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Primary Wet Battery

6135998635814 998635814 LP28 TT7770263 7770263

An item consisting of one or more primary cells constructed to produce an electromotive force by electrochemical action. It is not efficiently rechargeable and requires the addition of electrolyte in fluid form to become usable. Excludes BATTERY, WATER ACTIVATED; BATTERY, DRY; and BATTERY, STORAGE. View more Primary Wet Battery

NSN 6135-99-863-5814 6135998635814 998635814 BATTERY,WET,PRIMARY

Managed by United Kingdom
NSN Created on 15 Jul 1992
Data Last Changed
January 2023
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NSN 6135-99-863-5814 6135998635814 998635814 BATTERY,WET,PRIMARY
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6135-99-863-5814 is a Primary Wet Battery

NATO Stock Number End Users End Users 6135-99-863-5814

United Kingdom (ZK)
MOE Rule:

6135-99-863-5814 Manufacturers Approved Sources 6135-99-863-5814

Part NumberManufacturerStatus
LP28 K0741 - Alcad Active
TT7770263 KD264 - Ministry Of Defence Es Active
7770263 U6803 - Ministry Of Defence Navy Obsolete

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