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Relays and Solenoids

Federal Supply Class (FSC): 5945

NATO Supply Classification Class (NSC): 5945

Group Description: Electrical and Electronic Equipment Components

Federal Supply Group (FSG): 59

NATO Supply Classification Group (NSG): 59

FSC 5945 Relays and Solenoids
FSC 5945 Relays and Solenoids

Includes Electromagnetic Actuators.

Excludes Contractors.

Note-Mounting hardware, included in classes of this group, includes such specially designed items as brackets, holders, retainers, etc. Excluded from classes in this group are such hardware items as screws (Class 5305), bolts (Class 5306), studs (Class 5307), washers (Class 5310), rivets (Class 5320), and other common items indexed to specific classes, other than in Group 59. The FSC indexes and structure will govern the classification of items used on or with mounting hardware cited above.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Federal Supply Class 5945

What is Federal Supply Class 5945?
FSC 5945 is the Federal Supply Class (formally known as NATO Supply Classification Class NSC 5945) in the USA for supply items codified in the category of Relays and Solenoids.
What is NATO Supply Classification Class 5945?
NSC 5945 is the NATO Supply Classification Class (also known as Federal Supply Class FSC 5945 in the USA) for supply items codified in the category of Relays and Solenoids.
Which Federal Supply Group is FSC 5945 in?
FSC 5945 is in Federal Supply Group (FSG) 59 which contains .
Which NATO Supply Classification Group is NSC 5945 in?
NSC 5945 is in NATO Supply Classification Group (NSG) 59 which contains .

Supply Items Included in Federal Supply Class 5945

What is an Interrupter Contact Set? 32 Items
AnInterrupter Contact Set(CONTACT SET,INTERRUPTER) is a grouping of two or more separate interrupter contacts. Excludes CONTACT ASSEMBLY, ELECTRICAL.
What is an Electrical Solenoid? 5948 Items
AnElectrical Solenoid(SOLENOID,ELECTRICAL) is an item consisting of one or more coils surrounding an iron core. The coil(s) and the core are moveable in relation to each other. The axial or rotary movement is a result of the magnetic flux of the coil. It is designed to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy. It does not include switch contacts. See also RELAY, ELECTROMAGNETIC, and ELECTROMAGNETIC ACTUATOR.
What is a Relay Assembly? 4157 Items
ARelay Assemblyis two or more RELAYS (as modified) having a common mounting or mounted on each other. If item contains electronic components see ELECTRONIC COMPONENT ASSEMBLY. Excludes AMPLIFIER-RELAY ASSEMBLY; RELAY ASSEMBLY GROUP; and RELAY-SWITCH.
What is a Relay Subassembly? 377 Items
ARelay Subassemblyis two or more different types of items having a common mounting or mounted on each other, which together form a portion of a relay, but which in itself is not a complete functioning item and cannot be assigned a more definite item name. Excludes CONTACT ASSEMBLY, ELECTRICAL and CONTACT SET, RELAY.
What is an Electromagnetic Actuator Subassembly? 56 Items
AnElectromagnetic Actuator Subassemblyis two or more different types of items, having a common mounting or mounted on each other, which together form a portion of an ELECTROMAGNETIC ACTUATOR, but which in itself is not a complete functioning item and cannot be assigned a more definite item name.
What is an Electromagnetic Actuator? 353 Items
AnElectromagnetic Actuatoris an item which develops mechanical energy as a result of momentary or intermittent impulses in a Coil (1) or ELECTROMAGNET and which is used to operate such items as a ratchet or signaling device. For items having a core axially set within a coil and in which the coil and core move with respect to each other, see SOLENOID, ELECTRICAL. See also MOTOR (as modified) and ANNUNCIATOR.
What is an Armature Stop? 89 Items
AnArmature Stop(STOP,ARMATURE) is an item designed to check the movement or action of an armature.
What is an Interlock Control? 84 Items
AnInterlock Control(CONTROL,INTERLOCK) is a device that determines the mode of operation of an interlock system.
