Battery Box Cover

6160131134679 131134679 1119826

6160-13-113-4679 COVER,BATTERY BOX 6160131134679 131134679

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NSN Created on 3 Aug 1988
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January 2023
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6160-13-113-4679 COVER,BATTERY BOX 6160131134679 131134679 1/1
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2520-17-111-9826 2520171119826 171119826 is a vehicular item with a universal joint on one or both ends. for items with one universal joint, the opposite end may have a yoke, a yoke with a spider, or a shaft. for items without a universal joint see propeller shaft (as modified).
8030-25-111-9826 8030251119826 251119826 is an item designed for application on clean metal surfaces in order to form a coating which increases the adhesion of a subsequently applied coating system. it is not intended for use as a permanent protective coating by itself, and requires application within a short time or it loses its effectiveness. it consists of a resin component and an acid component, each packaged separately. the components are mixed with each other prior to use. excludes primer coating.

6160-13-113-4679 Demil Restrictions 6160-13-113-4679


6160-13-113-4679 is a Battery Box Cover

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