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Distress Marker Light

6230142558159 142558159 70311D B12B050 B12B50 B12B 70311 B12B50CM

A light designed to give the location of or indicate a person in distress. It is also used to mark line obstructions or hazards to ships for night replenishment at sea. May have facilities for sending coded signals. Includes flashlight types designed to be attached to a person in distress. See also FLASHLIGHT; and LIGHT, SIGNAL. View more Distress Marker Light

6230-14-255-8159 LIGHT,MARKER,DISTRESS 6230142558159 142558159

Managed by France
NSN Created on 1 Jan 1969
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January 2023
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6230-14-255-8159 LIGHT,MARKER,DISTRESS 6230142558159 142558159 1/1
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