What is a Motor Driven Relay? 498 Items
AMotor Driven Relay(RELAY,MOTOR DRIVEN) is a relay which is actuated by an electrical motor and automatically resets upon interruption of supply current to the relay. Does not include a "switch" that is motor driven.
What is a Thermal Relay? 4832 Items
AThermal Relay(RELAY,THERMAL) is a relay switch which is actuated by the effect of internal heat generated by the current in its energizing circuit. For items actuated by ambient, rather than internal temperature changes, see SWITCH, THERMOSTATIC.
What is a Meter Movement Relay? 267 Items
AMeter Movement Relay(RELAY,METER MOVEMENT) is a relay which operates by means of a D'Arsonval or similar meter type actuation.
What is a Rotary Relay? 488 Items
ARotary Relay(RELAY,ROTARY) is a relay whose contact arm may rotate through 360 degrees but not in one operation. Includes rotary relays which automatically reset. For an item having the dual functions of a switch and a relay assembled together on a common mounting, see RELAY-SWITCH. Excludes SWITCH, ROTARY; SWITCH, STEPPING; and SWITCH, TELEPHONE (as modified).
What is a Solenoid Assembly? 461 Items
ASolenoid Assemblyis two or more SOLENOID, ELECTRICAL on a common mounting or mounted on each other.
What is a Thermal Flasher? 698 Items
AThermal Flasher(FLASHER,THERMAL) is an item designed to complete, interrupt or change the connections in one or more electrical lighting circuits in accordance with a predetermined time cycle. It is actuated by the effect of heat generated by current passing through its circuit(s). Excludes CONTROL, DIRECTIONAL SIGNAL LIGHT, AUTOMOTIVE, and SWITCH THERMOSTATIC. See also FLASHER, SOLID STATE.
What is an Electromagnetic Actuator Armature? 106 Items
AnElectromagnetic Actuator Armature(ARMATURE,ELECTROMAGNETIC ACTUATOR) is an item which is the pivoted or spring-mounted iron portion of an electromagnetic actuator and which transmits mechanical energy to another item.
What is an Induction Coil Armature? 56 Items
AnInduction Coil Armature(ARMATURE,INDUCTION COIL) is an item which is the pivoted or spring-mounted ferromagnetic portion of an induction coil, and which moves to break and/or make an electrical circuit in response to electromagnetic changes.
What is a Relay Armature? 454 Items
ARelay Armature(ARMATURE,RELAY) is an item which is the pivoted or spring-mounted ferromagnetic portion of a relay, and which moves to break and/or make an electrical circuit in response to electromagnetic changes.
What is a Relay Contact Set? 466 Items
ARelay Contact Set(CONTACT SET,RELAY) is a grouping of two or more separate relay contacts.
What is an Electronic Chopper? 320 Items
AnElectronic Chopper(CHOPPER,ELECTRONIC) is an electromechanical or electronic (includes solid state semiconductor items) device designed to convert an electrical signal into a modified square wave output signal. For items excited by an alternating current, the output signal is the same frequency as, and bears a definite phase relationship to, the excitation voltage. For those electronic items designed to operate on direct current only, the output frequency of the item is dependent upon the inherent properties of the item, or the internal or external circuit constants, or the applied driving coil voltage impressed on the input signal. For an electromechanical item whose coil is designed for direct current only, see VIBRATOR, INTERRUPTER and VIBRATOR, SELF-RECTIFYING.
What is a Solenoid Plunger? 555 Items
ASolenoid Plunger(PLUNGER,SOLENOID) is a metallic item used as a core which reacts to the magnetic flux produced by a surrounding electrical coil(s). It travels on a longitudinal plane with reciprocating motion to perform a mechanical function. It may have facilities for attaching mechanical and/or electrical items such as linkage and/or contacts. It is a maintenance part for such items as RELAY, SOLENOID; RELAY-SOLENOID, ENGINE STARTER, ELECTRICAL; and SOLENOID, ELECTRICAL.
What is a Resonant Reed Relay? 97 Items
AResonant Reed Relay(RELAY,RESONANT REED) is an item consisting of one or more metallic reeds, mechanically resonant at a specific frequency and mounted in a permanent magnetic field. Actuation of the relay occurs when an alternating current signal at the resonant frequency of one of the reeds is introduced into a field winding. Excludes RELAY, ELECTROMAGNETIC.
