Still Picture Camera

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A photographic device consisting of a lightproof chamber into which light is admitted through a lens(es) or lens cone by means of a shutter or shutterless system. The reflected light of exterior objects toward which the lens(es) or lens cones are directed records the image on a sensitized photographic film or plate or other recording media. The photographs produced by processing the exposed material are viewed separately and do not present the illusion of motion. It includes lens(es) or lens cones, an exposure control system, and a film magazine or holder or plate holder. It may include lens cover, carrying case, strap and/or handle, flash equipment, intervalometer, remote control, and aircraft mount. Excludes camera with auxiliary lighting equipment, tripod, stand, title board set, fingerprinting equipment, and background equipment. It does not include lithographic copying cameras. For items which do not have a lens(es) and lens cone, see BODY, CAMERA, STILL PICTURE. View more Still Picture Camera

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