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Electric Hand Torch

6230995226250 995226250 2698 B61356 764005 R250 DEFSTAN62-2 PART 2

An item which conforms to Light (1), with integral battery container or integral source of power, designed to be normally held in the hand or attached to a weapon to project a beam of light. Does not include an integral handle, but may include a means of carrying such as a clip, ring, or strap. The lens and/or reflecting surface may be part of the lamp. For items designed to be attached to a person in distress, see LIGHT, MARKER, DISTRESS. View more Flashlight

6230-99-522-6250 TORCH,HAND,ELECTRIC 6230995226250 995226250

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NSN Created on 25 Apr 1991
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January 2023
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6230-99-522-6250 TORCH,HAND,ELECTRIC 6230995226250 995226250 1/1
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6230-99-522-6250 is a Electric Hand Torch

6230-99-522-6250 End Users End Users 6230-99-522-6250

Oman (VE)
Brazil (YA)
Malaysia (YW)
Canada (ZC)
United Kingdom (ZK)
Norway (ZT)
Turkey (ZW)

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