Static Frequency Converter

6130143554549 143554549 NO PRIMARY REF14-355-4549 503TCF400M1

An item utilizing electron tubes, transistors, and/or semiconductor devices forming rectifier and electronic keying or switching circuitry, that is inserted between a load designed to operate at one frequency and a power supply line rated at another frequency. For items performing the same function by heterodyne action at either radio or power line frequencies, see CONVERTER, FREQUENCY, ELECTRONIC. For items that perform this function by means of rotary equipment, see MOTOR-GENERATOR. See also DIVIDER-MULTIPLIER, FREQUENCY; FREQUENCY DIVIDER; FREQUENCY MULTIPLIER and MIXER STAGE, FREQUENCY. View more Static Frequency Converter

6130-14-355-4549 CONVERTER,FREQUENCY,STATIC 6130143554549 143554549

Managed by France
NSN Created on 19 Mar 1979
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January 2023
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6130-14-355-4549 CONVERTER,FREQUENCY,STATIC 6130143554549 143554549 1/1
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6130-14-355-4549 is a Static Frequency Converter

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