What is a Reed Relay? 2296 Items
AReed Relay(RELAY,REED) is a relay consisting of an energizing coil and a metallic reed switch mechanism. The reeds serve as both core and contacts, which are not hinged or pivoted and which move by flexure when acted upon by a magnetic field induced by energization of the coil. It may also include a biasing magnet. The biasing magnet, either aids or opposes the movement of the reeds and the opening or closing of the contacts. For items in which actuation is dependent on the resonant frequency of the reeds see RELAY, RESONANT REED. Excludes RELAY, ELECTROMAGNETIC.
What is a Hybrid Relay? 1693 Items
AHybrid Relay(RELAY,HYBRID) is a self-contained device that performs the function of opening or closing an electrical circuit in response to electrical changes in an external circuit. It consists of a combination of semiconductor and passive circuit devices, which in turn control an integral electro-magnetic relay. Excludes relays which employ diodes, rectifiers or other passive devices to achieve contact protection or coil modification. Excludes RELAY, SOLID STATE.
What is a Solid State Relay? 3241 Items
ASolid State Relay(RELAY,SOLID STATE) is a self-contained device that performs the function of opening or closing an electrical circuit in response to electrical changes in an external circuit. In lieu of separable contacts and their actuator(s), the switching function is accomplished by means of an arrangement of semiconductors and passive circuit devices. The device is designed to have electrical isolation between control circuit and output circuit. Excludes RELAY, HYBRID.
What is an Electromagnetic Relay? 52742 Items
AnElectromagnetic Relay(RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC) is a relay which is actuated by the effect of a magnetic field developed by the current in its energizing coil(s). Includes solenoid and armature types. Excludes CONTACTOR, MAGNETIC; RELAY, METER MOVEMENT; RELAY, MOTOR DRIVEN; RELAY, REED; RELAY, RESONANT REED; RELAY, ROTARY; and SWITCH, STEPPING.
What is a Solid State Flasher? 437 Items
ASolid State Flasher(FLASHER,SOLID STATE) is an item designed to complete, interrupt or change the connections in one or more electrical lighting circuits in accordance with a predetermined time cycle. It is actuated by means of an arrangement of semiconductors and/or passive circuit devices. Excludes CONTROL, DIRECTIONAL SIGNAL LIGHT, AUTOMOTIVE and SWITCH THERMOSTATIC. See also FLASHER, THERMAL.
What is a Mounting Plate? 171 Items
AMounting Plate(PLATE,MOUNTING) is a metallic or nonmetallic item which is rigid, flat and generally smooth. Its thickness is small in comparison to its length and width. It is designed for mounting another item and may have drilled or threaded holes or other facilities for mounting to a supporting object or surface. See SUPPORT, as modified. Do not use if a more specific name applies.
What is an Electrical And Electronic Equipment Modification Kit? 22 Items
AnElectrical And Electronic Equipment Modification Kit(MODIFICATION KIT,ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT) is an item or collection of items employed to modify electrical and electronic equipment.
What is a Relay Assembly Group? 384 Items
ARelay Assembly Groupis a group that provides facilities for switching and controlling components of an electronic set, by means of relays and associated components that are in turn programmed by signals derived from another component(s).
What is an Electrical Relay Retainer? 650 Items
AnElectrical Relay Retainer(RETAINER,ELECTRICAL RELAY) is an item specifically designed to position and/or restrain the movement of one or more electrical relays in their normal mounting position. It may also include provisions for mounting terminal boards, connectors, and like items. Excludes CLIP, ELECTRICAL and CLAMP, LOOP.
What is a Solenoid Subassembly? 25 Items
ASolenoid Subassemblyis two or more different types of items, which together form a portion of a SOLENOID, ELECTRICAL. These items have a common mounting or are mounted on each other, but do not form a complete functioning item and therefore cannot be assigned a more definite name.
What is a Control-Monitoring Relay? 126 Items
AControl-Monitoring Relay(RELAY,CONTROL-MONITORING) is an electronic relay that manages simple automation systems. It may be directly programmed using front panel and pushbutton, or operate by remote controlby addition of communication or connection interface. It may be easily upgraded for enhanced performance by adding various extensions for communication networks or for increasing the number or inputs/outputs.
