Miscellaneous Alarm, Signal, and Security Detection Systems

Federal Supply Class (FSC: 6350

NATO Supply Classification Class (NSC): 6350

Group Description: Alarm, Signal and Security Detection Systems

Federal Supply Group (FSG): 63

NATO Supply Classification Group (NSG): 63

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NSN Format for Miscellaneous Alarm, Signal, and Security Detection Systems

Federal Supply Class
FSC 6350 Miscellaneous Alarm, Signal, and Security Detection Systems
FSC 6350 Miscellaneous Alarm, Signal, and Security Detection Systems

Includes Anti-intrusion Alarm Systems; Foghorns; Gongs; Chimes; Bells; Burglar Alarm Systems; Fire Alarms; Police Alarm Systems; Sounding Devices; Manual Gas Alarms; Landing Wands; Security Inspection Systems

Excludes Loran; Radar; Sonar; Engine Oil and Fuel Warning Devices; Aircraft Oxygen Warning Devices.

Additional Information for Miscellaneous Alarm, Signal, and Security Detection Systems Additional Information for Miscellaneous Alarm, Signal, and Security Detection Systems

NATO Supply Class 6350 is a classification within NATO Supply Group 63, which is dedicated to Alarm, Signal, and Security Detection Systems.

NATO Supply Class 6350 specifically covers Miscellaneous Alarm, Signal, and Security Detection Systems. This class includes a wide range of equipment and systems used for various security purposes.

Some examples of items that fall under NATO Supply Class 6350 include:

1. Intrusion detection systems: These are systems designed to detect unauthorized entry into a secured area. They may include sensors, alarms, and monitoring devices.

2. Fire detection and alarm systems: These systems are used to detect and alert individuals to the presence of fire or smoke. They may include smoke detectors, heat detectors, and fire alarm panels.

3. Access control systems: These systems are used to control and monitor access to a secured area. They may include keycard readers, biometric scanners, and electronic locks.

4. Surveillance systems: These systems are used for monitoring and recording activities in a specific area. They may include CCTV cameras, video recorders, and monitoring software.

5. Perimeter security systems: These systems are used to secure the perimeter of a facility or area. They may include fences, gates, and sensors to detect unauthorized entry.

It's important to note that this classification is specific to NATO and is used for procurement and inventory management purposes within NATO member countries. The classification helps ensure standardization and interoperability among member nations when it comes to alarm, signal, and security detection systems.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ) for Federal Supply Class 6350 Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ) for Federal Supply Class 6350

What is Federal Supply Class 6350?
FSC 6350 is the Federal Supply Class(formally known as NATO Supply Classification Class NSC 6350) in the USA for supply items codified in the category of Miscellaneous Alarm, Signal, and Security Detection Systems.
What is NATO Supply Classification Class 6350?
NSC 6350 is the NATO Supply Classification Class (also known as Federal Supply Class FSC 6350 in the USA) for supply items codified in the category of Miscellaneous Alarm, Signal, and Security Detection Systems.
Which Federal Supply Group is FSC 6350 in?
FSC 6350 is in Federal Supply Group(FSG) 63 which contains .
Which NATO Supply Classification Group is NSC 6350 in?
NSC 6350 is in NATO Supply Classification Group(NSG) 63 which contains .

Supply Items Included in Federal Supply Class 6350 Supply Items Included in Federal Supply Class 6350

