Circuit Card Assembly

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A grouping of two or more physically connected or related electrical an/or electronic parts capable of dissassemblage. Each component of the assemblage must be capable of functioning in accordance with its own item name. Consists of a single PRINTED CIRCUIT BOARD or TERMINAL BOARD upon which are mounted separately manufactured electronic components such as capacitors, inductors, resistors, and the like. It may also include printed electronic components. The item is generally part of a subassembly and cannot be assigned a more definite item name. For items having a complete individual electrical/electronic function, use applicable item name such as AMPLIFIER (as modified); POWER SUPPLY; or the like. For items not having a complete individual electrical/electronic function, see applicable subassembly name, such as AMPLIFIER SUBASSEMBLY; POWER SUPPLY SUBASSEMBLY; or the like. For an assembly of electrical/electronic components mounted on other than a single PRINTED WIRING BOARD, see ELECTRONIC COMPONENTS ASSEMBLY. Excludes PRINTED CIRCUIT BOAR View more Circuit Card Assembly

5998-14-293-4636 CIRCUIT CARD ASSEMBLY 5998142934636 142934636

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5998-14-293-4636 is a Circuit Card Assembly

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