What is a Control-Monitoring Relay Expander Module? 28 Items
AControl-Monitoring Relay Expander Module(EXPANDER MODULE,RELAY,CONTROL-MONITORING) is an auxillary component used to increase the communication capabilities and/or number of discrete inputs/outputs of the RELAY, CONTROL MONITORING. It may be mounted and wired next to relay or plug into the relay.

Stock Items From Supply Class 5945

5945-15-133-1989    AERIAL C/0 RELAY
5945-15-125-5584    RELE' 12/24V
5945-15-134-8478    RELE'PER TC.11/E.5
5945-14-445-4787    INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5945-99-753-8026    FOG/DRIVING LIGHT,R
5945-15-167-3520    RELE' T/R
5945-25-131-6072    HUS F/ENDEKONTAKT
5945-25-127-2027    RELAY,2500/48V
5945-15-213-5068    RELE' TERMICO 7/10A
5945-15-167-3521    RELE' T/R
5945-15-192-5866    RELE' TIPO HL06/22
5945-14-481-1074    S/ENS CONTACTEUR
5945-37-555-8658    REMOTE START/STOP R
5945-15-167-3728    RELE ART.250V/60W/
5945-15-135-3642    RELE VP4' SEN/CAR 2
5945-15-167-3687    RELE' TERMICO2,2A/
5945-15-167-3563    GROUND/AIR SAFET R
5945-99-549-6956    EMC/EMP FILTER
5945-25-142-7175    O/U CURR.PROTECT
5945-15-181-8564    FRAME COUNTER W/FRA
5945-15-167-3522    RELE' T/R
5945-15-167-3688    RELE' TERMICO2,2A/
5945-25-134-7427    POWER/RELAY UNIT
5945-15-167-3441    RELE' 4 C/0
5945-99-250-7305    CONTACTOR/OVERLOAD
5945-15-125-0539    RELE' TERMICO 1,3A/
5945-15-167-3690    RELE' TERMICO4,5A/
5945-37-557-1956    P/B S/W(KH-514)
5945-25-122-0835    KONTAKTOR M/TIDSREL
5945-99-759-4602    CONTAINER,FUSE/RELA
5945-15-125-0540    RELE' TERMICO 2,8A/
5945-15-186-5862    RELAY (P/R MOT. DI
5945-00-052-3956    SOLENOID ASSEMBLY( C/
5945-15-186-5861    RELAY (P/R MOT. DI
5945-15-066-3877    G2/MM-APPLICAZIONE
5945-99-752-8002    RELAY/ELMAG
5945-17-124-5430    SENSOR/RELAY ASSEMB
5945-14-478-9520    ENS CONTACTEUR/BLOC
5945-25-129-2236    HJELPERELE/TIDSRELE
5945-15-066-3879    G2/MM-APPLICAZIONE
5945-15-132-9103    RELE AV/I
5945-15-220-1459    RELE FINDER/ZOCCOLO
5945-15-231-2998    RELE' C/ DIODO IMAC
5945-37-400-6309    RELAY,MAGNET S/W
5945-15-167-3655    RELE' (P/R MG 5644)
5945-99-382-6346    DRAWER,SURVILANCE/A
5945-15-066-3878    G2/MM-APPLICAZIONE
5945-14-478-9519    ENS CONTACTEUR/BLOC
5945-15-167-3556    GRD/AIR SAFET RELA
5945-99-924-8098    UNDER/OVER VOLTAGE
5945-15-144-1588    RELAY 4 C/0
5945-15-125-0541    RELE' TERMICO 3,5A/
5945-25-151-0434    Y/D TIDSRELE
5945-15-144-5518    RELE' T/R
5945-15-167-3689    RELE' TERMICO4,5A/
5945-15-123-2696    RELE' TERMICO 1,7A/
5945-15-173-4068    RELE' ALFA 90/75
5945-15-115-1648    RELAY/ELECT 26.5VDC
5945-15-185-9358    RELE' 0,3/30" 24VCC
5945-00-010-5437    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-00-010-1401    SOLENOID,ELECTRICAL
5945-00-010-7857    SOLENOID,ELECTRICAL
5945-00-010-0493    SOLENOID,ELECTRICAL
5945-00-010-5408    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-00-012-4436    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-00-008-4254    RELAY,THERMAL
5945-00-006-8078    BRACKET,SOLENOID
5945-00-008-0566    CONTACTOR ASSEMBLY
5945-00-006-2992    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-00-006-2821    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-00-007-7592    RELAY,THERMAL
5945-00-008-0569    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-00-007-1055    COIL
5945-00-008-4123    ARMATURE,RELAY
5945-00-064-9699    CONTACT
5945-00-067-8582    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-00-023-4194    ARMATURE,RELAY
5945-01-669-4396    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-00-021-9214    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-00-071-0537    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-00-060-0674    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-00-023-4199    ARMATURE,RELAY
5945-01-602-7128    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-01-157-6197    SOLENOID,ELECTRICAL
5945-01-156-0095    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-01-598-5286    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-00-856-7638    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-01-572-4438    RELAY,MOTOR DRIVEN
5945-01-574-7427    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-01-566-4943    SOLENOID,ELECTRICAL
5945-01-570-4626    RELAY,SOLID STATE
5945-01-506-2885    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-01-504-0702    RELAY WORKLIGHT
5945-01-602-2945    CONTACTOR,NEUTRAL
5945-99-360-1748    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-01-006-8471    RELAY,ELECTRICAL
5945-00-988-2729    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-00-950-4237    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-01-564-9448    SOLENOID,ELECTRICAL
5945-01-580-0107    SOLENOID,ELECTRICAL
5945-01-583-9142    RELAY,SOLID STATE
5945-01-570-4855    RELAY,SOLID STATE
5945-01-618-1975    RELAY SUBASSEMBLY
5945-01-602-7347    RELAY
5945-01-529-4276    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-01-555-2961    SOLENOID,ELECTRICAL
5945-01-601-8670    RELAY,SOLID STATE
5945-01-590-9179    FLASHER,THERMAL
5945-01-561-6928    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-01-613-0038    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-01-585-8129    BASE,ELECTRICAL RELAY
5945-01-593-1912    RELAY,SOLID STATE
