repel mechanism used in making erasures in typing, drawing and on fluid duplicator masters and various offset masters. Excludes ERASER, MECHANICAL PENCIL and ERASER, RUBBER.
What is a Rubber Stamp Inking Pad? 280 Items
A Rubber Stamp Inking Pad (INKING PAD,RUBBER STAMP) is an item consisting of an ink absorbent pad in a covered container. For refills, see INKING PAD REFILL, RUBBER STAMP.
What is a Loose-Leaf Binder? 1641 Items
A Loose-Leaf Binder (BINDER,LOOSE-LEAF) is excludes visible index filing equipment.
What is an Index Tab? 140 Items
An Index Tab (TAB,INDEX) is a projection which is fastened to a card or page by clamps or adhesion and is used to identify segregations in file material. It is usually a permanent marker. Excludes TAB, SIGNAL and TAB SET, INDEX.
What is a Water Color? 49 Items
A Water Color is a composition of coloring matter formulated primarily for artist use in fine art, show card, poster, air brush and designer work. Excludes India ink sticks, and INK (as modified).
What is an Ink Thinner? 32 Items
An Ink Thinner (THINNER,INK) is a nonspecific thinner for inks used in printing on stamp pads and/or for stenciling. It is used to thin inks, soften and revive the surface of a stamp pad. When a specific chemical, see specific chemical name.
What is a Loose-Leaf Binder Ring? 97 Items
A Loose-Leaf Binder Ring (RING,LOOSE-LEAF BINDER) is a hinged metal circlet with interlocking teeth. It is used primarily for securing perforated sheets, binders, and the like, in such a manner that they may be easily turned and/or removed.
What is a Marking Chalk? 100 Items
A Marking Chalk (CHALK,MARKING) is a solid item used for marking, made of calcium carbonate or calcium sulfate and a suitable binder, capable of producing clear marks which can be completely erased. See also CHALK ASSORTMENT, MARKING, COLORED. Excludes CHALK, LINE MARKING, POWDER.
What is a Portfolio? 120 Items
A Portfolio is an item of flexible or nonflexible material used for carrying papers, prints, or similar documents. The nonflexible material type is a booklike item, the covers bound together at one edge. The flexible material type may open on one, two, or three sides, and may be equipped with a ring binder, handles, and/or pockets. The item may be kept closed by tie strings, slide fasteners, or other devices to hold the item in a closed position. Excludes BRIEF CASE and ENVELOPE, WALLET.
What is a Signal Tab? 123 Items
A Signal Tab (TAB,SIGNAL) is a small device, with or without a projection which clips or slides on the margin of a card or page and is used to direct attention to the record or specific data thereon. It may be readily changed to indicate changing conditions of the record. See also TAB SET, SIGNAL. Excludes TAB, INDEX.
What is a Rubber Finger Pad? 38 Items
A Rubber Finger Pad (FINGER PAD,RUBBER) is a rubber, thimble like pad used on fingers or thumbs to facilitate the manipulation of paper.
What is an Automatic List Finder Refill? 10 Items
An Automatic List Finder Refill is a roll of tape or set of cards, alphabetically lettered, used for listing addresses, phone numbers, etc.
What is a Typewriter Pad? 18 Items
A Typewriter Pad (PAD,TYPEWRITER) is a cushion of felt, rubber, or similar material used under a typewriter in order to absorb sound and vibration.
What is a Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Tape? 4838 Items
A Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Tape (TAPE,PRESSURE SENSITIVE ADHESIVE) is a flexible item in roll form, six inches (152.4mm) 0r less in width, designed to be affixed to an object by adhesion. It does not contain coding signification, legendary characters, or printed data of any type. Includes masking tape. Excludes TAPE, ADHESIVE, RUBBER; TAPE, INSULATION, ELECTRICAL; TAPE, SEMI-CONDUCTING, ELECTRICAL; and TAPE, SHIELDING, ELECTRICAL.
What is a Thumbtack? 38 Items
A Thumbtack is an item consisting of a sharp pointed pin with a head securely mounted thereon, and/or an item consisting of a sharp pointed metal pin stamped out of a flat metal head, and integral therewith. Its primary use is to attach various materials (sheet form) to drawing boards, bulletin boards, and the like. Excludes MAPTACK; PLOTTING PIN; and PLOTTING NEEDLE.
PUSHPIN 18 Items
What is a Map Tack? 61 Items
A Map Tack (TACK,MAP) is an item consisting of a sharp pointed shaft with a head securely mounted thereon. The shaft shall be of carbon steel with a head of glass, metal or plastic, usually colored. Its primary use is for identifying and marking specific points on maps and charts. Excludes PLOTTING NEEDLE and PLOTTING PIN.
What is an Office Type Paper Fastening Staple Wire? 27 Items
An Office Type Paper Fastening Staple Wire (WIRE,PAPER FASTENING STAPLE,OFFICE TYPE) is a self contained fastening device that uses sticher wire. It is specifically designed to form a STAPLE when installed or used together with a copier or other machinery for automatic stapling.
What is a Visible Record Index Strip? 50 Items
A Visible Record Index Strip (INDEX STRIP,VISIBLE RECORD) is a flexible indexing strip designed to fit visible record frames, and having a surface suitable for printing, typing, or writing. It is of veneer construction faced on both sides with paper and scored for stripping.
What is a Field Office Supply Set? 33 Items
A Field Office Supply Set (OFFICE SUPPLY SET,FIELD) is an assortment of supplies which may include a typewriter, typewriter ribbons, paper, pens, pencils, ink, duplicating ink, hand cleaner, writing pads, prescription pads, and the like. They may be packed in a chest for storage, portability, and expeditious conveyance.
What is a Paste Brush? 11 Items
A Paste Brush (BRUSH,PASTE) is an item made to apply or spread a vegetable type adhesive. Excludes BRUSH, ADHESIVE.
What is a Powder Line Marking Chalk? 33 Items
A Powder Line Marking Chalk (CHALK,LINE MARKING,POWDER) is a powdered nonhardening and noncaking item for use in a mechanic's chalk line box, dressmaker's hemline machine, and the like. Excludes CHALK, MARKING.
What is a Laundry Marking Ink? 11 Items
A Laundry Marking Ink (INK,MARKING,LAUNDRY) is excludes INK, MARKING, PARACHUTE.
What is a Colored Marking Chalk Assortment? 25 Items
A Colored Marking Chalk Assortment (CHALK ASSORTMENT,MARKING,COLORED) is a group of different colored marking chalk sticks. See CHALK, MARKING.
What is a Marking Paint Stick? 78 Items
A Marking Paint Stick (PAINT STICK,MARKING) is a semihard product in stick form, composed of pigment(s) and vehicle or carrying agent. It is used to mark objects or surfaces. Resists destruction by high temperatures, oil and weather elements. It has a similar degree of legibility and permanency as liquid paint. Excludes CRAYON, MARKING.
What is a Recording Instrument Ink Set? 12 Items
A Recording Instrument Ink Set (INK SET,RECORDING INSTRUMENT) is two or more bottles or cartridges containing specially prepared ink(s) for use in various recording machines.
What is an Index Tab Set? 64 Items
An Index Tab Set (TAB SET,INDEX) is a set consisting of two or more TAB, INDEX with different legends either imprinted or as separable inserts.
What is a Rubber Band Assortment? 15 Items
A Rubber Band Assortment is a group of rubber bands of various sizes.
What is a Transparent Envelope? 152 Items
A Transparent Envelope (ENVELOPE,TRANSPARENT) is an envelope, made from a transparent material, usually of the open end type construction with noncorrosive metal hanging eyelet(s). It is generally used to protect blue prints, work orders, invoices, and routing data during handling, filing, and storage. Excludes ENVELOPE, MAILING; ENVELOPE, PHOTOGRAPHIC NEGATIVES; HOLDER, CARD-LABEL; and BAG (as modified).
What is a Loose-Leaf Binder And Filler? 66 Items
A Loose-Leaf Binder And Filler (BINDER AND FILLER,LOOSE-LEAF) is an item which includes binder covers and paper or plastic fillers. The plastic fillers may have pockets for insertion of documents, charts, and the like. It may have binder rings, a plastic binding element, tie string, or prong type fasteners. It may also contain index sheet(s).
What is a Pastel Stick Assortment? 21 Items
A Pastel Stick Assortment is two or more colored sticks for drawing, made of true artist's dry pigments (commercially pure) and a suitable binder.
What is a Drawing Ink? 190 Items
What is a Writing Ink? 95 Items
A Writing Ink (INK,WRITING) is an item used for ordinary office purposes, and/or for permanent records. Excludes INK, DRAWING.
What is a Stamp Pad Ink? 140 Items
What is a Type Cleaner? 35 Items
A Type Cleaner is an item in liquid, plastic or sheet form used to remove ink, dirt, erasure dust, and the like from type on typewriters and similar printing equipment.
What is a Liquid Pen Cleaner? 21 Items
A Liquid Pen Cleaner (PEN CLEANER,LIQUID) is a liquid designed to remove dried inks from drawing and lettering pens.
What is a Graphite Pencil Lead? 188 Items
A Graphite Pencil Lead (LEAD,PENCIL,GRAPHITE) is a writing or marking medium, whose basic ingredient is graphite, for use in mechanical pencils or other marking devices in which lead is replaceable.
What is a Colored Pencil Lead? 117 Items
A Colored Pencil Lead (LEAD,PENCIL,COLORED) is a writing or marking medium whose basic ingredients are pigment and clay, or pigment and wax, for use in a mechanical pencil.
What is an Etching Point? 10 Items
An Etching Point is an item similar in design to a pen point, designed to be used with a standard penholder. It must have a point, such as an arrowhead, ground and sharpened for use in cutting, erasing, retouching and the like.
What is an Office Record File Set? 89 Items
An Office Record File Set (FILE SET,OFFICE RECORD) is a group of items consisting of record books, index cards, file folders, and miscellaneous items such as paper fasteners, sponge cups, and the like for use in the establishment of different types of office files.