What is an Annunciator? 493 Items
An Annunciator is a signaling apparatus which operates electromagnetically and serves to indicate visually, or visually and audibly, whether a current is flowing, has flowed, or has changed direction of flow in one or more circuits. It is usually employed in connection with alarms, electric bells, or buzzers. See also ALARM (as modified).
Siren,Electric Motor Operated 301 Items
What is an Electrical Bell? 686 Items
An Electrical Bell (BELL,ELECTRICAL) is an item having one or more electrically actuated clappers or plungers and one or more metallic objects which are capable of producing a ringing sound when struck. Resonating chambers may be included. Excludes RINGER, TELEPHONE.
What is an Electrical Bell And Buzzer? 22 Items
An Electrical Bell And Buzzer (BELL AND BUZZER,ELECTRICAL) is an item combining into a single unit the features of an electrical bell and buzzer.
What is an Alarm Control? 629 Items
An Alarm Control (CONTROL,ALARM) is an automatic electrical, electromechanical, or electronic device which generates and/or controls the energy which actuates electrical alarms such as bells, horns, sirens, buzzers, lights, and which does not in itself contain the actual alarm. If complete with alarm, the device takes the name of the type of alarm, such as ALARM (as modified).
What is a Blown Fuse Alarm? 10 Items
A Blown Fuse Alarm (ALARM,BLOWN FUSE) is an automatic warning device which gives an audible indication when a fuse(s) blows in associated equipment. It may also provide for visual indication. See also INDICATOR, BLOWN FUSE.
What is an Over Radiation Alarm? 21 Items
An Over Radiation Alarm (ALARM,OVER RADIATION) is an electrical warning unit specifically designed to give an aural and/or visual indication when a predetermined level of radioactivity has been reached. It either contains a sensitive element(s) or accepts information from an external source. It contains a warning device, such as a bell, buzzer, horn, siren or light.
What is an Undervoltage Alarm? 74 Items
An Undervoltage Alarm (ALARM,UNDERVOLTAGE) is an automatic electrical warning system specifically designed to give an aural and/or visual indication when the voltage in an item or equipment falls below a specified value. It contains the sensitive elements and a calling device such as a bell, buzzer, horn, siren, or light.
What is an Electric Bell Clapper? 21 Items
An Electric Bell Clapper (CLAPPER,ELECTRIC BELL) is an item used as the striking part of an electrical device used for audible signalling.
What is a Horn Diaphragm? 106 Items
A Horn Diaphragm (DIAPHRAGM,HORN) is an item in the form of a thin flexible sheet used with either a fluid or electric horn. It may or may not have bolt holes and/or mounting attachments. Its function is to convert either fluid motion or magnetic energy to sound waves.
What is an Emergency Signaling Mirror? 60 Items
An Emergency Signaling Mirror (MIRROR,EMERGENCY SIGNALING) is a highly polished object having an aiming device which produces an image in the form of a bright spot superimposed on a reflected ray of sunlight. It is used to signal or attract attention in an emergency.
What is a Ship's Bell? 89 Items
A Ship's Bell (BELL,SHIP'S) is a hollow metallic object, usually acorn shaped and having a flared-out bottom, which produces a ringing sound when struck by means of a hand-operated metal clapper located inside the bell body.
What is a Call Bell? 37 Items
A Call Bell (BELL,CALL) is a hollow metallic object of various shapes and sizes, which produces a ringing sound by the motion of a metal gong or a clapper located inside the bell body. It is used for various purposes such as summoning an individual or group of people.
What is a Bell Gong? 43 Items
A Bell Gong (GONG,BELL) is a round, usually saucer-shaped, metal item which resounds to striking, with a bell-like tone. It is designed for stationary mounting; does not include any striker or striking mechanism.
What is a Buzzer? 2144 Items
A Buzzer is an item consisting of an electromagnetic or electronic device operating with an armature or according to the piezoelectric effect, or the like. Includes buzzers for testing and signaling purposes.
