Battery Box Cover

6160171066736 171066736 0080759

6160-17-106-6736 COVER,BATTERY BOX 6160171066736 171066736

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NSN Created on 23 Sep 1992
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January 2023
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6160-17-106-6736 COVER,BATTERY BOX 6160171066736 171066736 1/1
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5910-01-008-0759 5910010080759 010080759 is a capacitor, whose capacitance value cannot be adjusted or varied, having a ceramic dielectric.it may be a single unit, or consist of two or more fixed units which cannot be separated.
5905-00-008-0759 5905000080759 000080759 is a resistor whose ohmic value cannot be adjusted or varied. the resistance element consists of high resistance wire (or ribbon) either wound on an insulated form or constructed so as to be self supporting. opposition to the flow of current is an inherent property of the resistance wire and is manifest by the heat dissipation in the resistor. excludes suppressor, ignition interference.
5340-15-008-0759 5340150080759 150080759 is a rigid item usually fabricated from flat material, forming two alternate or two adjacent interior angles, both which are less than 180 degrees (3.141 radians). it is designed to position, align, and/or support an item. it may be reinforced. see also bracket, angle and bracket (1), mounting.
8470-20-008-0759 8470200080759 200080759 is a component of body armor that is put into a frame, garment, or the like for the purpose of protecting specific parts of the body from low velocity shell, grenade, or mine fragments. it is usually removable for purposes of replacement.
5950-27-008-0759 5950270080759 270080759 is an item consisting of a partial turn as one or more turns of wire or other conductive material which constitutes one continuous untapped winding. it may be wound or formed in other than a circular manner and may be self-supporting, requiring no coil form. it is specifically designed to furnish inductive reactance in a circuit carrying radio frequency current ranging from 20 kilohertz (kilocycles) and above. it may include tuning devices, integral resistors and capacitors; however, excludes filter (as modified). the coil has only two electrical terminals. for items having tapped winding or more than one winding - see transformer, radio frequency. for coils wound on resistors, which are designed to be inserted in the circuit of a radio frequency stage to suppress high frequency parasitic oscillations, see suppressor, parasitic.

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6160-17-106-6736 is a Battery Box Cover

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