What is an Investigation Outfit? 16 Items
An Investigation Outfit is a group of items consisting of a FINGERPRINT IDENTIFICATION KIT, and miscellaneous items such as a flashlight and the like.
What is a Pen Point And Penholder? 17 Items
A Pen Point And Penholder is one or more identical pen point(s) with a holder.
What is a Pen Point Assortment? 19 Items
A Pen Point Assortment is two or more PEN POINT of different sizes and/or types. It does not include penholder. See also PEN POINT ASSORTMENT AND PENHOLDER.
What is a Note Pad Binder? 75 Items
A Note Pad Binder (BINDER,NOTE PAD) is an item designed to hold a filler of paper sheets in pad form. It may have a pocket or spring mechanism for retaining the filler.
What is a Paper File Backer? 25 Items
A Paper File Backer (FILE BACKER,PAPER) is a single paperboard sheet, usually of kraft or manila stock. It has a prong fastener, mounted on one end for holding papers.
What is a Plastic Binding Element? 175 Items
A Plastic Binding Element (BINDING ELEMENT,PLASTIC) is an item consisting of plastic rings and a back, of either one-piece or two-piece construction. One-piece construction consists of a plastic strip as a back from which a number of curved rings extend for insertion into elongated holes in the paper. Two-piece construction consists of a separate ring section which fits into elongated holes in the paper and a back section which slides over the ring section and double-locks both ends of each ring. It acts as a loose-leaf binder and is generally used as a binder for catalogs and the like.
What is a Book Pocket? 12 Items
A Book Pocket (POCKET,BOOK) is a paper item made to hold library charge-out cards and the like.
What is a Pen And Ink Kit? 12 Items
A Pen And Ink Kit is a group of items such as draftsman's pen(s), etching pen(s), fountain lettering pen(s), mapping pen(s), and/or the like, and drawing ink(s), marking ink(s), and/or writing ink(s). It may contain correction fluids, liquid pen cleaner, pen wiper(s), writing board and instruction pamphlet.
What is a Line Cut Screen? 116 Items
A Line Cut Screen (SCREEN,LINE CUT) is a sheet of clear flexible material such as plastic, glassine or the like, with a pressure sensitive backing, having precision patterns with designs of lines, dots, checks, figures, letters and the like. It is used to overlay on line drawings, maps, poster displays, reproductions and the like. For items of transparent or opaque flexible material without precision patterns or designs, see DRY TRANSFER SHEET and SCREEN COLOR OVERLAY. Excludes SCREEN, HALFTONE; PLASTIC SHEET; and PLASTIC STRIP.
What is a Display Book? 49 Items
A Display Book (BOOK,DISPLAY) is a loose-leaf book-like item having transparent envelopes (sleeves) in lieu of pages into which photographs, drawings and the like can be placed for display purposes.
What is a Magazine Binder? 12 Items
A Magazine Binder (BINDER,MAGAZINE) is an item designed to protect one or more paper bound periodicals. It may be designed with rod(s), or adhesive to retain the volume(s) between the covers.
What is a Mechanical Eraser Refill? 13 Items
What is a Document Protector? 221 Items
A Document Protector (PROTECTOR,DOCUMENT) is a sheet of plastic or similar material used as a protective covering for correspondence, documents, photographs and similar items. It may have an overlap across the top, a full fold open on 3 sides, or a full fold with overlap on one side and open at each end.
What is a Reproduction Lettering Set? 160 Items
A Reproduction Lettering Set (LETTERING SET,REPRODUCTION) is an item usually consisting of a complete alphabet, numerals, and/or artwork characters, printed in black on white card stock or on transparent film, made into individual pads of letters, numerals, and/or artwork characters with one to sixteen of the characters in each pad. It is normally used to set a display head or line of copy by inserting the letters or numerals into a composing stick which is immediately ready for offset, planograph, zinc, silk-screen, blueprint, or photographic reproduction. It may include a composing stick and a carrying case. See also TITLE BOARD SET, PHOTOGRAPHIC and LETTERING SET.
What is a Silkscreen Stencil Film? 12 Items
A Silkscreen Stencil Film (FILM,STENCIL,SILKSCREEN) is a thin transparent plastic film temporarily affixed to a transparent backing sheet. Designs, letters, or figures are cut in the film for transposition to a SCREEN, SILKSCREEN PROCESS.
What is a Pastel Stick? 56 Items
A Pastel Stick is one or more sticks of one color for drawing made of true artist's dry pigments (commercially pure) and a suitable binder.
What is a Color Overlay Screen? 119 Items
A Color Overlay Screen (SCREEN,COLOR OVERLAY) is a sheet of transparent or opaque flexible material such as plastic, glassine or the like with a pressure sensitive backing, of various solid colors. It is used to overlay drawings, maps, reproductions and the like to effect shading and/or give color to same. For transparent items with precision patterns with designs of lines, dots, checks, figures, letters, and the like, see SCREEN, LINE CUT and DRY TRANSFER SHEET. Excludes PLASTIC SHEET and PLASTIC STRIP.
What is a Platen And Feed Roller Cleaning And Reconditioning Compound? 12 Items
A Platen And Feed Roller Cleaning And Reconditioning Compound (CLEANING AND RECONDITIONING COMPOUND,PLATEN AND FEED ROLLER) is a liquid preparation of nonspecific chemicals compounded primarily for cleaning and inflating platens and feed rollers of typewriters, adding machines, and the like. It may also be used on paper grippers and other rubber parts of these machines. When of a single specific chemical, use specific chemical name. Excludes CLEANING COMPOUND, SOLVENT.
What is a Signal Marker? 20 Items
A Signal Marker (MARKER,SIGNAL) is an item of various designs and colors used for coding purposes on maps, charts, file folders, record cards and for decorative purposes.
What is an Embossing Tape? 1038 Items
An Embossing Tape (TAPE,EMBOSSING) is an item of metal or plastic material, six inches (152.4 mm) or less in width, designed for use in embossing machines. It may be with or without adhesive backing.
What is a Correction Tape? 77 Items
A Correction Tape (TAPE,CORRECTION) is an item six inches (152.4 mm) or less in width having a pressure sensitive adhesive coating on one or both sides protected with a backing sheet. Used for making corrections on proof copies, and the like. Excludes PAPER, MASKING (as modified); TAPE, PRESSURE SENSITIVE ADHESIVE; and PAPER, CORRECTION.
What is an Opaque Coating Correction Fluid? 71 Items
An Opaque Coating Correction Fluid (CORRECTION FLUID,OPAQUE COATING) is a fluid used to coat writing, printing, typed copy, or artwork to effect corrections or changes. It may include a separate supply of thinner.
What is an Identification Tape? 1652 Items
An Identification Tape (TAPE,IDENTIFICATION) is a flexible item in roll form, 6 inches (152.4 millimeters) or less in width, designed to be affixed to an object by adhesion. It contains preprinted legends, symbols, designs, coding, and/or other marking. It is not perforated, notched, or otherwise designed to be cut to a predetermined length. It is not coated or impregnated with luminescent or reflecting material. For items containing perforations, notches, and the like see LABEL; and MARKER, IDENTIFICATION. Excludes TAPE, PRESSURE SENSITIVE ADHESIVE; and TAPE, SEALING, STERILIZATION INDICATOR.
What is a Dry Transfer Sheet? 132 Items
A Dry Transfer Sheet is an item of clear flexible material, such as plastic, glassine, or the like, with transferable ink designs, such as letter of the alphabet, punctuation marks, numbers, symbols, indicia, emblems, patterns, and the like. The item is treated to facilitate release of the designs from the transfer sheet and the designs are treated with adhesive to insure adherence to a surface receiving the designs. It is furnished with a backing sheet, treated so that it can be used as a re-burnishing sheet and prevent accidental transfer of letters. It is used by designers, architects, map and chart makers, draftsmen and art professionals, and students, as a graphic aid. See also SCREEN, COLOR OVERLAY and SCREEN, LINE CUT. Excludes SCREEN, HALFTONE; PLASTIC SHEET; and PLASTIC STRIP.
What is a Typing Element? 402 Items
A Typing Element is an item which prints a combination of letters, numerals and symbols by impact with a ribbon. It may be found on typewriters; printers (ADP); teletypewriters; etc. The item types include printwheels, daisy wheels, fonts (ball style), pallets, timbles; cups and the like.
What is an Inking Ribbon? 1204 Items
An Inking Ribbon (RIBBON,INKING) is an item of fabric or plastic film which prints via impact by a dot-matrix head, daisywheel or any other sort of ELEMENT, TYPING. It may be used in any machine which produces a readable output such as a typewriter, printer, adding machine or handheld device.
What is a Correction Ribbon? 16 Items
A Correction Ribbon (RIBBON,CORRECTION) is an item designed to remove or cover errors printed by a RIBBON, INKING, and usually installed in a typewriter.
What is a Nonmetallic Ruler? 128 Items
A Nonmetallic Ruler (RULER,NONMETALLIC) is a smooth edged nonmetallic strip that is marked off in units and is used for guiding a pen or the like or for measuring. Excludes SCALE (as modified) and RULE (as modified).
What is a Metallic Ruler? 90 Items
A Metallic Ruler (RULER,METALLIC) is a smooth edged metallic strip that is marked off in units and used for guiding a pencil or the like for measuring.
What is a Ribbon Reel? 38 Items
A Ribbon Reel (REEL,RIBBON) is a reel specifically designed to accommodate a RIBBON (as modified) for use on typewriters, calculating machines, teletypewriters, accounting machines, address plate machines, shorthand writing machines, printers, and the like.
What is a Toner Cartridge? 2650 Items
A Toner Cartridge (CARTRIDGE,TONER) is a replaceable cartridge that contains dry toner, used for the copying of documents in a PRINTER (as modified) or copying machine (as modified). The item may contain and house the photosensitive drum, corona wire, and the like. For toner used to refill toner reservoirs, see TONER, INDIRECT, ELECTROSTATIC PROCESSING or TONER, DIRECT, ELECTROSTATIC PROCESSING.
