Pressure Transmitter

6685123288411 123288411 BGG02271

An instrument that senses, measures and converts pressure of a gas or fluid into electrical signals to be displayed in Pounds per Square Inch (PSI) or the equivalent. The item contains an input pressure port, electrical output connection and may include an output pressure port. See also TRANSDUCER, MOTIONAL PICKUP for items with a linear motional input and electrical output to be displayed in other than PSI or the equivalent. View more Pressure Transmitter

6685-12-328-8411 TRANSMITTER,PRESSURE 6685123288411 123288411

Managed by Germany
NSN Created on 26 Jun 1992
Data Last Changed
January 2023
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6685-12-328-8411 TRANSMITTER,PRESSURE 6685123288411 123288411 1/1
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6685-12-328-8411 is a Pressure Transmitter

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Germany (ZG)

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