Storage Battery

6140171047883 171047883 570.29 57029 6EP5R

A battery, composed of two or more cells forming a single unit, which may or may not be readily separable and which may be efficiently recharged by sending an electric current through the cells in a direction opposite that of the discharging current.The item may be furnished with integral charging facilities.For items which are composed of a single cell see CELL, BATTERY. View more Storage Battery

6140-17-104-7883 BATTERY,STORAGE 6140171047883 171047883

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3 16 Sep 1976 6140-17-104-6612 Storage Battery 550.42RNCC: 5 | RNVC: 2 | DAC: 3 18 Sep 1990 6140-17-104-7883
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CAGE 2692F Yoo Chang Machinery Co., Ltd in Incheon, Korea, Republic Of
1560-01-696-0784 1560016960784 016960784 is a device of various shapes which has a specified radius on one or more sides to allow it to fit in or on another structure and is to be permanently attached to the structure of an aircraft. the primary purpose of the item is to provide an appropriate bearing surface for fastener installation when the aircraft structure is not perpendicular to the fastener bearing surface. it may also be used to aid in alignment of structural components. excludes support,structural component,aircraft and plate,structural,aircraft.

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6140-17-104-7883 is a Storage Battery

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