What is a Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Label Tape? 283 Items
A Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Label Tape (LABEL TAPE,PRESSURE SENSITIVE ADHESIVE) is a narrow item in roll form used to indicate contents, ownership, destination and the like. It may be designed for cutting or tearing into individual units of specified lengths or it may be designed for cutting to form labels of any length. It contains a printed legend or design or it is designed with a writing surface suitable for inscription. See also LABEL AND TAPE, PRESSURE SENSITIVE ADHESIVE.
What is an Eyelet Reinforcement? 24 Items
An Eyelet Reinforcement is a metallic/nonmetallic, various-shaped item, designed to reinforce the edge of a hole. It is used primarily to repair and/or strengthen holes in loose-leaf filler material(s), document)s), form(s), writing material(s), and the like. Excludes EYELET, (as modified).
What is a Cartridge Ink? 2097 Items
A Cartridge Ink (INK,CARTRIDGE) is a pigmented liquid used for printing letters or designs, for use in ink jet process, and clinical chemistry analyzers or the like that require a cartridge. Excludes INK,PRINTING.
What is a Mechanical Pencil Eraser? 14 Items
A Mechanical Pencil Eraser (ERASER,MECHANICAL PENCIL) is excludes ERASER, RUBBER.
What is a Pen Point And Feed Section? 28 Items
A Pen Point And Feed Section is an item consisting of a pen point and ink feed, assembled as a complete unit, normally used as a replacement in fountain pens, and in dip-type pens which are components of desk pen sets.
What is a Fingerprint Lifting Film? 41 Items
A Fingerprint Lifting Film (FILM,FINGERPRINT LIFTING) is a thin piece of material evenly coated on one side with a low-pressure sensitive adhesive mixture. It is specifically used to lift latent (powdered) fingerprint residue for fingerprint identification.
What is an Excess Toner Cartridge? 23 Items
An Excess Toner Cartridge (CARTRIDGE,EXCESS TONER) is an item to be used with a PRINTER (as modified) or a COPYING MACHINE (as modified). It is designed to collect or recover excess toner. Excludes CARTRIDGE, TONER.
What is a Toner Cartridge Set? 13 Items
A Toner Cartridge Set (CARTRIDGE SET,TONER) is a group of two or more CARTRIDGE, TONER. It may contain cartridges with toner of different colour.
What is an Ink Cartridge? 78 Items
An Ink Cartridge (CARTRIDGE,INK) is a replaceable cartridge that contains ink, used for the copying of documents in a PRINTER (as modified) or copying machine (as modified). Excludes INK,CARTRIDGE.
What is a Blotter Desk Pad? 34 Items
A Blotter Desk Pad (PAD,DESK,BLOTTER) is a device with corners or side panels for holding a desk blotter.
What is a Desk Tray? 350 Items
A Desk Tray (TRAY,DESK) is an item designed to be used on the top of a desk, table or the like primarily for legal or letter size matter. The item may be a single unit or tiered two or more units.
What is a Chart Holder? 52 Items
What is a Mechanical Pencil? 207 Items
A Mechanical Pencil (PENCIL,MECHANICAL) is an item for writing or other marking use in which the lead is replaceable.
What is an Arch Board File? 13 Items
An Arch Board File is an item of wood or composition board on the top of which is security mounted an arch type paper holder, with posts 2-3/4 inches (69.85 millimeters) apart.
What is a Clipboard File? 109 Items
A Clipboard File is an item of wood, metal, or composition board, on the upper end of which is securely mounted a metal spring clip for holding paper sheets. See also HOLDER, CLINICAL CHART.
What is a Marking Stencil? 1779 Items
A Marking Stencil (STENCIL,MARKING) is an item having a single character or characters, words, and/or sentences perforated in metal, stencil board or paper as a single unit, not separable. For separable characters, see STENCIL SET, MARKING.
What is a Desk Paper Perforator? 227 Items
A Desk Paper Perforator (PERFORATOR,PAPER,DESK) is excludes paper perforating machines used in bindery work.
What is a Moistener? 17 Items
A Moistener is a fountain or well type item used for applying water or other solvents for moistening tape, envelopes, labels, and the like.
What is a Hand Impression Seal? 36 Items
A Hand Impression Seal (SEAL,HAND IMPRESSION) is a device furnished with or for the insertion of an engraved metal die to impress the engraving upon a waxed surface or to emboss the engraving on a paper surface.
What is a Pencil Sharpener? 80 Items
What is an Office Paper Fastening Stapler? 454 Items
An Office Paper Fastening Stapler (STAPLER,PAPER FASTENING,OFFICE) is a plier or desk (table) item for the manual stapling of papers and the like. Excludes STAPLING MACHINE, PAPER, OFFICE and STAPLER, BOOK AND PAMPHLET.
What is a Fixed Type Rubber Stamp? 296 Items
A Fixed Type Rubber Stamp (RUBBER STAMP,FIXED TYPE) is a rubber stamp with type fixed in a die or solid base. It does not include rubber stamps with banded or mortise type.
What is a Band Type Rubber Stamp? 55 Items
A Band Type Rubber Stamp (RUBBER STAMP,BAND TYPE) is an item which may have a die plate with a fixed legend.
What is a Drop Knife Paper Trimmer? 205 Items
A Drop Knife Paper Trimmer (TRIMMER,PAPER,DROP KNIFE) is a solid bed which may or may not have guide lines; having a lever type cutting knife hinged at the top edge of the bed. See also CUTTER, PAPER.
What is a Gummed Tape Dispenser? 43 Items
A Gummed Tape Dispenser (DISPENSER,GUMMED TAPE) is an item for dispensing tape having to be water or chemical activated. See also DISPENSER, PRESSURE SENSITIVE ADHESIVE TAPE.
What is a Recording Pen? 536 Items
A Recording Pen (PEN,RECORDING) is a small device usually made of glass, plastic, or metal having a self-contained ink reservoir, and when attached to the arm of various instruments is used to mark graphs, charts, and the like.
What is a Spatula? 23 Items
A Spatula is a knife-like item having a rounded end. It is used as a hand implement for spreading and/or mixing such items as ink, paint, frosting, and/or cleaning mixing bowls in a kitchen or a bakery and the like. Do not use if a more speciific name exists, such as SPATULA, BRAIN; SPATULA, EYE; and SPATULA,DENTAL.
What is a Slide Rule? 54 Items
A Slide Rule is a device having several standard scales for performing arithmetical, algebraical, and trigonometrical calculations by mechanical means.
What is a Cash Box? 64 Items
A Cash Box (BOX,CASH) is a metal box with a lock. It may have specifically designed scooped compartments for keeping coins, stamps, and the like and may contain additional compartment(s) for the safekeeping of currency, bonds, and similar valuables.
What is a Hand Inking Roller? 19 Items
A Hand Inking Roller (INKING ROLLER,HAND) is an item consisting of a roller and a handle. It is used to apply ink evenly over surfaces. For replacement of the roller portion, see ROLLER, HAND INKING ROLLER.
What is a Duplicating Stencil Stylus? 27 Items
A Duplicating Stencil Stylus (STYLUS,DUPLICATING STENCIL) is a small hand instrument, with marking device on one or both ends, specifically designed for tracing, writing, or making other impressions on duplicating stencils. Excludes STYLUS, SOUND RECORDING; and STYLUS, SOUND REPRODUCING.
What is an Artist's Airbrush? 18 Items
An Artist's Airbrush (AIRBRUSH,ARTIST'S) is a pen or pencil shaped device, equipped with a small cup or bottle type reservoir, and used for applying paint by air pressure. Excludes SPRAY GUN, PAINT.
What is a Plotting Marker? 50 Items
A Plotting Marker (MARKER,PLOTTING) is a device of various sizes, materials, and shapes such as a number, letter, sign, character or a combination of these, used to indicate certain conditions at various locations on maps, plotting boards, charts, diagrams, and the like.
What is a Hand Paper Punch? 61 Items
A Hand Paper Punch (PUNCH,PAPER,HAND) is a plier type device for punching single holes in paper, motion picture film, and the like. Excludes PERFORATOR, PAPER, DESK. See also PUNCH, EYELET, PLIER TYPE; PUNCH, CUTTING, REVOLVING HEAD; and PUNCH, EMBOSSING, MOTION PICTURE FILM.
What is a Technical Order File Case? 10 Items
A Technical Order File Case (CASE,TECHNICAL ORDER FILE) is a device designed for holding and shipping technical orders, manuals, and the like.
What is a Fingerprint Identification Kit? 36 Items
A Fingerprint Identification Kit is an item consisting of a fingerprint pad and tube(s) and/or bottle(s) of INK, FINGERPRINT; it may or may not contain instructions, and is packed in a fitted case. It may also contain other items, such as an ink roller, ink slab, analytical gray latent powder, fixing brown latent powder, brushes, scissors, magnifying glass, and other items necessary for use in fingerprint identification.
What is a Marking Stencil Set? 362 Items
A Marking Stencil Set (STENCIL SET,MARKING) is a series of single letters, numerals, and/or symbols, perforated in metal, stencil board or paper. They may or may not have means for attaching together to form words or sentences. See also STENCIL, MARKING.
What is a Straight Trimmers Shears? 81 Items
A Straight Trimmers Shears (SHEARS,STRAIGHT TRIMMERS) is shears with two sharp pointed blades or with one sharp pointed blade and one round pointed blade. The item has one ring shaped grip, designed for a single finger, and one loop shaped grip, designed for two or more fingers. The point of contact of the finger grips is on the longitudinal axis. Excludes SHEARS, TAILOR'S.
What is a Carbon Copy Writing Plate? 10 Items
A Carbon Copy Writing Plate (PLATE,CARBON COPY WRITING) is an item used as a backing to provide a hard surface for writing on thin or tissue type paper, such as train orders and the like.
