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6230011254882 011254882 2217

An item which conforms to Light (1), with integral battery container or integral source of power, designed to be normally held in the hand or attached to a weapon to project a beam of light. Does not include an integral handle, but may include a means of carrying such as a clip, ring, or strap. The lens and/or reflecting surface may be part of the lamp. For items designed to be attached to a person in distress, see LIGHT, MARKER, DISTRESS. View more Flashlight

6230-01-125-4882 FLASHLIGHT 6230011254882 011254882

Managed by United States
NSN Created on 28 Jan 1982
Data Last Changed
January 2023
NATO Update Count
NATO Data Quality
6230-01-125-4882 FLASHLIGHT 6230011254882 011254882 1/1
NSN 6230-01-125-4882 (Generic Image) 1/1

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6230-01-125-4882 Demil Restrictions 6230-01-125-4882


6230-01-125-4882 is a Flashlight Demilitarization of this item has been confirmed and is not currently subject to changes. This item is considered a low risk when released from the control of the Department of Defense. The item may still be subject to the requirements of the Export Administration Regulations (EAR) and the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR). This item may be hazardous as it is in a Federal Supply Class for potentially hazardous items. A MSDS should be available from the supplier for the end user to evaluate any hazards. The precious metals content of this item is unknown.

6230-01-125-4882 HTS and ScheduleB Import and Export 6230-01-125-4882

6230-01-125-4882 End Users End Users 6230-01-125-4882

Republic of Korea (ZH01)
Effective Date:
1 Jun 2013
Denmark (ZS01)
Effective Date:
1 Apr 1991
Turkey (ZW01)
Effective Date:
1 Dec 2005

6230-01-125-4882 Manufacturers Approved Sources 6230-01-125-4882

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6230-01-125-4882 Freight Data Freight Information 6230-01-125-4882

6230-01-125-4882 has freight characteristics managed by Denmark.It has a National Motor Freight Classification (NMFC) of 109800. A Sub NMFC of Z. It has a NMFC Description of LANTERNS/FLASHLIGHTS ELEC HAND. 6230-01-125-4882 is rated as a variable freight class when transported by Less-Than Truckload (LTL) freight. 6230-01-125-4882 is rated as a variable freight class when transported by Less-Than Carload (LCL) rail or ocean freight. It has a Uniform Freight Classification (UFC) number of 56020 which rates the freight between FCL and LCL. 6230-01-125-4882 has a variance between NMFC and UFC when transported by rail and the description should be consulted. It has a Water Commodity Code (WCC) of 659 for ocean manifesting and military sealift. 6230-01-125-4882 is not classified as a special type of cargo when transported by water. 6230-01-125-4882 is not a consolidation and does not exceed 84" in any dimension. It should be compatible with a standard 72" Aircraft Cargo Door when transported by air.