Electrical Coil

5950218747414 218747414 34200-9

An item generally consisting of one or more turns of wire or similar conductive material (in special cases it may be considered as a partial turn). It is specifically designed to concentrate magnetic flux generated by the flow of an electric current, to induce in itself an electromotive force, and to add or subtract inductive reactance in a circuit. It may include tuning devices, integral resistors and capacitors; however, excludes FILTER (as modified). For coils wound on resistors which are designed to be inserted into the circuit of a radio frequency stage to suppress high frequency parasitic oscillations, see SUPPRESSOR, PARASITIC.. View more Electrical Coil

5950-21-874-7414 COIL,ELECTRICAL 5950218747414 218747414

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NSN Created on 11 Aug 1976
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January 2023
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5950-21-874-7414 is a Electrical Coil

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