What is a Fixed And Removable Type Rubber Stamp? 19 Items
A Fixed And Removable Type Rubber Stamp (RUBBER STAMP,FIXED AND REMOVABLE TYPE) is an item having a die plate fixed rubber type legend or design and mortise(s) for insertion of removable rubber type such as dates or numerals. See also RUBBER STAMP, FIXED TYPE. Excludes stamps with bands.
What is a Desk Distributor Rack? 160 Items
A Desk Distributor Rack (RACK,DISTRIBUTOR,DESK) is an open top item having a base which may be formed of separate sections, or of one piece as required by the style of construction, having in general, vertical partitions and end pieces forming compartments. The compartment(s) may or may not have closed back(s). It does not cover items having hinged partitions. It is used as a filing and/or sorting medium for checks, letters, books, documents, and the like. See also CASE, MAIL DISTRIBUTION.
What is a Pencil Lead Repointer? 13 Items
A Pencil Lead Repointer (LEAD REPOINTER,PENCIL) is a device consisting of a replaceable knifelike blade or an abrasive liner inserted in a holder. It is used for pointing up the lead in a draftsman's pencil. Excludes PENCIL POINTER.
What is an Office Paper Stapling Machine? 58 Items
An Office Paper Stapling Machine (STAPLING MACHINE,PAPER,OFFICE) is a desk or table item for the automatic stapling of papers and the like. Excludes STAPLER, PAPER FASTENING, OFFICE and STAPLER, BOOK AND PAMPHLET.
What is a Rubber Type Printing Set? 20 Items
A Rubber Type Printing Set (PRINTING SET,RUBBER TYPE) is a set of rubber type letters, numerals, and/or other characters for mounting in a holder in various combinations to make a rubber stamp. Set may include holder(s), handle, tweezer, stamp pad or other accessories. Excludes LETTER AND NUMERAL SET, SIGN and RUBBERTYPE SET, PENCIL DATER.
What is a Book Ends? 45 Items
A Book Ends is a pair of items having a base and an upright support. Used to hold books and/or folios in an upright position on a desk, shelves or the like.
What is a Desk Pen Set? 27 Items
A Desk Pen Set (PEN SET,DESK) is an item consisting of a PEN(s), FOUNTAIN or PEN(s), BALL-POINT and a base with socket(s) or a dip type pen(s) and ink reservoir(s). The base socket(s) and ink reservoir opening(s) are designed to hold the pen(s) for ready use.
What is a Filing Shelf? 11 Items
A Filing Shelf (SHELF,FILING) is a board with a hooklike device for hanging from a file drawer pull. It may have a clip to hold papers.
What is a Pen And Pencil Tray? 53 Items
A Pen And Pencil Tray (TRAY,PEN AND PENCIL) is a shallow container usually made of glass and rectangular in shape, to be used for holding pens and pencils.
What is a Fixed Type Rubber Stamp Set? 10 Items
A Fixed Type Rubber Stamp Set (RUBBER STAMP SET,FIXED TYPE) is a group of rubber stamps with type fixed in a solid base. It may include a stamp pad or ink.
What is a Maintenance And Operational Manuals Case? 28 Items
A Maintenance And Operational Manuals Case (CASE,MAINTENANCE AND OPERATIONAL MANUALS) is a case specifically designed to hold, in fixed positions, technical maintenance literature, charts, books, or pamphlets pertaining to the operation of equipment. It is usually of fabric construction and is furnished with applicable equipment.
What is a Transfer Filing Case? 27 Items
A Transfer Filing Case (CASE,FILING,TRANSFER) is an item generally used for the transfer and/or storage of inactive records, documents, letters, file cards, and the like. Excludes BOX, FILING.
What is a Work Organizer File? 91 Items
A Work Organizer File (FILE,WORK ORGANIZER) is an expanding item having ten or more indexed separator pages or bellows-type compartments. The pages or compartments may have printed alphabetical and/or numerical index tabs, or blank metal tabs. It is used for sorting, follow-up, tickler, and the like.
What is a Desk Horizontal File? 43 Items
A Desk Horizontal File (FILE,HORIZONTAL,DESK) is an item with a closed back and base having multiple stacked horizontal legal or letter size trays. It may have holes for wall mounting. It is used as a flat filing and/or sorting medium for correspondence, pamphlets, forms, papers, and the like. See also RACK, DISTRIBUTOR, DESK.
What is a Telephone Receiver Holder? 18 Items
A Telephone Receiver Holder (HOLDER,TELEPHONE RECEIVER) is an item designed to be attached to a telephone receiver. It permits the receiver to be balanced on the shoulder, leaving hands free for writing.
What is a File Drawer Frame? 22 Items
A File Drawer Frame (FRAME,FILE DRAWER) is a metal frame designed to support hanging type file folders in filing cabinet and desk file drawers.
What is a Tube Type Marker? 1634 Items
A Tube Type Marker (MARKER,TUBE TYPE) is an item which is used for writing, drawing, and freehand marking on various types of material. It may be initially filled with ink and may be designed to be refilled. The marking tips are of varying shapes and materials and the inks are of varying colors and types. Excludes BALL POINT PEN; MARKER ASSORTMENT, TUBE TYPE; and PEN, PLASTIC TIP.
What is a Filing Box? 351 Items
A Filing Box (BOX,FILING) is a rigid box usually rectangular in shape. It may have a compression device and/or indexing separators. It is designed to maintain cards, letters, papers and the like in an orderly arrangement.
What is a Document Box? 106 Items
A Document Box (BOX,DOCUMENT) is a metal box having a lid. It may have lock(s), carrying handle(s), and either single or multiple compartment(s). Excludes BOX (3), CASH.
What is a Pen And Pencil Cup? 54 Items
A Pen And Pencil Cup (CUP,PEN AND PENCIL) is a container usually round and used for holding pens and/or pencils.
What is a Desk Accessory Set? 193 Items
What is a Tube Type Marker Assortment? 204 Items
A Tube Type Marker Assortment (MARKER ASSORTMENT,TUBE TYPE) is an assortment of differently colored tube type markers grouped together in a case. These items are used for writing, drawing, and freehand marking on various types of material, and may be designed to be refilled Excludes MARKER, TUBE TYPE.
What is a Plastic Tip Pen? 131 Items
A Plastic Tip Pen (PEN,PLASTIC TIP) is a writing instrument having a hard point. It may be disposable. Excludes PEN, BALL-POINT and MARKER, TUBE TYPE.
What is a Ball-Point Pen? 1152 Items
A Ball-Point Pen (PEN,BALL-POINT) is an item having a rotating ball writing media integral with a factory filled semiliquid ink cartridge.
What is a Fountain Pen? 38 Items
A Fountain Pen (PEN,FOUNTAIN) is a unit consisting of a pen point and pen holder with a self-contained reservoir in the barrel for holding and furnishing a supply of ink. It is used for handwriting, drawing, and the like. See also PEN, BALL-POINT and MARKER, TUBE TYPE.
What is a Calendar Planning Chart? 30 Items
A Calendar Planning Chart (CHART,CALENDAR PLANNING) is an item which may have a magnetic or erasable surface. It usually has a calendar or lines for displaying a schedule or status of personnel. See also CONTROL BOARD, VISIBLE INDEX TYPE; and BULLETIN BOARD. Excludes CALENDAR, WALL.
What is a Recorder Pen Assortment? 54 Items
A Recorder Pen Assortment (PEN ASSORTMENT,RECORDER) is a collection of several PEN, RECORDER packed in a single unit package and producing different line widths. They may have different colors.
What is a Desk Top File And Document Holder? 27 Items
A Desk Top File And Document Holder (HOLDER,FILE AND DOCUMENT,DESK TOP) is a freestanding multi-purpose item designed to hold letter and legal size files or documents in a vertical position, which may have compartments.
What is a Bookrest? 23 Items
A Bookrest is an item designed to support books, magazines, documents and the like, to facilitate viewing and reading. It may have devices for varying the angle of support and to hold the document open at a selected place.
What is an Instructional Pointer? 62 Items
An Instructional Pointer (POINTER,INSTRUCTIONAL) is a device designed to direct attention to a specific item during instruction, lectures, classes, demonstrations and the like. Can be a pen shaped item through which light is projected in the shape of a spot, beam, circle, arrow or the like. Can also be a plain rod or wand without the light source.
What is a Facsimile Recording Paper? 261 Items
A Facsimile Recording Paper (PAPER,RECORDING,FACSIMILE) is a thin, flexible, sensitized material in roll or sheet form, which is designed to receive images, such as news pictures, weather maps, and the like, transmitted electronically from a distance by a facsimile process. This material shall not reflect preprinted grids or other charting data. Excludes CHART, RECORDING INSTRUMENT.
What is a Parchment Paper? 79 Items
A Parchment Paper (PAPER,PARCHMENT) is a parchment-like paper made from cotton fiber and/or chemical wood pulps. Excludes PAPER, WRAPPING, VEGETABLE PARCHMENT and TAPE, PARCHMENT PAPER.
What is a Copy Duplicating Paper? 199 Items
A Copy Duplicating Paper (PAPER,DUPLICATING,COPY) is a paper designed for a particular process of reproducing one or more copies from the original.
What is a Drawing Paper? 106 Items
A Drawing Paper (PAPER,DRAWING) is a paper generally made from chemical wood pulps, cotton fiber pulp, or mixtures of these, It has a good writing surface, good erasability, and a dull or low finish. Excludes PAPER, TRACING; and PAPER, GRAPH.
What is a Drawing Paperboard? 85 Items
A Drawing Paperboard (PAPERBOARD,DRAWING) is a paper product where stiffness is an important characteristic. A good writing surface and erasability are desirable.
What is a Master Duplicating Paper? 22 Items
A Master Duplicating Paper (PAPER,DUPLICATING,MASTER) is paper designed for use as a master in a particular process of reproducing one or more copies from the original. See also PAPER, SET, DUPLICATING, MASTER.
