Nonrechargeable Battery

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A battery, composed of two or more cells forming a single unit, which is not rechargeable and whose electrolyte generally is not in fluid form. For batteries which are recargeable, see BATTERY (1), STORAGE. For items which are composed of a single cell, see CELL BATTERY. Excludes BATTERY, WATER-ACTIVATED. View more Nonrechargeable Battery

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For applications with a high current pulse and continuous drain, Duracell® offers high rate 3- and 6-volt lithium batteries. They deliver long-lasting power to keep up with today's high-tech devices. Longer lasting to increase productivity. Wide operating temperature extremes (-40°F to 140°F ). Battery Type: Lithium; Battery Size: 245; For Use With: Cameras; Voltage: 6 V. 1 battery per package. 

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