Siren,Fluid Operated 35 Items
What is an Alarm-Monitor Group? 340 Items
An Alarm-Monitor Group is a collection of items, which provide alarm and monitor functions.
What is a Reed Type Manual Horn? 15 Items
A Reed Type Manual Horn (HORN,MANUAL,REED TYPE) is a mouth operated, self-contained horn used as a warning signal. It is usually cone shaped and has a simple reed type mouthpiece. It may have adjustable tone feature.
What is an Alarm-Monitor? 612 Items
An Alarm-Monitor is an item which performs the dual function of presenting operational information from other components or sets, and provides an alerting signal upon departure from normal operating conditions.
What is a Fire Detector System Sensing Element? 303 Items
A Fire Detector System Sensing Element (SENSING ELEMENT,FIRE DETECTOR SYSTEM) is an item consisting of a pair of electrical conductors imbedded in a semiconductor material, having a negative temperature coefficient of resistance which is tightly encased in a suitable metallic tube. The ends of the assembly are terminated for adaption in a fire detector system.
What is an Electronic Access Control? 148 Items
An Electronic Access Control (CONTROL,ELECTRONIC ACCESS) is a device specifically designed to remotely open or close a locking system when properly activated by a series of codes or audible signals. It is intended to prevent unauthorized entrance or exit for an inclosed area. It may have a battery standby back up unit when main power fails. It may also have one of several types of remote alarms, audible, signal light, camera, and the like. Excludes CONTROL ALARM; CONTROL, ELECTRICAL FREQUENCY; CONTROL, INTERLOCK; and CONTROL, REMOTE SWITCHING.
What is an Automatic Smoke Alarm? 784 Items
An Automatic Smoke Alarm (ALARM,SMOKE,AUTOMATIC) is a electrical operated device which detects the presence of smoke and sounds an alarm, and/or lights a warning light of distinctive color when the concentration reaches a dangerous level. Excludes, ALARM, GAS, AUTOMATIC.
What is an Ice Detector? 22 Items
An Ice Detector (DETECTOR,ICE) is a device designed to detect icing conditions and provide an ice warning signal when the ice accretion reaches a preset level. The device may also transmit an electrical signal which can be used to control operation of the ice protection system.
What is an Automatic Liquid Alarm? 56 Items
An Automatic Liquid Alarm (ALARM,LIQUID,AUTOMATIC) is a device which detects the presence of water or other aqueous liquids and gives an aural and/or visual indication.
What is a Horn Button Cover? 15 Items
A Horn Button Cover (COVER,HORN BUTTON) is an item designed as an ornamental cover for a HORN BUTTON, VEHICLE. When installed, it provides a finished look for the steering wheel and/or hub. It may be padded or plain and can be of various shapes such as round, oval and the like. It must be flexible enough to allow applied pressure to operate the HORN BUTTON, VEHICLE.
What is an Opaque Particle Sensor? 157 Items
An Opaque Particle Sensor (SENSOR,OPAQUE PARTICLE) is a device designed to detect the presence of predetermined amounts of smoke, dust, and the like, within the measuring area. The presence of any of these substances causes a change in the output signal of the device, which relays a warning message back to a central panel. The device itself does not provide any audible or visible output, or analyze chemical content. Excludes ALARM, SMOKE, AUTOMATIC.
What is a Personnel Hazard Alarm Set? 65 Items
A Personnel Hazard Alarm Set (ALARM SET,PERSONNEL HAZARD) is a complete electrical warning unit designed to provide an aural and/or visual signal of an imminent threat to personnel safety within a predefined area. The unit is actuated from a central control station or by automatic sequencing, but does not provide sensing or detection capability. It may contain warning devices such as a bells, buzzers, horns, sirens and/or lights. Excludes ALARM, OVER RADIATION.
What is a Fire Suppression Control System? 161 Items
