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Electronic Frequency Converter

6130270550857 270550857 VP-1

An electronic device having frequency mixing circuits and an integral oscillator which mixes the incoming frequency(ies) with the oscillator frequency, the resultant frequency(ies) being a combination of the two sources. Includes equipment that performs these functions at either radio or power line frequencies. Excludes items that change frequency by means of rotating equipment or rectifier and switching or keying circuitry. View more Electronic Frequency Converter

6130-27-055-0857 CONVERTER,FREQUENCY,ELECTRONIC 6130270550857 270550857

Managed by Turkey
NSN Created on 3 Nov 2011
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January 2023
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6130-27-055-0857 CONVERTER,FREQUENCY,ELECTRONIC 6130270550857 270550857 1/1
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6130-27-055-0857 is a Electronic Frequency Converter

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Turkey (ZW)

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