5945-01-579-7073    RELAY ASSEMBLY
5945-01-604-8344    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-01-432-1139    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-01-565-2865    RELAY,SOLID STATE
5945-01-642-1037    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-01-658-7238    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-01-641-5989    RELAY ASSEMBLY
5945-01-641-7729    RELAY,SOLID STATE
5945-01-641-2060    SOLENOID,ELECTRICAL
5945-01-561-1272    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-01-579-6583    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-01-641-5793    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-01-559-9861    BASE,ELECTRICAL RELAY
5945-01-630-7378    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-01-559-0485    SOLENOID,ELECTRICAL
5945-01-538-5800    RELAY,SOLID STATE
5945-01-434-4783    CONTACT SET,RELAY
5945-01-572-2525    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-01-649-3064    RELAY,HYBRID
5945-01-664-0877    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-00-007-7584    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-00-007-7585    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-00-005-3189    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-00-004-4074    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-00-005-9544    RELAY,SPECIAL
5945-00-005-3076    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-01-123-6804    SOLENOID,ELECTRICAL
5945-01-112-6313    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-01-102-5610    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-01-113-1811    SOLENOID,ELECTRICAL
5945-00-829-0012    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-01-213-6130    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-00-577-7584    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-00-821-6560    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-01-194-2293    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-00-498-3460    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-00-484-7655    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-00-581-6741    RELAY,THERMAL
5945-00-583-5196    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-00-621-3684    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-00-407-1839    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-01-210-9736    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-01-186-6129    RELAY,REED
5945-00-814-0774    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-01-187-6137    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-00-826-8834    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-01-229-6834    RELAY,REED
5945-01-234-1085    SOLENOID,ELECTRICAL
5945-01-162-0514    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-00-812-4349    RELAY,THERMAL
5945-01-205-1248    SOLENOID,ELECTRICAL
5945-01-223-3960    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-01-223-1091    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-00-653-9437    SOLENOID,ELECTRICAL
5945-00-636-8230    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-01-189-1876    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-00-826-9534    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-01-188-6136    RELAY
5945-00-488-7399    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-00-665-8531    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-00-666-4653    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-00-728-4947    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-00-832-6879    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-00-803-0785    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-00-520-9364    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-01-203-4633    RELAY ASSEMBLY
5945-01-210-7089    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-01-210-5249    SOLENOID,ELECTRICAL
5945-01-193-4953    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-01-242-9430    RELAY,HYBRID
5945-01-242-7126    RELAY,SOLID STATE
5945-00-812-6562    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-00-450-6069    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-00-318-5934    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-00-494-3310    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-00-615-1546    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-00-728-4952    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-00-729-7813    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-00-752-5445    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-00-754-9484    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-01-218-5432    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-01-224-3632    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-00-814-0603    SOLENOID ASSEMBLY
5945-01-231-8242    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-01-234-7179    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-00-369-1533    RELAY,THERMAL