A Fire Suppression Control System (CONTROL SYSTEM,FIRE SUPPRESSION) is a grouping of items designed to provide local/remote controlled fire suppression activation. It consists of the master control module, local and/or remote fire suppression devices and fire/smoke detection devices that provide the operator with visual and/or aural warning of danger. Excludes automatic sprinkler systems and manually operated fire suppression devices.
What is a Vehicle Back-Up Alarm? 190 Items
A Vehicle Back-Up Alarm (ALARM,BACK-UP,VEHICLE) is an automatic warning device which gives an audible signal when equipment is moving backward. Excludes HORN, ELECTRICAL.
What is a Manual Fire Alarm Station? 149 Items
A Manual Fire Alarm Station (STATION,FIRE ALARM,MANUAL) is an item designed to provide a manual capability for activating a fire alarm.
What is a Vehicular Emergency Warning Assembly? 38 Items
A Vehicular Emergency Warning Assembly (WARNING ASSEMBLY,EMERGENCY,VEHICULAR) is an item designed to be permanently or temporarily mounted on an emergency ground vehicle, such as an ambulance, fire truck, or police car; consisting of vehicle mounting device, rotating and/or flashing light unit(s), light filter(s), and integral electric siren(s) and/or remote siren speaker unit. May include remote controlled searchlight(s), floodlight(s), and/or public address speaker unit. For items without a siren see LIGHT (1), WARNING and PUBLIC ADDRESS SET.
What is a Heat Detector? 514 Items
A Heat Detector (DETECTOR,HEAT) is a device designed to open or close an electrical circuit upon a pre-set ambient temperature fluctuation. Excludes ALARM, SMOKE, AUTOMATIC.
What is an Electrical Horn Set? 27 Items
An Electrical Horn Set (HORN SET,ELECTRICAL) is a combination of several HORN, ELECTRICAL with different frequences.
What is a Coaxial Sensor Cable? 74 Items
A Coaxial Sensor Cable (SENSOR CABLE,COAXIAL) is a definite length of ported sensor cable, designed to be buried around the perimeter of a secure area. The cable emits radiowaves which create an invisible, electromagnetic detection field. The alarm monitoring equipment is activated through an impedance change in the field created by the presence of an intruder within the sensor range. Excludes items not having an external power supply or control system.
Siren,Hand Operated 11 Items
What is a Signal Horn? 2238 Items
A Signal Horn (HORN,SIGNAL) is a device designed to convert energy into audible signals by means of a diaphragm or specially designed horn element. Sound may be produced by liquid, electro-mechanical device or pressure means.
What is a Horn Funnel? 23 Items
A Horn Funnel (FUNNEL,HORN) is a cone-shaped, hollow item of different lengths and diameters. The diameter enlarges towards the front part in order to ensure a better transmission of sound waves.
What is a Horn Housing? 53 Items
A Horn Housing (HOUSING,HORN) is an item of different shapes or styles which is part of a HORN (as modified).
What is a Horn Flange? 10 Items
A Horn Flange (FLANGE,HORN) is an item on which a HORN (as modified) is mounted.
What is a Horn Parts Kit? 39 Items
A Horn Parts Kit (PARTS KIT,HORN) is a combination of spare parts designed to be used for the repair of worn and/or damaged parts of a HORN (as modified).
What is a Horn Bracket? 46 Items
A Horn Bracket (BRACKET,HORN) is a rigid item of different shapes which is mounted on a supporting surface so that it can hold a HORN (as modified) in a specific position.
What is a Surveillance Data Processor? 72 Items
A Surveillance Data Processor (PROCESSOR,SURVEILLANCE DATA) is a unit that processes various types of returned sensor signals, to determine the possibility of intrusion into a secure area. The unit may include various types of receiver/transmitter(s) like radio, radar, optic, electrical capacitance-resistance and interfaces to a local or remote alarm panel or system.
What is an Electronic Identification Tag? 48 Items
An Electronic Identification Tag (TAG,ELECTRONIC IDENTIFICATION) is a transponder which is coded with data to uniquely identify stocked articles, by NSN, part number, serial number, location, and/or other data. The tag may be of varied shapes, such as button, credit card, and/or rod. The tag may be active (continuous transmission) or semi-active/passive (reader activated).
