Automatic Data Processing Server

7035014981749 014981749 LC 2000

An item specifically designed to function as a node on a computer network, and provide service to terminals on the network through managaing an expansive shared resource. Includes file server which manages a set of disks and provide storage and archival services to computers on the network that may or may not have their own disks, printer server which provides high quality and/or high speed printing so that each terminal on the network need not have its own printer, and/or communications server which provides connection to various communication media including other LANs and/or public networks. Excludes: PROCESSOR, FILE SERVER. View more Automatic Data Processing Server

7035-01-498-1749 SERVER,AUTOMATIC DATA PROCESSING 7035014981749 014981749

Managed by United States
NSN Created on 17 Jun 2002
Data Last Changed
November 2023
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7035-01-498-1749 SERVER,AUTOMATIC DATA PROCESSING 7035014981749 014981749 1/1
NSN 7035-01-498-1749 (Generic Image) 1/1

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/www.nsnlookup.com /nato/nato-stock-numbers/inc Automatic Data Processing Server (INC 53149) 7035-01-498-1749
Supply Items Approved for CAGE 1X6S4 Page 1 of 1 7035-01-498-1749 Automatic Data Processing Server LC
More... ) https//www.nsnlookup.com /cage Hewlett-Packard Co Network Server (CAGE Code 1X6S4) 7035-01-498-1749
01-499-5506 Automatic Data Processing Server LE995A-R3RNCC: 5 | RNVC: 2 | DAC: 3 26 Jul 2002 7035-01-498-1749
DEMIL: | DEMILI : | CRITICALITY : | HMIC : | PMIC : | EDC: | ADPEC : 7025-15-218-6272 is a Net Server Lc 2000

7035-01-498-1749 Demil Restrictions 7035-01-498-1749


7035-01-498-1749 is a Automatic Data Processing Server that does not have a nuclear hardened feature or any other critical feature such as tolerance, fit restriction or application. Demilitarization of this item has been confirmed and is not currently subject to changes. This item is considered a low risk when released from the control of the Department of Defense. The item may still be subject to the requirements of the Export Administration Regulations (EAR) and the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR). This item is not suspected to be hazardous. This item does not contain a precious metal.

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