5945-00-759-3558    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-00-501-5459    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-00-682-8359    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-00-809-5751    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-01-193-4948    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-01-195-5504    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-01-198-1740    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-00-556-3708    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-01-236-6583    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-01-236-6581    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-01-240-2975    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-01-240-7952    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-01-193-0231    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-01-598-4841    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-01-583-9825    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-01-570-0739    RELAY,SOLID STATE
5945-00-918-8512    SOLENOID VALVE ASSY
5945-01-166-7955    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-00-943-6565    RELAY,ROTARY
5945-01-177-9486    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-01-263-5169    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-01-462-9084    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-01-468-0837    SOLENOID,ELECTRICAL
5945-00-603-6485    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-00-988-2730    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-01-513-5157    SOLENOID SHIFT
5945-01-616-7295    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-01-680-4559    RELAY,SOLID STATE
5945-01-111-9465    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-01-165-1065    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-01-558-8900    SOLENOID,ELECTRICAL
5945-01-480-9094    RELAY,MOTOR DRIVEN
5945-01-203-6606    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-01-196-8502    RELAY
5945-01-187-1855    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-01-185-5951    RELAY,ROTARY
5945-01-170-6307    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-01-162-4983    BASE,ELECTRICAL RELAY
5945-01-540-3054    SOLENOID,ELECTRICAL
5945-01-537-6663    RELAY,SOLID STATE
5945-00-232-4058    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-00-232-7658    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-00-212-7491    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-00-132-3036    ARMATURE,RELAY
5945-00-135-2256    ARMATURE,RELAY
5945-00-175-7576    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-00-238-5147    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-00-132-3017    ARMATURE,RELAY
5945-00-135-2259    ARMATURE,RELAY
5945-00-132-3042    ARMATURE,RELAY
5945-00-222-3577    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-00-518-7907    RELAY,THERMAL
5945-00-268-8124    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-00-518-9727    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-00-268-8096    SOLENOID,ELECTRICAL
5945-00-536-3885    COIL,OPERATING
5945-00-536-3911    COIL,THERMAL
5945-00-536-3975    CONTACT SET,COMPENS
5945-00-609-6755    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-00-604-2510    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-00-602-1420    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-00-536-3907    COIL,OPERATING
5945-00-536-3915    COIL,THERMAL
5945-00-605-9690    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-00-504-3877    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-00-672-9237    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-00-564-3886    TIP,CONTACT
5945-00-564-3662    RELAY,ELECTRICAL
5945-00-558-1139    CHOPPER,ELECTRONIC
5945-00-564-3648    RELAY,ELECTRICAL
5945-00-188-7741    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-00-197-7673    SOLENOID ASSEMBLY
5945-01-315-7125    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-01-301-4095    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-01-275-5903    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-01-283-9061    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-01-545-8586    RELAY,SOLID STATE
5945-01-611-1123    RELAY,CONTROL-MONITORING
5945-01-610-6634    RELAY,SOLID STATE
5945-01-622-0279    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-01-616-7992    RELAY,CONTROL-MONITORING
5945-01-596-7036    RELAY ASSEMBLY
5945-01-629-3407    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-01-633-6348    CONTACT SET,RELAY
5945-01-568-1442    SOLENOID,ELECTRICAL
5945-01-570-6525    BASE,ELECTRICAL RELAY
5945-01-645-8869    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-01-659-0376    RELAY,SOLID STATE
5945-01-623-0206    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-01-663-7358    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-01-574-7423    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-01-598-5263    RELAY,HYBRID
5945-01-540-8065    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-01-603-3093    SOLENOID,ELECTRICAL
5945-01-609-4787    SOLENOID,ELECTRICAL
5945-01-551-7283    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-01-602-9126    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-01-615-3662    RELAY,SOLID STATE
5945-01-567-3043    RELAY,SOLID STATE
5945-01-648-8528    RELAY,CONTROL-MONITORING
5945-01-619-4995    RELAY SUBASSEMBLY
5945-01-574-7378    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-01-251-1195    RELAY ASSEMBLY