What is a Surveillance Equipment Interface Unit? 99 Items
A Surveillance Equipment Interface Unit (INTERFACE UNIT,SURVEILLANCE EQUIPMENT) is an item designed to provide a connection between a fixed security/alarm system and a mobile surveillance system and a mobile surveillance system to provide operational capability.
What is a Mobile Autonomous Navigation Platform? 11 Items
A Mobile Autonomous Navigation Platform (PLATFORM,AUTONOMOUS NAVIGATION,MOBILE) is an item, that accepts modular sensor and/or reader units, which randomly navigates throughout a specified area. It may be controlled by remote radio link or by self-contained software. Depending on installed modules, it will perform intruder detection, inventory assessment, voice/video/digital communications and the like.
What is a Mobile Anti-Intrusion Sensor Unit? 63 Items
A Mobile Anti-Intrusion Sensor Unit (SENSOR UNIT,ANTI-INTRUSION,MOBILE) is a module that, when mounted on a PLATFORM, AUTONOMOUS NAVIGATION, MOBILE, processes input signals from infrared, microwave, ultrasonic and/or the like, to determine the presence of person(s) in the area. May provide output to a remote response device such as a guard's PANEL, MONITOR, an ALARM-MONITOR, an alarm bell/set, or the like.
What is an Anti-Intrusion Surveillance Unit? 138 Items
An Anti-Intrusion Surveillance Unit (SURVEILLANCE UNIT,ANTI-INTRUSION) is an item that accumulates data by monitoring input from sensor(s) attached to windows, doors, vents and the like. May be used in conjunction with SENSOR UNIT, ANTI-INTRUSION, MOBILE; PLATFORM, AUTONOMOUS NAVIGATION, MOBILE; and the like to provide input to PROCESSOR, SURVEILLANCE DATA.
What is a Fire Detecting Element Socket Base? 104 Items
A Fire Detecting Element Socket Base (SOCKET BASE,FIRE DETECTING ELEMENT) is an item that accommodates a unit on ceilings, walls or floors, it may also have electrical contacts for connection purposes.
What is a Motion Detector? 394 Items
A Motion Detector is an item which determines the presence of a moving source across its field of vision.
What is an Audible-Visual Alarm? 498 Items
An Audible-Visual Alarm (ALARM,AUDIBLE-VISUAL) is an electrical item which may be part of or coupled to equipment to give automatic audible and visual warning of failure of the equipment or of receipt of a signal. Excludes ALARM-MONITOR.
What is a Digital Control-Communicator? 26 Items
A Digital Control-Communicator (CONTROL-COMMUNICATOR,DIGITAL) is a programmable electronic device that performs the dual function of an alarm control and a digital communicator. The alarm control monitors the output of sensors and/or detectors, and may activate warning devices such as bells, buzzers, horns, sirens, and/or lights. The communicator formats and transmits alarms and system status in a standard digital format over the public switched telephone network to a receiver at a remote monitoring station. Programming and mode changes are achieved by means of an associated keypad and/or by downloading from a personal computer connected via a modem to the telephone network.
What is a Programming Control-Communicator Keypad? 189 Items
A Programming Control-Communicator Keypad (KEYPAD,CONTROL-COMMUNICATOR,PROGRAMMING) is a device containing, at a minimum, numbered keys, an alphanumeric display, and the electronic circuitry required to program and control the functions of a CONTROL-COMMUNICATOR, DIGITAL.
What is a Control-Communicator Zone Expansion Module? 14 Items
A Control-Communicator Zone Expansion Module (EXPANSION MODULE,ZONE,CONTROL-COMMUNICATOR) is a device that monitors several sensors/detectors and conveys their status over wire lines when electronically polled by a CONTROL-COMMUNICATOR,DIGITAL.
What is a Cellular Alarm Transmission Device? 13 Items
A Cellular Alarm Transmission Device (TRANSMISSION DEVICE,ALARM,CELLULAR) is a device that transmits alarm and status change events from a CONTROL-COMMUNICATOR,DIGITAL over the cellular radio network when transmission over the public switched telephone network is not possible.
What is a Restricted Area Anti-Intrusion Alarm Set? 490 Items