What is a Label? 2655 Items
A Label is a flexible item designed to be affixed to an object by adhesion or sewing to indicate contents, destination, or other similar identification. It may be blank with a surface designed for marking, preprinted, or have data woven into it. May be in roll form if perforations or markings are provided for detaching items of a specific length, or if separate labels are affixed to a continuous roll of backing material. Excludes MARKER, IDENTIFICATION; PLATE, IDENTIFICATION; TAPE IDENTIFICATION; and TAPE, PRESSURE SENSITIVE ADHESIVE.
What is a Writing Paper Pad? 553 Items
A Writing Paper Pad (PAD,WRITING PAPER) is excludes FORM, PRINTED.
What is a Wallet Envelope? 171 Items
A Wallet Envelope (ENVELOPE,WALLET) is an envelope having one or more compartments closed on three sides. It may have a flap.
What is a File Guide Card Set? 147 Items
A File Guide Card Set (CARD SET,GUIDE,FILE) is a set consisting of two or more cards having tabbed edges to facilitate reference. The set may have a variation of printed data on the tabs or may have unprinted tabs, with different tab position cuts. See also CARD, GUIDE, FILE. Excludes all printed forms.
What is a Stenographer's Notebook? 62 Items
A Stenographer's Notebook (NOTEBOOK,STENOGRAPHER'S) is an end opening item, usually 4 inches by 8 inches (101.6 millimeters by 203.2 millimeters) or 6 inches by 9 inches (152.4 millimeters by 228.6 millimeters), having horizontal ruling both sides of sheets. It may have a vertical line or marginal line.
What is a Blotting Paper? 39 Items
A Blotting Paper (PAPER,BLOTTING) is an absorbent, spongy paper made from cotton fiber, chemical or mechanical wood pulp or mixtures of these. The paper is porous, bulky, of low finish and possesses little strength.
What is a File Folder? 1198 Items
A File Folder (FOLDER,FILE) is a filing device having two or three sides open. It may be made of paper, plastic, or other suitable material.
What is a Computing Machine Paper Tape? 165 Items
A Computing Machine Paper Tape (TAPE,PAPER,COMPUTING MACHINE) is a paper tape in continuous flat fold or roll form for ink-ribbon imprinting. Excludes PAPER, SHORTHAND MACHINE; TAPE, TELETYPEWRITER, PERFORATOR; TAPE, TELETYPEWRITER, RECORDER.
What is a Ruled Loose-Leaf Paper? 52 Items
A Ruled Loose-Leaf Paper (PAPER,LOOSE-LEAF,RULED) is a horizontal ruled item, ruled both sides, and used for general writing. It may contain vertical marginal ruling(s). Excludes PAPER, GRAPH. See also PAPER, BOND.
What is a Messenger Service Envelope? 57 Items
A Messenger Service Envelope (ENVELOPE,MESSENGER SERVICE) is a reusable envelope normally used for transporting papers by messenger.
What is a Duplicating Machine Carbon Paper? 11 Items
What is an Index Card? 291 Items
An Index Card (CARD,INDEX) is a plain or lined card without a tabbed edge, generally used as a file card and/or an index card, either as is, or by cutting to size for mounting on the face of an address plate or the like. Excludes all printed forms.
What is a Memorandum Book? 259 Items
A Memorandum Book (BOOK,MEMORANDUM) is a collection of two or more sheets permanently bound between covers and designed for the recording of written information. The sheets may be horizontally ruled and they may have a vertical margin line on the left hand of each page. The item may be indexed in part or throughout. See also BOOK, RECORD.
What is a Mailing Envelope? 1323 Items
A Mailing Envelope (ENVELOPE,MAILING) is an envelope, usually made of a paper product. The face may be plain or preprinted with or without an open or glassine address window. The closure may be a gummed flap or a button and string fastener. When required a smaller envelope may be glued on the right face of the larger envelope. The interior may have a printed opaquing design and/or contain chipboard insert(s). It is designed for mailing correspondence/letters; records, or exposed and developed radiographic film. Excludes ENVELOPE, PHOTOGRAPHIC NEGATIVE; ENVELOPE, RADIOGRAPHIC FILM MOUNT, DENTAL; and ENVELOPE, TRANSPARENT.
What is a Perforator Teletypewriter Tape? 112 Items
A Perforator Teletypewriter Tape (TAPE,TELETYPEWRITER,PERFORATOR) is an oiled paper tape or unoiled parchment paper tape in roll or flat form, 6 inches (152.4 mm) or less in width. It is used in automatic teletype apparatus where various combinations of punches operate simultaneously, perforating holes in the tape to correspond to teletype signals.
What is a Printed Form? 24432 Items
A Printed Form (FORM,PRINTED) is a printed or typed sheet form document with blank space or spaces for insertion of specific information. Excludes CARD, TABULATING, ELECTRIC ACCOUNTING MACHINE; PAPER, TABULATING MACHINE, CONTINUOUS FLAT FOLD; PAPER, GRAPH; INDICATING SLIP, DICTATING MACHINE; ENVELOPE (as modified); LABEL; CHART (as modified) and TAG (as modified).
What is a File Guide Card? 71 Items
A File Guide Card (CARD,GUIDE,FILE) is a single card with a tabbed edge to facilitate reference. The tab shall be of one position cut only; it may have like printing on tab only. See also CARD SET, GUIDE, FILE. Excludes all printed forms.
What is a Photographic Negative Envelope? 72 Items
A Photographic Negative Envelope (ENVELOPE,PHOTOGRAPHIC NEGATIVE) is an envelope, made of either an opaque or transparent material, of the open end type construction with finger cutout. It may have a preprinted legend, lines, or markings on its face. It is generally used to protect photographic negatives and/or positives during handling, filing, and storage. For items specifically designed for mailing, see ENVELOPE, MAILING. Excludes ENVELOPE, TRANSPARENT.
What is a Play Construction Paper? 16 Items
A Play Construction Paper (PAPER,PLAY CONSTRUCTION) is a heavy groundwood paper, commonly known as "colored school paper," produced in a wide variety of colors. It is primarily used for children's handicraft, art schools and inexpensive mountings.
What is a Sign Paper? 11 Items
A Sign Paper (PAPER,SIGN) is an item generally made of bleached wood pulp, commonly known as "poster paper," whose surface is sized or treated to enhance the significant properties required for its use in signs and poster work.
What is a Mimeograph Paper? 39 Items
A Mimeograph Paper (PAPER,MIMEOGRAPH) is paper used for making copies on a stencil type duplicating machine.
What is a Tracing Paper? 241 Items
A Tracing Paper (PAPER,TRACING) is a translucent sheet, or a bond or manifold sheet chemically treated or oiled to increase transparency. It is made from cotton fiber and/or chemically treated wood pulps.
What is a Field Message Envelope? 21 Items
A Field Message Envelope (ENVELOPE,FIELD MESSAGE) is an envelope used in the field for the transporting of messages. It is not reusable. Excludes ENVELOPE, MESSENGER SERVICE.
What is a Record Book? 968 Items
A Record Book (BOOK,RECORD) is a collection of two or more sheets permanently bound between covers designed for recording data and information such as accounting records, etc. The sheets are ruled both vertically and horizontally. Does not include BOOK, ENGINEER'S FIELD.
What is an Administrative Printed Form Set? 97 Items
An Administrative Printed Form Set (FORM SET,PRINTED,ADMINISTRATIVE) is a group of technical printed forms, such as honorable discharge forms, leave record forms, and the like authorized for administrative use.
What is a Disbursing Printed Form Set? 13 Items
A Disbursing Printed Form Set (FORM SET,PRINTED,DISBURSING) is a group of technical printed forms, such as voucher forms, payroll money list forms, and the like, authorized for disbursing use.
What is a Supply Printed Form Set? 35 Items
A Supply Printed Form Set (FORM SET,PRINTED,SUPPLY) is a group of printed forms, such as requisition forms, ammunition performance forms, stock record card forms, and the like, authorized for supply use.
What is a Communication Center Stationery Set? 14 Items
A Communication Center Stationery Set (STATIONERY SET,COMMUNICATION CENTER) is a group of items such as carbon paper, writing paper, ink, envelopes, dating stamps, pencils, erasers and the like authorized for use in a communication center.
What is a Bond Paper? 548 Items
A Bond Paper (PAPER,BOND) is paper commonly used for business letters and stationery.
What is a Manifold Paper? 95 Items
A Manifold Paper (PAPER,MANIFOLD) is a lightweight, low bulk, low opacity paper used for letterpress and offset printing of multiforms and for typing multiple copies of correspondence.
What is a Writing Paper? 308 Items
A Writing Paper (PAPER,WRITING) is a paper suitable for pen and ink, pencil, typewriter, or printing. It is made in a wide range of qualities from chemical and mechanical wood and cotton fiber pulp, or mixtures of cotton fiber and chemical pulp or chemical and mechanical pulp. Excludes PAPER, BOND.
What is a Plotting Sheet? 16 Items
A Plotting Sheet is an item having lines forming rectangular grids printed on one side. The grid lines are approximately parallel with and extending to the edges of the sheet, and are approximately centered thereon. It is used in graphical determination of artillery ranges and deflection angles to targets from plotted gun position. Excludes PLOTTING GRID, TARGET.
What is a File Folder Set? 43 Items
A File Folder Set (FOLDER SET,FILE) is a set of two or more FOLDER, FILE having like tab cuts, one in each position.
What is a Recording Instrument Chart? 1034 Items
A Recording Instrument Chart (CHART,RECORDING INSTRUMENT) is an item designed to receive information interpreted by a recording instrument utilizing ink, pressure, electrical/electronic or thermal processes. It may be furnished in various forms, such as roll or disk. Excludes PAPER, RECORDING FACSIMILE and PAPER, GRAPH.
What is a Wallet Filing Jacket? 183 Items
A Wallet Filing Jacket (JACKET,FILING,WALLET) is an item closed on three sides and used as a filing device. See also FOLDER, FILE.
