Electric Lantern

6230123483761 123483761 6230-20350-F3K WRYUG3430 6230-20350

An item consisting of one or more lamp accommodations and integral or separate battery container, normally designed to be hand-carried and to project illumination. It must include an integral handle, however, may have provisions for mounting or strapping to the body or clothing or to poles, rods or like objects. May include lens, reflector, globe, and other accessories. May include facilities for connection to external source of power. See also LIGHT (as modified) and FLASHLIGHT. View more Electric Lantern

6230-12-348-3761 LANTERN,ELECTRIC 6230123483761 123483761

Managed by Germany
NSN Created on 10 Jun 1999
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January 2023
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6230-12-348-3761 is a Electric Lantern

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