A Restricted Area Anti-Intrusion Alarm Set (ALARM SET,ANTI-INTRUSION,RESTRICTED AREA) is a complete electronic set that provides an alerting signal to guard and protect personnel upon the entrance of unauthorized personnel or objects into a forbidden area or installation. Consists of centrally located monitoring and indicating equipment and associated surveillance and detecting elements, such as photoelectric cells, electrically charged fence, capacitance fence, or any combination of these and other types of anti-intrusion systems. May include wire communication facilities within the system.
What is a Converter-Monitor? 33 Items
A Converter-Monitor is a component with the dual function of converting and monitoring. The converter and monitor are used with associated components and may be used with each other.
What is a Light Intensity Detector? 112 Items
A Light Intensity Detector (DETECTOR,LIGHT INTENSITY) is an item that senses variation of light intensity or color changes, and processes the derived signal for application to other components.
What is a Security Detection Tripod? 26 Items
A Security Detection Tripod (TRIPOD,SECURITY DETECTION) is a device with three vertically adjustable or nonadjustable legs hinged or permanently affixed to a mounting plate or head and designed to support various types of security detection equipment.
What is a Battlefield Anti-Intrusion System? 11 Items
A Battlefield Anti-Intrusion System is a group of items which detect, classify and determine the direction of movement of intruding personnel and vehicles. It is a portable receiver and/or transmitter, and code programmer used to recieve/transmit, decode, monitor, and display sensor activation information. It also provides frequency and code settings for the sensors of the perimeter around a command post, unit or forward area on the battlefield. May include infrared, magnetic, acoustic, electro-optic and chemical, biological, nuclear and radiological (CBNR) sensors with reciever/transmitter and monitoring system. Excludes ALARM SET, ANTI-INTRUSION, RESTRICTED AREA and SURVEILLANCE UNIT, ANTI-INTRUSION.
What is an Alarm Control Unit? 219 Items
An Alarm Control Unit (CONTROL UNIT,ALARM) is an electronic device which is used as the central processing element of a system. It receives, processes and transmits fault signals to other elements in the system. Excludes ALARM-MONITOR and ALARM,AUDIBLE-VISUAL.
What is a Liquid Leak Detector Cable? 10 Items
A Liquid Leak Detector Cable (CABLE,LIQUID LEAK DETECTOR) is an item consisting in two electrical conductors coiled around an insulated conductor and protected by a wire mesh. In case of leak, the liquid goes through the wire mesh and changes the cable electrical characteristics so it can be detected by a central common unit. The item is liquid resistant and can be reused after being cleaned and dried.
What is a X-Ray Security Inspection Unit? 26 Items
A X-Ray Security Inspection Unit (SECURITY INSPECTION UNIT,X-RAY) is a stand alone X-ray security system with X-ray emitter and receiver, video monitor, conveyor belt, and tunnel opening or compartment into which packages, luggage, mail, briefcases and the like may be passed for examination. The device displays the presence of explosives, weapons, narcotics, and other potentially dangerous or harmful items. May include a sniffer to detect the presence of an explosive chemical and may include image processing software for identification of potentially dangerous items.
What is a Portable Security X-Ray System? 45 Items
A Portable Security X-Ray System (X-RAY SYSTEM,SECURITY,PORTABLE) is a portable X-Ray security system with X-Ray emitter, reciever and monitor. Used to examine packages, luggage, mail, briefcases and the like. The device displays the presence of explosives, weapons, narcotics, and other potentially dangerous or harmful items. May include image processing software for identification of potentially dangerous items.
What is a Weapons Firing Detection System? 40 Items
