Disk Drive Unit

7025123594781 123594781 JU-226 5.03045

An electromechanical or solid state item which accepts and systematically accepts and systematically retains digital input data in such a manner as to facilitate the rapid recovery of stored information. The item may or may not consist of disk(s) some of which are removable, hard, removable disk packs, fixed disks, or removable flexible, each surface coated with a material suceptible to spot magnetization, integral writing, a drive motor and its mechanical linkage, and data translating heads for impressing on or removing from the disk surface data in digital form. The item is a component of an electronic computer. See also, MAGNETIC DRUM, DATA STORAGE; CORE MEMORY UNIT. View more Disk Drive Unit

7025-12-359-4781 DISK DRIVE UNIT 7025123594781 123594781

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NSN Created on 10 Feb 2003
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January 2023
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7025-12-359-4781 is a Disk Drive Unit

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