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6230211015207 211015207 3502 F2445 350 1251

An item which conforms to Light (1), with integral battery container or integral source of power, designed to be normally held in the hand or attached to a weapon to project a beam of light. Does not include an integral handle, but may include a means of carrying such as a clip, ring, or strap. The lens and/or reflecting surface may be part of the lamp. For items designed to be attached to a person in distress, see LIGHT, MARKER, DISTRESS. View more Flashlight

6230-21-101-5207 FLASHLIGHT 6230211015207 211015207

Managed by Canada
NSN Created on 4 Jun 1968
Data Last Changed
January 2023
NATO Update Count
NATO Data Quality
6230-21-101-5207 FLASHLIGHT 6230211015207 211015207 1/1
NSN 6230-21-101-5207 (Generic Image) 1/1

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