Nonrechargeable Battery

6135144695737 144695737 PS49 LS14250 91761989 1088248E00 79137482 45-671-0352-001 04225Y

A battery, composed of two or more cells forming a single unit, which is not rechargeable and whose electrolyte generally is not in fluid form. For batteries which are recargeable, see BATTERY (1), STORAGE. For items which are composed of a single cell, see CELL BATTERY. Excludes BATTERY, WATER-ACTIVATED. View more Nonrechargeable Battery

6135-14-469-5737 BATTERY,NONRECHARGEABLE 6135144695737 144695737

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NSN Created on 4 May 1994
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January 2023
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6135-14-469-5737 is a Nonrechargeable Battery

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