Light Lens

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A transparent or translucent item designed to enclose or be placed in front of a light source. Sections of the lens may be opaque. It may or may not include a holder. It is designed to be either a replacement unit for a specific type of light, such as LIGHT, INDICATOR&#59; LIGHT, NAVIGATIONAL, MARINE&#59; STOP LIGHT, VEHICULAR&#59; and LANTERN, ELECTRIC or that portion of a SWITCH, (as modified) used as an actuator and having provisions for illumination. See also, WINDOW, LIGHTING FIXTURE&#59; GLOBE&#59; ELECTRIC LIGHT&#59; and FILTER (2), (as modified). View more Light Lens

6220-12-310-7282 LENS,LIGHT 6220123107282 123107282

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NSN Created on 25 Jun 1987
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January 2023
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Light Lens 6220123107282 123107282,07.992 https//www.nsnlookup.com /cage Delphi Deutschland Gmbh
Indicator Light 85780080RNCC: 5 | RNVC: 2 | DAC: 385780-080-2WRNCC: 5 | RNVC: 9 | DAC: 4 19 Aug 1991 6220-12-310-7282
7510-99-130-2013 7510991302013 991302013 is a flexible item in roll form, 6 inches (152.4 millimeters) or less in width, designed to be affixed to an object by adhesion. it contains preprinted legends, symbols, designs, coding, and/or other marking. it is not perforated, notched, or otherwise designed to be cut to a predetermined length. it is not coated or impregnated with luminescent or reflecting material. for items containing perforations, notches, and the like see label; and marker, identification. excludes tape, pressure sensitive adhesive; and tape, sealing, sterilization indicator.

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6220-12-310-7282 is a Light Lens

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Germany (ZG)

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