A Weapons Firing Detection System (DETECTION SYSTEM,WEAPONS FIRING) is system which allows automatic detection and localization of various caliber gunshots. This item is coupled with a threat visualization system which processes azimuth and elevation data. It may allow to rotate and tilt camera fixed on the turret in the proper direction in order to provide, in real time, a picture of the threat's point of origin.
What is a Security Surveillance System? 28 Items
A Security Surveillance System is a system that provides base security personel with high resolution, day or night surveillance capability for enhanced target recognition and situational awareness. It may consist of three components&#59; an elevated platform may contain a tower, a mast, or an aerostat, depending upon the specific operational requirements. The multi-spectral sensore unit contains day and night cameras and a laser range finder. It can be used in conjunction with a ground surveillance radar which directs the sensor unit to any moving objects.
What is a Biometric Access Control System? 17 Items
A Biometric Access Control System (ACCESS CONTROL SYSTEM,BIOMETRIC) is an item designed to control personal access in protected areas. It may be fingerprint or voice identification type or physical characteristics type based on face or iris shape identification, eye or skin color and the like. It may have a stand alone configuration or be centrally managed. It may include other features as photo identification badging, alarm paging, remote dial-up, integrated digital video and the like.
What is a Biometric And Identity Management System? 43 Items
A Biometric And Identity Management System (MANAGEMENT SYSTEM,BIOMETRIC AND IDENTITY) is a system of components that scans, photographs or captures images and collects biometric and identity information for management and processing. It consists of a fingerprint reader, iris camera for capturing iris images, multi-purpose camera and hand held computing platform for collecting, processing and storage of biometric data. It also establishes identity indicators in a database or matches against them for positive verification or identification of an individual.
What is a Bird Dispersal System? 12 Items
A Bird Dispersal System (DISPERSAL SYSTEM,BIRD) is a collection of items designed for the dispersal of birds. It may be sound, (high power transmitting of different distress calls of birds and the like), visual (lights, balloons, predator silhouettes and the like), and/or other type that achieves the desired result. It may be mounted in a vehicle, on a mast, and the like. Excludes CARTRIDGE,PYROTECHNIC,ANIMAL DISPERSAL.
What is a Ground Sensor And Area Surveillance System? 55 Items
A Ground Sensor And Area Surveillance System is an unattended ground system that provides near real time situational awareness in an area that is under surveillance. It may consist of Seismic, Acoustic, Magnetic, Infrared Sensors, and/or cameras, portable computers and communications. The sensors may be located in an array or singularly (depending on type of sensor) and will detect vehicles or dismounted personnel in the area under surveillance and report this detection back to a workstation for analysis using a Radio Frequency (RF) or satellite Communications (SATCOM) link. The system may also provide tamper detection status reports, battery status and map overlays of sensor locations and activity within the area of surveillance.
What is an Electronic Siren? 29 Items
An Electronic Siren (SIREN,ELECTRONIC) is a device which produces a powerful sound which may be manually operated or actuated automatically by a CONTROL,ALARM or the like. The signal power may be adjustable and variable, different sounds may be selected. Excludes HOR N,SIGNAL.

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RNCC: 5 | RNVC: 9 | DAC: 3
RNCC: 3 | RNVC: 2 | DAC: 3
RNCC: 5 | RNVC: 9 | DAC: 1
RNCC: 3 | RNVC: 2 | DAC: B
RNCC: 5 | RNVC: 1 | DAC: 4
RNCC: 2 | RNVC: 1 | DAC: 3
RNCC: 3 | RNVC: 2 | DAC: 3
RNCC: 3 | RNVC: 2 | DAC: B
RNCC: 3 | RNVC: 2 | DAC: X
RNCC: C | RNVC: 1 | DAC: 6
RNCC: 3 | RNVC: 2 | DAC: B
RNCC: 5 | RNVC: 2 | MEDALS: Y | DAC: 5
RNCC: 3 | RNVC: 2 | DAC: 6
RNCC: 3 | RNVC: 2 | DAC: 4
RNCC: 3 | RNVC: 2 | DAC: 5
RNCC: 3 | RNVC: 2 | DAC: B
AC300 110-220V
RNCC: 3 | RNVC: 2 | DAC: 3
RNCC: 3 | RNVC: 2 | DAC: 3