What is a Charge Out Card? 14 Items
A Charge Out Card (CARD,CHARGE OUT) is an item usually rectangular in shape, having a tab. It may have "OUT" printed thereon. It may be ruled (printed) or have a pocket for use to indicate data on item(s) removed from file. Excludes CARD, GUIDE, FILE and TAB, SIGNAL.
What is a Continuous Flat Fold Tabulating Machine Paper? 499 Items
A Continuous Flat Fold Tabulating Machine Paper (PAPER,TABULATING MACHINE,CONTINUOUS FLAT FOLD) is a continuous flat fold sprocket feed paper item 6 inches (152.4 mm) or over wide, for use on a tabulating machine. It is perforated at the folds. It may be composed of one sheet (one part) or more than one sheet (two parts, three parts, etc.) interleaved with one time carbon paper and may have imprinted column headings and/or form title. It may have one or more parts (sheets) gummed on one side. See also PAPER, TABULATING MACHINE, SHEET. Excludes PAPER, TELETYPEWRITER, CONTINUOUS FLAT FOLD.
What is a Continuous Flat Fold Teletypewriter Paper? 70 Items
A Continuous Flat Fold Teletypewriter Paper (PAPER,TELETYPEWRITER,CONTINUOUS FLAT FOLD) is a continuous flat fold sprocket feed paper item, for use on teletypewriter machines. It may be one or more forms per fold, usually assembled in five part folds of assorted colors, and interleaved with one time carbon paper sheets. See also PAPER, TABULATING MACHINE, CONTINUOUS FLAT FOLD.
What is a Roll Teletypewriter Paper? 317 Items
A Roll Teletypewriter Paper (PAPER,TELETYPEWRITER,ROLL) is a paper item in roll form over 6 inches (152.4 mm) in width, used in teletypewriter machines. It may be a single copy sheet or two or more sheet parts (multicopy), either interleaved with carbon paper or auto-copy. It may be gumed on one side and have sprocket feed holes on both edges. Excludes TAPE, TELETYPEWRITER, PERFORATED. See also TAPE, TELETYPEWRITER, RECORDER.
What is a Recorder Teletypewriter Tape? 46 Items
A Recorder Teletypewriter Tape (TAPE,TELETYPEWRITER,RECORDER) is a paper type item in roll form, 6 inches (152.4 mm) or less in width, used on teletypewriter machines with typewriter ribbon ink or recorder ink, for the recording of messages. It may be a single copy sheet, gummed or ungummed, or it shall consist of two (multicopy) layer copy sheets, gummed, and separated by a sheet of carbon paper.
What is a Sheet Tabulating Machine Paper? 13 Items
A Sheet Tabulating Machine Paper (PAPER,TABULATING MACHINE,SHEET) is a single set of sprocket fed paper over 8-1/2 inches wide, composed of two or more sheets (two or more parts) interleaved with one time carbon paper. It may have imprinted column headings and/or form title. See also PAPER, TABULATING MACHINE, CONTINUOUS FLAT FOLD.
What is an Appointment Book? 296 Items
An Appointment Book (BOOK,APPOINTMENT) is a bound or loose-leaf book designed for the purpose of recording or registering daily appointments. Each appointment recording sheet may have a printed legend at the top stating the day and month and may be ruled for time intervals of hour, half hour or quarter hour intervals or the like.
What is a Multiple Copy Autographic Machine Carbon Paper? 38 Items
What is a Thermographic Process Copying Film? 116 Items
A Thermographic Process Copying Film (FILM,COPYING,THERMOGRAPHIC PROCESS) is a plastic sheet with a built-in sensitivity used to reproduce copy when exposed to heat and light radiations. It is designed for use with a COPYING MACHINE, THERMOGRAPHIC PROCESS. Excludes FILM, PHOTOGRAPHIC.
What is a Direct Electrostatic Process Copying Paper? 102 Items
A Direct Electrostatic Process Copying Paper (PAPER,COPYING,DIRECT ELECTROSTATIC PROCESS) is a coated paper which, when negatively or positively charged, developed with a toner or liquid containing an opposite charge, and thermally fused or passed through a solution and a dryer, reproduces copy of an original.
What is a Thermographic Process Copying Paper? 251 Items
A Thermographic Process Copying Paper (PAPER,COPYING,THERMOGRAPHIC PROCESS) is a heat-sensitive paper which, when placed in contact with an original and intensely irradiated with infrared rich radiation, reproduces a copy of the original.
What is a Data Recording Magnetic Card? 498 Items
A Data Recording Magnetic Card (CARD,MAGNETIC,DATA RECORDING) is a single plastic film magnetic card used for digital recording and reproducing of data on automatic typewriters and on similar magnetic card transports and recording methods. The card may or may not have writable surface area for handwritten identification. May or may not have a diagonal corner cut. Excludes: CARD, TABULATING, ELECTRIC ACCOUNTING MACHINE.
What is an Eam Tabulating Card? 82 Items
An Eam Tabulating Card (CARD,TABULATING,EAM) is a card on which data are entered by use of punched holes or other means which can be collated, listed, sorted, totaled, or otherwise manipulated by an electric accounting machine. Includes cards with a rectangular hole designed for mounting microfilm. The film may or may not be included.
What is a Xerographic Process Copying Paper? 595 Items
A Xerographic Process Copying Paper (PAPER,COPYING,XEROGRAPHIC PROCESS) is a light-sensitive paper using a non-chemical photographic process for reproduction. Light discharges a charged dielectric surface which is dusted with a dielectric powder which adheres to the charged areas rendering the image visible.
What is a Transparency Mount? 23 Items
A Transparency Mount (MOUNT,TRANSPARENCY) is an item with an aperture designed for mounting visuals used for overhead projectors. Excludes MOUNT, FILM SLIDE, PHOTOGRAPHIC and PAPERBOARD, MOUNTING.
What is a Xerographic Process Copying Film? 141 Items
A Xerographic Process Copying Film (FILM,COPYING,XEROGRAPHIC PROCESS) is a flexible, sensitized, plastic sheet which may be used in plain paper copiers and for visuals in overhead projectors. Excludes FILM, COPYING, THERMOGRAPHIC PROCESS and FILM, PHOTOGRAPHIC, PROCESSED.
What is a Carbonless Imaging Paper? 36 Items
A Carbonless Imaging Paper (PAPER,CARBONLESS IMAGING) is an item chemically treated to receive or transfer an image, when pressure is applied by a writing instrument, typewriter, raised surface, or the like. It may be designed for single and/or multiple copy forms.
What is a Hanging File Folder? 185 Items
A Hanging File Folder (FOLDER,FILE,HANGING) is an item with one or more hooks for hanging in a file. Usually made of plastic, it is designed to hold loose documents.
What is a Translucent Envelope? 12 Items
A Translucent Envelope (ENVELOPE,TRANSLUCENT) is an item made from plastic or glassine material, usually of the open end type construction, with a self-sealing flap. Intended for use on miscellaneous objects which normally present wrapping problems. Contents require no labeling since identification can be made visually through the packet. Excludes ENVELOPE, TRANSPARENT.
What is a Flight Progress Strips? 14 Items
A Flight Progress Strips (STRIPS,FLIGHT PROGRESS) is a continuous strip of marginally punched pin-feed flight progress strips used by the FAA to record vital flight data used directly for air traffic control and flying safety.
Stock Items with Pictures
Stock Items for FSG 75
7510-14-470-8688     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7510-14-442-4019     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7510-14-513-6955     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7540-25-131-9697     TINGINGS-/ORDREJOUR
7520-15-236-3384     PORTAMINE/PENNA
7510-15-214-5286     NASTRI PER DAT 20/4
7510-14-540-0585     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7510-14-462-4979     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7510-27-017-6314     CILT/KAPAK, GECMELI
7510-14-533-8219     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7510-34-037-5573     3M 845/3"SCOTCH BOO
7510-14-446-0500     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7510-14-294-8913     ATTACHE/PINCE,DOCUM
7510-14-431-4255     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7510-14-540-0598     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7510-14-540-0584     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7510-14-437-4104     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7510-14-482-7116     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7510-14-540-0583     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7510-14-446-0530     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7520-27-043-9672     CILT MAKINASI, TEL/
7520-15-169-6479     LAVAGNA P/BL.
7510-14-294-8934     ATTACHE/PINCE,DOCUM
7520-15-169-5172     CARTELLA P/DOC.
7510-14-534-9629     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7520-15-169-6106     PENNA C/BASE
7510-37-557-0142     TONER/DRUM
7540-25-132-0423     NAVN/ADRESSE ENDRIN
7540-25-132-0716     KONVOLUTT (U/VINDU)
7510-14-540-0579     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7510-14-294-8911     ATTACHE/PINCE,DOCUM
7510-14-525-9057     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7530-15-215-3668     POUCHETTE A/4 250 M
7510-14-329-4074     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7510-34-037-8193     3M 558NS/ELF POST-I
7510-14-422-8684     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7510-14-540-0588     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7540-25-132-0421     NYBEST. - TELEFON/T
7510-14-486-4004     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7510-14-467-8171     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7510-14-475-3616     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7510-14-454-3268     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7510-14-536-6524     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7510-14-249-8275     ATTACHE/PINCE,DOCUM
7510-14-448-8898     RUBAN,ENCREUR/IMPRI
7510-27-046-5972     CILT/KAPAK, GECMELI
7540-25-132-0657     OVERSENDING/NOTAT
7540-25-131-8808     KARTOTEK/LINJE/KANA
7540-25-132-0954     OPPSIGELSE/ANNULERI
7510-14-477-1808     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7520-15-219-8443     PORTARIVISTE/PORTAD
7510-15-182-7082     EPSON 5900/5900L
7510-14-543-8882     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7510-17-108-1854     GRAVEERPEN,V/MERKKO
7510-14-456-5243     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7510-14-340-4826     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7510-14-422-3836     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7510-14-482-3911     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7510-14-536-0280     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7510-14-413-0578     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7510-14-459-0867     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7510-19-001-6048     GRAMPO 26/6 P/GRAMP
7510-14-343-9215     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7510-15-174-7510     NAS. MARKEM ADES 1/
7510-14-340-8103     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7530-37-555-6036     M/E OP PLATE(1)
7510-15-174-7509     NAS. MARKEM ADES 1/
7510-14-369-5234     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7520-15-161-0739     BRACCIO P/MON.
