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Eating Plate

7350012353508 012353508 HF10

A shallow bowl-like vessel, circular in shape, having a relatively flat inside bottom and a flat or nearly flat rim extending from the top of the body. The overall diameter shall be 6 inches (152.4 millimeters) up to and including 10 1/2 inches (266.7 millimeters) in diameter and it shall be less than 1 7/8 inches (47.625 millimeters) in height. It may be compartmented. See also DISH (as modified); BOWL (as modified); and PLATTER, FOOD SERVING. Excludes PLATE, PAPER; SAUCER (as modified); and TRAY, MESS, COMPARTMENTED. View more Eating Plate

7350-01-235-3508 PLATE,EATING 7350012353508 012353508

Managed by United States
NSN Created on 27 Jun 1986
Data Last Changed
January 2023
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7350-01-235-3508 PLATE,EATING 7350012353508 012353508 1/1
NSN 7350-01-235-3508 (Generic Image) 1/1

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HF10 BEARING,PLAIN,ROD END 345 EA NS Request Quotation Updated Every Day 3120-00-132-6953 RQST NE Updated
/ /nato/nato-stock-numbers/inc Eating Plate (INC 15168) | DAC: 4 7 Oct 1982 7350-01-235-3508
-242-3066 https// /cage Sweetheart Cup (CAGE Code 21842) DAC: 4 22 Feb 1983 7350-01-235-3508
DAC: 4 28 May 1983 7350-01-147-7061 Disposable Cup S-308RNCC: 3 | RNVC: 2 | DAC: 4 22 Feb 1983 7350-01-235-3508
CAGE 5HF10 Rich Hill R4 School District in Rich Hill, MO United States

7350-01-235-3508 Demil Restrictions 7350-01-235-3508


7350-01-235-3508 is a Eating Plate that does not have a nuclear hardened feature or any other critical feature such as tolerance, fit restriction or application. Demilitarization of this item has been confirmed and is not currently subject to changes. This item is considered a low risk when released from the control of the Department of Defense. The item may still be subject to the requirements of the Export Administration Regulations (EAR) and the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR). This item is not suspected to be hazardous. The precious metals content of this item is unknown.

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MOE Rule:
Effective Date:
1 Apr 1991

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7350-01-235-3508 Technical Data Datasheet 7350-01-235-3508

Compartment Quantity [AFPV]
Material [MATT]
Plated [ATAN]
Not Plated
Overall Length [ABHP]
8.000 Inches Nominal
Overall Width [ABMK]
8.250 Inches Nominal

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7350-01-235-3508 Freight Data Freight Information 7350-01-235-3508

7350-01-235-3508 has freight characteristics.. 7350-01-235-3508 has a variance between NMFC and UFC when transported by rail and the description should be consulted.