5945-01-535-6961    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-01-537-3512    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-01-588-2125    RELAY,CONTROL-MONITORING
5945-01-588-2124    RELAY,CONTROL-MONITORING
5945-01-397-6269    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-01-606-4111    FLASHER,THERMAL
5945-01-650-0188    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-01-547-2731    SOLENOID,ELECTRICAL
5945-01-652-8373    RELAY,SOLID STATE
5945-01-668-6913    SOLENOID,ELECTRICAL
5945-01-669-0599    COVER,ELECTRICAL RELAY
5945-01-208-4943    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-01-422-4195    SOLENOID ASSEMBLY
5945-01-429-1252    SOLENOID,ELECTRICAL
5945-01-436-5485    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-01-122-2601    RELAY,SOLID STATE
5945-01-077-9953    RELAY,REED
5945-01-168-6488    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-01-178-5212    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-01-181-8992    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-01-118-0321    RELAY,REED
5945-01-162-0515    RELAY,REED
5945-01-177-5207    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-01-507-5526    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-01-507-6694    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-01-507-9743    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-01-509-9904    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-01-510-1103    RELAY,SOLID STATE
5945-01-509-4684    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-01-496-7857    SOLENOID,ELECTRICAL
5945-01-514-7840    RELAY,THERMAL
5945-01-514-8554    RELAY,SOLID STATE
5945-01-515-1450    RELAY,ROTARY
5945-01-515-9535    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-01-520-4339    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-01-493-6928    RELAY,SOLID STATE
5945-01-524-6621    SOLENOID ASSEMBLY
5945-01-527-0088    SOLENOID ASSEMBLY
5945-01-527-6667    RELAY,SOLID STATE
5945-01-524-7896    SOLENOID,ELECTRICAL
5945-01-531-5662    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-01-532-1777    RELAY,MOTOR DRIVEN
5945-01-533-9482    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-00-973-5010    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-00-972-5378    PLUNGER,SOLENOID
5945-00-982-7691    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-00-978-9975    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-00-909-4143    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-00-901-7736    SOLENOID,ELECTRICAL
5945-01-011-1488    SOLENOID,ELECTRICAL
5945-01-026-8857    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-01-042-5260    SOLENOID,ELECTRICAL
5945-00-912-5583    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-01-043-4662    RELAY,SOLID STATE
5945-01-046-5145    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-01-119-4018    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-01-145-3078    SOLENOID,ELECTRICAL
5945-01-035-6270    SOLENOID,ELECTRICAL
5945-01-025-9367    RELAY,REED
5945-01-161-8164    RELAY,HYBRID
5945-01-051-0540    RELAY,ROTARY
5945-01-159-3463    RELAY,HYBRID
5945-01-054-4743    SOLENOID,ELECTRICAL
5945-01-135-9673    ARMATURE KIT
5945-01-152-1240    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-01-166-2972    RELAY,SOLID STATE
5945-01-505-5842    RELAY ASSEMBLY
5945-01-165-4334    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-01-099-5155    CONTACTOR,ELECTRICAL
5945-00-976-0959    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-01-172-9056    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-01-173-8303    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-01-176-4358    SOLENOID
5945-01-176-0048    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-01-174-3457    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-01-176-6960    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-01-177-3436    SOLENOID,ELECTRICAL
5945-00-999-4895    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-00-999-4400    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-01-021-3059    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-01-032-6282    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-01-034-8284    RELAY,SOLID STATE
5945-01-046-9523    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-01-033-0582    SOLENOID,ELECTRICAL
5945-01-127-9244    SOLENOID ASSEMBLY
5945-00-988-6417    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-00-997-3319    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-01-344-2357    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-00-375-6104    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-00-692-2183    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-00-690-8799    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-00-759-0131    RELAY,SOLID STATE
5945-00-775-9362    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-01-188-8148    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-01-192-7310    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-01-194-3675    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-01-194-7302    RELAY
5945-01-195-2551    RELAY,SOLID STATE
5945-01-197-4823    SOLENOID,ELECTRICAL