7510-14-383-8603     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7510-14-439-6567     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7510-14-435-2370     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7510-14-533-0608     ATTACHE/PINCE,DOCUM
7510-15-186-3577     FALDONI C/LEGACCI D
7510-14-468-4540     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7510-27-038-6498     CILT/KAPAK, GECMELI
7510-14-460-2330     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7510-14-479-7392     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7510-14-540-0594     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7520-15-160-6797     CARTELLA P/DOC
7510-14-537-3816     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7510-14-254-0382     ATTACHE/PINCE,DOCUM
7520-15-169-7584     CASS.P/STAMP.
7510-15-125-6256     INCHIOSTRO NERO RF/
7510-14-540-0596     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7520-15-191-3643     SCHEDA SVGA VIDEO7/
7510-14-416-6166     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7510-14-545-1578     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7510-34-037-2579     FUSER KIT /220
7510-27-016-5319     CILT/KAPAK, GECMELI
7510-14-254-0383     ATTACHE/PINCE,DOCUM
7510-37-557-0692     STYLUS-660H BLACK/W
7510-14-544-8465     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7540-25-138-6877     KONVOLUTT M/VINDU
7510-14-426-1839     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7510-14-351-7508     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7540-25-131-9696     TINGINGS-/ORDREJOUR
7540-25-132-0442     INNTELEKSERT/KREDIT
7540-25-132-1325     MELDING PERMISJON/G
7520-25-142-6172     ORDREBRETT M/KLE
7510-15-185-1696     CARTUCCIA B/N
7510-14-453-3598     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7510-14-484-8360     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7510-14-408-3737     RUBAN,ENCREUR/IMPRI
7510-14-555-5699     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7510-14-371-7214     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7520-15-160-8880     LAVAGNA P/BL.
7510-14-419-9919     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7510-15-231-3759     NASTRO NERO/ROSSO,
7510-14-535-3130     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7510-14-446-0527     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7520-15-160-0400     CARTELLA S/PL
7510-14-442-2166     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7510-27-027-5324     CILT/KAPAK, GECMELI
7510-34-037-6043     PAPER - 76MM H/W PA
7540-25-147-1832     RETUR/REPARASJONSRA
7510-14-446-5356     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7510-34-037-6270     3M 558NL/CAT P
7530-15-215-3666     POUCHETTE A/3 125MC
7530-37-555-6037     M/E OP PLATE(2)
7510-14-540-0578     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7510-15-221-8760     FARGO FULL COLOR/YM
7510-14-423-2366     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7510-14-444-4940     ATTACHE/PINCE,DOCUM
7510-14-553-3000     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7510-14-360-2412     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7510-14-356-3564     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7510-14-332-4711     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7510-14-346-1110     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7510-14-555-5823     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7510-14-446-0499     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7510-14-446-0528     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7540-25-131-8472     RETTING/EKSTRAOPPFO
7520-15-186-3487     SALDATRICE/PLASTIFI
7510-34-037-5026     GAM/GLUE
7540-25-131-9828     PERIODISK TILSYN/DR
7540-25-131-9788     FOELGESEDDEL/PAKKSE
7540-25-131-8418     BUD/DROSJEJOURNAL
7510-27-040-6792     CILT/KAPAK, GECMELI
7510-27-029-6169     CILT/KAPAK, GECMELI
7510-14-446-0523     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7510-14-346-1108     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7510-14-470-4448     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7510-14-346-1109     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7540-25-132-0420     FLYTTING/OMKOPLING
7540-25-131-8770     TELEKS/TELETEXKATAL
7510-14-429-3732     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7510-17-108-1857     UV-PEN,V/MERKKOFFER
7510-14-346-1107     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7510-14-418-9720     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7510-14-340-8100     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7510-14-480-0431     ATTACHE/PINCE,DOCUM
7510-14-540-0603     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7510-14-379-4128     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7510-14-286-7127     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7510-17-108-1855     MARKER,DIK,V/MERKKO
7540-25-131-8410     OPPARBEIDD/AVSPASER
7510-14-352-4872     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7510-14-424-7038     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7510-27-017-6313     CILT/KAPAK, GECMELI
7540-25-146-8332     FAKTUR BANK/POSTGIR
7540-25-133-3021     SOEKNAD PAA KURS/KO
7540-25-142-4607     FAKTURA M/POSTGIRO
7510-14-514-9596     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7510-34-037-4837     COMB 9/16 PITC
7520-15-207-4768     PERFORATRICE/RILEGA
7510-14-451-5031     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7510-14-435-1030     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7540-25-131-9210     TINGING/ORDRE-TELEF
7520-15-169-5177     CARTELLA P/DOC
7510-14-455-9928     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7510-14-524-8313     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7510-14-460-4939     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7510-27-049-2644     CILT/KAPAK, GECMELI
7510-27-049-2642     CILT/KAPAK, GECMELI
7510-27-027-5327     CILT/KAPAK, GECMELI
7510-14-292-0623     ATTACHE/PINCE,DOCUM
7510-34-037-4564     3M CC1210B/DSIP SCO
7520-15-195-0091     PUNTI 108/13 CF 500
7510-14-555-5700     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7520-15-186-3361     BOBINA P/ETICHETTAT
7510-14-406-8057     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7540-25-144-0677     KONVOLUTT,R/F MAN.U
7510-14-484-1138     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7540-25-133-0708     KONVOLUTT TBK (M/VE
7510-14-540-0573     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7540-25-132-0441     INNTELEKSERT/KREDIT
7510-27-013-9807     CILT/KAPAK, GECMELI
7510-14-388-0288     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7510-14-448-3340     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7510-14-498-9320     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7520-15-169-4682     CARTELLA S/PL
7510-14-383-8544     ATTACHE/PINCE,DOCUM
7510-14-540-0592     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7520-15-161-0757     BRACCIO P/TEL.
7510-14-444-1388     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7510-14-507-8262     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7510-14-455-9946     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7510-15-183-0170     PORTABIGLIETTI/PORT
7520-15-160-6792     CARTELLA P/DOC.
7520-15-169-7581     BRACCIO P/MON.
7510-14-440-3858     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7510-14-442-3089     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7510-14-365-0543     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7510-14-551-9403     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7510-14-436-9876     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7510-14-299-7731     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7510-14-373-7974     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7510-27-016-5318     CILT/KAPAK, GECMELI
7510-14-529-7352     ATTACHE/PINCE,DOCUM
7510-14-539-3582     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7510-14-540-0580     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7510-14-420-8539     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7510-14-294-8936     ATTACHE/PINCE,DOCUM
7510-14-541-4229     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7510-14-368-7460     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7510-14-506-1039     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7510-14-529-7351     ATTACHE/PINCE,DOCUM
7510-14-426-1017     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7510-14-446-0526     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7510-14-529-7348     ATTACHE/PINCE,DOCUM
7510-17-108-1853     GRAVEERSJABLOON,V/M
7510-14-528-4322     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7510-14-043-1050     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7510-14-360-1311     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7510-27-051-9196     CILT/KAPAK, GECMELI
7510-14-249-8274     ATTACHE/PINCE,DOCUM
7520-15-195-0090     PUNTI 105/13 CF 500
7510-14-410-2031     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7540-25-132-0705     KONVOLUTT - RITEL/I
7540-25-132-2839     KONVOLUTT - RITEL/I
7510-27-051-9194     CILT/KAPAK, GECMELI
7530-37-556-0412     TF-35 G/T OP PLATE
7510-14-449-1969     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7510-14-520-1582     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7510-14-535-0998     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7510-14-426-1749     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7510-14-428-1578     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7540-25-132-1318     OVERTID/TURNUSOPPGA
7540-25-138-6097     DRIFTSRAPPORT-VHF/U
7510-34-037-2559     3M 845/1.5"SCOTCH B
7510-14-490-1242     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7530-15-189-4543     BUSTA PER DVD/CD-RO
7520-15-169-6895     TIMBRO UFF/LE
7510-14-294-8914     ATTACHE/PINCE,DOCUM
7510-14-238-8209     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7520-66-055-8578     VIP AIRCRAFT/BAGGAG
7510-14-402-4366     RUBAN,ENCREUR/IMPRI
7540-25-145-5626     KONVOLUTT M/FRANKOP
7540-25-132-0952     DIV. BETALING/TILBA
7540-25-133-1684     OVERSENDING/NOTAT -
7530-99-791-4206     CARD,MAGNETIC,DATA/
7510-14-291-6389     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7540-25-131-8358     ORDRE/MATERIELLREKV
7510-14-523-5192     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7540-25-145-5625     KONVOLUTT M/FRANKOP
7540-25-132-1321     MELDING/SOEKNAD TJE
7510-14-555-5698     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7520-15-169-5429     P/BLOCK-NOTES
7540-25-142-4610     BETALINGSVARSEL M/B
7510-34-037-8491     3M CC1220B/6008SCOT
7540-25-132-0439     SKRANKETELEKS/RADIO
7540-25-131-8473     RETTING/EKSTRAOPPFO
7540-25-131-9808     OPPRETTING/SLETTING
7510-14-299-7732     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7510-14-534-9628     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7510-14-540-0581     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7510-17-108-1852     GRAVEERAPPARAAT,Z/T
7510-14-529-7349     ATTACHE/PINCE,DOCUM
7510-14-424-4820     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7540-25-133-6639     ANBUDS-/TILBUDSPROT
7540-25-131-9587     JOURNAL MOTTATTE/UT
7510-14-486-4519     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7510-14-385-5275     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7510-14-415-8695     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7510-14-540-0589     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7510-14-441-8989     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7510-17-108-1856     MARKER,DUN,V/MERKKO
7510-14-441-0431     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7510-14-510-6170     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7540-25-145-5627     KONVOLUTT M/FRANKOP
7540-25-132-0955     INN-/UTKOPLING AV N
7510-14-535-1034     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7510-14-446-0497     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7510-14-299-7735     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7510-14-396-5046     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7520-15-222-1078     NASTRO 19MM BIANCO/
7510-14-459-0869     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7510-14-503-8369     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7510-15-182-7485     NASTRO P/MACCHINA P
7510-14-429-3729     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7510-14-534-4708     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7540-25-131-9586     JOURNAL SENDTE/INNT
7510-27-050-5925     CILT/KAPAK, GECMELI
7510-14-238-8210     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7540-25-132-0419     TELLERBYTTE/EKSTRA-
7540-25-132-0717     KONVOLUTT (M/VENSTR
7540-25-131-9577     ANBUD (BYGG/ANLEGG)
7510-14-340-8101     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7510-14-395-1456     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7510-14-415-4330     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7510-14-535-0378     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7540-25-132-0718     KONVOLUTT (M/VENSTR
7510-14-042-7661     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7520-15-169-7614     BRACCIO P/TEL.
