Data Processing Terminal

7025145666042 145666042 LKM-9278GB-EN

An item designed to permit access to a COMPUTER (as modified) for the purpose of entering and retrieving data. It must include a data input device such as a KEYBOARD, DATA ENTRY&#59; TOUCHSCREEN, DATA ENTRY&#59; or GRAPHICS TABLET, DATA ENTRY and a data output device such as a DISPLAY UNIT&#59; DISPLAY, OPTOELECTRONIC&#59; or PRINTER, AUTOMATIC DATA PROCESSING. It may include a JOYSTICK, DATA ENTRY&#59; SCANNER, OPTICAL&#59; MOUSE, DATA ENTRY&#59; MODEM, COMMUNICATIONS&#59; or similar device. Excludes DATA STATION. View more Data Processing Terminal

7025-14-566-6042 TERMINAL,DATA PROCESSING 7025145666042 145666042

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NSN Created on 29 Nov 2010
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January 2023
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7025-14-566-6042 TERMINAL,DATA PROCESSING 7025145666042 145666042 1/1
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7025-14-566-6042 is a Data Processing Terminal

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