5945-01-211-1135    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-01-216-6170    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-01-207-1732    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-01-222-9126    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-01-215-6073    SOLENOID,ELECTRICAL
5945-01-222-9446    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-01-226-9960    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-01-212-2691    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-01-227-2025    RELAY
5945-01-199-6944    RELAY
5945-01-190-3559    SOLENOID,ELECTRICAL
5945-01-215-4646    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-01-226-6851    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-01-230-8262    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-01-230-9664    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-01-218-5428    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-01-505-0434    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-01-127-8585    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-01-130-1229    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-01-135-0552    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-01-141-9310    COVER,ELECTRICAL RELAY
5945-01-146-6603    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-01-123-9481    SOLENOID,ELECTRICAL
5945-01-148-8456    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-01-149-5128    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-01-151-7438    RELAY,HYBRID
5945-01-151-7457    RELAY,HYBRID
5945-01-153-7499    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-01-155-5818    RELAY
5945-01-156-9898    RELAY,REED
5945-01-157-2381    SOLENOID,ELECTRICAL
5945-01-157-6308    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-01-085-8279    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-01-237-9911    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-01-242-9389    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-01-111-8286    RELAY
5945-01-148-4018    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-01-114-6713    RELAY,HYBRID
5945-01-236-5948    SOLENOID,ELECTRICAL
5945-01-236-3313    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-01-253-1443    PLATE,MOUNTING,RELAY
5945-01-254-0598    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-01-218-0809    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-01-250-8419    RELAY,SOLID STATE
5945-01-265-8586    RELAY ASSEMBLY
5945-00-521-2532    RELAY,SOLID STATE
5945-00-754-3719    RELAY
5945-00-763-5414    RELAY
5945-00-617-7824    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-00-259-0291    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-00-448-9977    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-00-456-0275    RELAY,ELECTRICAL
5945-00-680-9633    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-00-470-9396    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-00-571-0485    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-00-429-7144    RELAY,SOLID STATE
5945-00-728-4548    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-00-784-7994    BRACKET,SOLENOID
5945-00-783-5517    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-00-603-5890    RELAY,SOLID STATE
5945-00-811-0290    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-00-240-3003    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-00-642-0497    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-00-516-8761    PLUNGER ASSEMBLY
5945-00-542-7058    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-00-606-2918    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-00-617-6259    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-00-681-9716    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-00-721-0645    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-00-739-8284    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-00-731-9204    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-00-764-1791    RELAY,REED
5945-00-779-6753    RELAY SUBASSEMBLY
5945-00-825-6532    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-01-198-6156    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-01-193-7177    RELAY
5945-01-201-7191    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-01-202-3983    RELAY,OVERLOAD
5945-00-722-5578    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-00-578-2891    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-00-586-7205    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-00-599-2230    PLUNGER,SOLENOID
5945-00-820-3652    RELAY,THERMAL
5945-00-450-6375    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-00-588-8555    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-00-491-3597    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-00-512-8951    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-00-481-8428    RELAY,SOLID STATE
5945-00-725-7935    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-00-889-7410    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-00-728-1740    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-00-789-3410    RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC
5945-00-083-6777    ARMATURE,RELAY
5945-00-106-1673    RELAY,THERMOSTAT
5945-00-107-2947    RELAY,TIMING