7510-15-237-8584     TONER PER FAX 160/1
7510-14-540-0595     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7510-14-528-3740     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7510-14-540-0574     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7510-14-294-8861     ATTACHE/PINCE,DOCUM
7510-14-540-0582     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7510-14-424-5882     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7520-15-143-4291     PERFORATORE/BUCATRI
7510-15-174-7511     NAS. MARKEM ADES 5/
7510-14-427-7028     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7510-14-431-6253     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7540-25-132-0715     KONVOLUTT (U/VINDU)
7540-25-131-8376     KONVOLUTT (M/VENSTR
7510-27-024-8430     MEKANIZMA, DOSYA/KL
7510-14-458-4996     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7520-15-160-9623     TIMBRO UFF/LE
7540-25-142-4608     BETALINGSVARSEL M/P
7520-15-219-3332     PERFORATRICE/RILEGA
7520-15-169-6089     CARTELLA P/BL.
7510-14-294-8912     ATTACHE/PINCE,DOCUM
7510-14-478-6708     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7520-15-160-8112     PENNA C/BASE
7520-15-169-6299     P/BLOCKNOTES
7510-14-340-8102     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7520-34-037-6889     STAR SP200/SP2
7510-27-050-5927     CILT/KAPAK, GECMELI
7510-27-038-6502     CILT/KAPAK, GECMELI
7510-14-473-7770     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7510-14-475-4410     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7510-14-553-2993     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7510-14-294-8858     ATTACHE/PINCE,DOCUM
7540-25-142-4609     FAKTURA M/BANKGIRO
7510-27-046-6955     CILT/KAPAK, GECMELI
7540-25-131-8769     TELEKS/TELEFAX TING
7510-14-460-3051     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7510-14-540-4691     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7510-14-242-4924     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7510-14-366-0836     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7520-15-160-8618     P/BLOCKNOTES
7510-14-373-4648     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7510-14-402-2128     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7510-14-446-0502     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7510-27-050-5928     CILT/KAPAK, GECMELI
7510-14-461-3074     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7510-34-037-4848     COMB 9/16PITCH WIRE
7510-14-256-7250     ATTACHE/PINCE,DOCUM
7510-14-428-0668     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7510-14-511-0362     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7510-14-419-9920     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7510-14-431-6252     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7510-15-220-8535     TONER OKI OL 400E/E
7510-14-510-0683     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7510-27-034-1525     CILT/KAPAK, GECMELI
7510-14-553-0425     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7510-14-498-6803     ATTACHE/PINCE,DOCUM
7510-14-516-1286     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7510-14-455-9272     ATTACHE/PINCE,DOCUM
7510-14-414-3069     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7510-27-051-9195     CILT/KAPAK, GECMELI
7510-14-506-9585     ATTACHE/PINCE,DOCUM
7510-14-521-6961     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7510-14-294-8860     ATTACHE/PINCE,DOCUM
7510-14-345-3341     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7510-14-505-1238     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7510-14-414-3070     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7540-25-132-0422     ENDRING - TELEFON/T
7510-14-462-9492     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7510-14-484-1025     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7520-27-045-3532     CILT MAKINASI, TEL/
7510-14-427-8898     CASSETTE/RUBAN IMPR
7520-15-222-1077     NASTRO 6MM BIANCO/N
7510-14-294-8859     ATTACHE/PINCE,DOCUM
7510-14-256-7251     ATTACHE/PINCE,DOCUM
7530-15-220-5560     NASTRO DIMO 4000 B/
7510-14-297-8329     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7510-14-383-8605     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7510-34-037-6260     3M 4084"/10Y D
7510-34-037-4571     3M CC1920B/3+1 SCOT
7510-37-557-1425     HUB/REPEATERS
7510-14-294-8935     ATTACHE/PINCE,DOCUM
7530-15-186-7467     LABEL (SUPERA IL P/
7510-37-557-0563     TONER/DRUM(QMS 2060
7510-14-388-0734     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7510-14-473-4186     RUBAN, ENCREUR/IMPR
7510-00-027-0876     VARNISH,LITHOGRAPHIC
7510-00-027-0065     INK,STAMP PAD
7510-00-017-0307     BRUSH,PASTE
7510-00-059-3434     INK,STAMP PAD
7510-00-056-1526     HOOK,CALENDAR BOARD
7520-01-005-9136     BASKET,WASTEPAPER
7520-00-163-2568     TRIMMER,PAPER,DROP KNIFE
7540-00-249-6006     FORM,PRINTED
7530-00-145-0308     LABEL
7540-00-138-9485     FORM,PRINTED
7530-00-207-6080     PAPER,MIMEOGRAPH
7520-00-139-4273     STAND,CALENDAR PAD
7520-00-139-4837     BOOKREST
7530-00-238-8901     LABEL
7510-00-182-6337     INK,RECORDING INSTRUMENT
7530-00-207-6077     PAPER,MIMEOGRAPH
7520-00-139-4341     STAND,CALENDAR PAD
7510-00-579-9536     CHALK,LINE MARKING,POWDER
7510-00-264-4609     PENCIL
7530-00-619-8665     PAPER,GRAPH
7540-00-634-4226     FORM,PRINTED
7540-00-634-4021     FORM,PRINTED
7540-00-634-4163     FORM,PRINTED
7540-00-634-4261     FORM,PRINTED
7530-00-494-7970     CARD,INDEX
7540-00-663-1397     FORM,PRINTED
7520-00-673-0260     NAME PLATE,DESK
7530-00-680-0137     PAPER,LEDGER,UNRULED
7520-00-673-3676     NAME PLATE,DOOR
7530-00-559-9902     PAPER,BOND
7540-00-753-4604     FORM,PRINTED
7530-00-782-3976     CARD,GUIDE,FILE
7530-00-782-3966     CARD,GUIDE,FILE
7510-00-782-6206     BINDER,LOOSE-LEAF
7530-00-782-3985     CARD,GUIDE,FILE
7530-00-782-3986     CARD,GUIDE,FILE
7520-00-782-4015     PAD,FELT,NUMBERING MACHINE
7510-00-782-6212     RIBBON,INKING
7530-00-782-6281     CARD,GUIDE,FILE
7530-00-058-6856     NOTEBOOK,STENOGRAPHER'S
7510-00-898-9263     INK,RECORDING INSTRUMENT
7530-00-057-2184     PAPER,BOND
7510-00-164-8867     LEAD,PENCIL,GRAPHITE
7520-01-398-2132     MARKER ASSORTMENT,TUBE TYPE
7530-01-318-5227     FOLDER,FILE
7520-01-391-9455     PEN,RECORDING
7510-01-269-3376     TYPING ELEMENT
7530-01-207-4356     PAD,WRITING PAPER
7510-00-205-0842     RUBBER BAND
7510-01-548-5426     CARTRIDGE,TONER
7510-01-546-6410     CARTRIDGE,TONER
7530-01-544-9473     VARIETY KIT
7510-01-546-6405     CARTRIDGE,TONER
7520-01-466-0485     TRAY,DESK
7510-01-664-9513     CALENDAR,PAD
7510-01-645-2734     CARTRIDGE,TONER
7510-01-644-2582     INK,CARTRIDGE
7510-01-606-7916     INK,CARTRIDGE
7510-01-606-7937     INK,CARTRIDGE
7510-01-590-4409     CARTRIDGE,TONER
7510-01-593-3385     INK,CARTRIDGE
7510-01-603-2889     INK,CARTRIDGE
7510-01-603-2909     CARTRIDGE,TONER
7520-01-606-2057     CHART,HOLDER
7520-01-604-3518     CHART,HOLDER
7530-01-606-0421     PAPER,BOND
7530-01-606-0429     PAPER,BOND
7510-01-590-7405     TAPE,IDENTIFICATION
7510-01-590-9757     CARTRIDGE,TONER
7510-01-604-6514     CARTRIDGE,TONER
7510-01-581-6440     CARTRIDGE,TONER
7510-01-618-9600     CARTRIDGE,TONER
7530-01-412-9526     LABEL
7530-01-578-9300     LABEL
7510-01-565-7161     CARTRIDGE,TONER
7510-01-565-7162     CARTRIDGE,TONER
7510-01-566-7257     CARTRIDGE,TONER
7510-01-574-2338     INK,CARTRIDGE
7510-01-574-2350     INK,CARTRIDGE
7510-01-563-3611     CARTRIDGE,TONER
7510-01-550-7773     CARTRIDGE,TONER
7510-01-557-3199     TAB,SIGNAL
7510-01-561-0595     INK,CARTRIDGE