Lug Terminal

5940143268776 143268776 91295799 54P

A terminal designed to be affixed, usually at one end, to a post, stud, chassis, or the like for mounting. It has provisions for attachment of wire(s) or similar electrical conductor(s) in order to establish an electrical connection and could require the use of tool(s) for attachment of wire. For post like terminals, see TERMINAL STUD. Excludes CLIP, ELECTRICAL; TERMINAL, QUICK DISCONNECT and TERMINAL FEEDTHRU. View more Lug Terminal

5940-14-326-8776 TERMINAL,LUG 5940143268776 143268776

Managed by France
NSN Created on 2 Jul 1975
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January 2023
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| DAC: 4 12 Mar 2001 5310-14-230-3118 Wing Plain Nut 15RNCC: 3 | RNVC: 9 | DAC: 4 1 Jan 1967 5940-14-326-8776
CAGE 54P96 Microception, Inc. in Alpharetta, GA United States
CAGE 54P36 Solo Services, Inc. in Downey, CA United States
CAGE 54P47 Nationwide Newspapers, Llc in Orlando, FL United States
CAGE 54P31 Kellis Kids Daycare in Winona Lake, IN United States

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5940-14-326-8776 is a Lug Terminal

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France (ZF)

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